sad girl,falls for the trap.

sad girls and sad boys all around, but this story is about Leah. She and her mom get beat by her dad. Leah one day meets a guy. Who promised to love her always and gets he. But did she know as much and love him as much as she thought. He is not who he said he was. He works for a private system to bring teen girls in drug them and rape them. Leah finds out when he tries to take her and succeeds and now it her , who has too get out of this deep hole...... Read and like my loves❤️


1. where am I ?

I woke up to birds chirping. I looked around the room except It wasn't my room. Who's was it ? My clothes were off leaving my scars exposed. I had a medium hangover and felt like vomiting. I was sore from last night . But I couldn't remember what happened. Or where I was. But I was in a boys room. I got out of the bed and opened the door . I stepped out and I heard a familiar voice. Where the hell you think you going? Ummmm... Is all I could say. And then I remembered it all. I remembered last month. I remembered all the men. I remembered everything he told me. And worst off all I remembered Ethan.

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