sad girl,falls for the trap.

sad girls and sad boys all around, but this story is about Leah. She and her mom get beat by her dad. Leah one day meets a guy. Who promised to love her always and gets he. But did she know as much and love him as much as she thought. He is not who he said he was. He works for a private system to bring teen girls in drug them and rape them. Leah finds out when he tries to take her and succeeds and now it her , who has too get out of this deep hole...... Read and like my loves❤️


2. I can't take it

One month later.......

Leah POV//

I'm the girl that you always see but never talk too. I'm that girl that always walks alone. I'm that girl who has no life. I'm that girl who everyone thinks is goth. I'm that girl who's head is always down. I'm that girl.... Why? Why am I that girl? O snap , my pencil broke. I got up and sharpened it in the electrical pencil sharpener. I got a lot of disturbed looks. Well I mean I did interrupt their quit time. I say back in my seat and the bell rang. I cleared my stuff and got on the bus as usual. I got off the bus at melrose street. I walked up to my house and opened the door. I heard a loud scream. It sounded like my moms and I'm pretty sure I knew why she was screaming. I walked in and saw my dad hitting my mom with a pan. She looked so weak. I wanted to help her but I was afraid dad might start beating me again. I rushed to my room and locked the door. Dad only beat us when he was sad, and very drunk. Which was often now because him mom and dad just died in a bad car accident. I heard a sudden knock on my door. WHO IS IT I yelled. your mother said a weak voice that was cracked. I opened up the door and helped my mom in. I helped her on my bed and got her comfy and whispered how sorry I was into her shirt. I wished I could help her. She understood. She looked so bad I should have taken her to the hospital. But I didn't want things to get worse. She just cried herself to sleep. She fell asleep in my bed and I wrapped her up in blankets and cried. I left my bedroom to get some water, for mom. I went to the kitchen where she was beat twice a week. I got a water bottle and filled it with water. I heard soft steps. I jumped at the sight of my dad. W-w-what are you doing? I stuttered. Nothing, he whispered. His rubbed my shoulders from the back of me. He started going lower and lower and grabbed my butt. I jumped. And tried to not freak out . I was Afraid. I always was. I pulled away. And he laughed/whispered. And he whispered in my ear. Their will be more tomorrow. I watched him smile and leave the room. I was to shocked to do anything. I..I.. Couldn't believe what a monster he was. Was he going to rape me? I didn't know but I had too leave. I didn't think. I just opened the door slowly. And off I was into the silent night. I don't know where I was going or what I was doing but I was gone.

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