sad girl,falls for the trap.

sad girls and sad boys all around, but this story is about Leah. She and her mom get beat by her dad. Leah one day meets a guy. Who promised to love her always and gets he. But did she know as much and love him as much as she thought. He is not who he said he was. He works for a private system to bring teen girls in drug them and rape them. Leah finds out when he tries to take her and succeeds and now it her , who has too get out of this deep hole...... Read and like my loves❤️


4. little did I know

Leah POV//

We talked all night. Ethan was his name. He was different. He cared and I don't know but he was not like the others. He asked me what I was doing out at 3:00 am. Like I was a baby. What does it give to you? I said, I'm not a baby and "your not my daddy and I'm not you dolly".wow,wow. What are talking about. My face got red as a tomato. Shoot... I was repeating words from a song I said, they're just seemed to go along with that sentence. Sorry I'm weird like that. Hey hey, it's ok , I'm not that normal either he said. Now tell me , what are you doing out here. And as soon as he said it, it all came rushing out. I told him everything about my mom my dad and even myself. About and half and hour later after listening, all he said was, wow...... Yea.... I said and their was a short silence between both of us. He told me he could take me home if I was scared to go back. And offered me a place to stay the night. I told him I couldn't take it. After all I only met him a hour and a half ago. I had to pass. He looked slightly disappointed. But said ok you get home now and if you need anything just call this number. I said shyly , ok thanks. No problem. Hey and if you want to go grab a coffee next week just gimme a call. I don't drink coffee I replied. Well how about tea ,angel. I blushed and started to walk back home where ever I was. You sure you don't want to stay the night? He asked. Yes I'm sure I giggled he sounded slight desperate. My dad will be furious. But I'll take you up on that tea. Ok he laughed what do u think I'm going to do to you drug you up and rape you. He laughed suspiciously. A giggled a little bit too , knowing he was just joking.

But little did I know................

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