sad girl,falls for the trap.

sad girls and sad boys all around, but this story is about Leah. She and her mom get beat by her dad. Leah one day meets a guy. Who promised to love her always and gets he. But did she know as much and love him as much as she thought. He is not who he said he was. He works for a private system to bring teen girls in drug them and rape them. Leah finds out when he tries to take her and succeeds and now it her , who has too get out of this deep hole...... Read and like my loves❤️


5. come on over


I got home about 10 till 5:00 am. I opened the door slowly. creaaaaak. I stepped inside a tip toed into the living room to the kitchen to the hallway into my room. Mom was still sleeping on my bed so I layed next to her and recalled all of the happy family memories I had and how much I missed them. I couldn't believe all that had happened that night I met Ethan, who is the best person in my life besides mom. And everything was good, for now. I woke up at 7:00 dead tired to some screeching. I got out of bed and looked out the window it was dad going off to work. It was Saturday so I was going to make some breakfast . But a little more sleep I said. I layed back In bed and fell asleep. I woke up again at 10:38 I felt better and mom wasn't in the bed. I got out and opened up the door to the smell of bacon. I went to the kitchen and their was poured a bowl of cereal and bacon, and a note. It said : dear sweets I'll let you sleep but when you read this just know I'm out at work I'll be home around 9:30 and so will dad, all the love mum. I was slightly disappointed, I cleaned up the house a little and made my room look good. I called the one person who could make me happy. Ethan... Now I know I only met him but he was a catch and he wasn't dangerous. He was young he was reckless and he was hot. And he turned me on. Like no one else. I called him up.





Hey Leah , This is a nice surprise

Gladly hey you wanna come over?

Where do you live?

3557 melrose lane

I'll be their.

He hung up the phone and I put on my lace underwear and bra, with a dress. I watched some cartoons and 15 min. Later their was a ring.


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