Broken Barriers

A selection of poetry, expressing emotions that can't be easily explained in any other way. That's the power of poetry! :-)


3. A Loving Face


The sky is blue
Stretching from east to west;
No clouds in sight,
Leaving space for purity, beauty and rest.


The sun shines brightly
Casting rays of gold upon the grasses;
A light breeze blows,
Stroking my skin as it passes.


The sun and sky above
Reflected in the water at my side;
Rippling and swaying
With the ever present tide.


I stare at the river
As it carries its load along;
Would it, I wonder,
Or would that be wrong?


No one is near me
In this quiet secluded place;
Yet gazing into the water,
I see a loving face.


“Are you sure you cannot cope
Despite me carrying you?”
The question is a shock,
And one of a select few.


I consider the words,
The feeling of a wandering waif
Declining as I feel His presence
And realise I am safe.

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