Living as a reject

Paisley Is a regular High schooler in love with 5sos. She listens to them 24/7. She is also a reject (I'm just a reject). Until she meets the drummer boy and they fall in love. This story contains love,murder, mystery, and more.


7. 7

School. I dreaded that word. It's my senior year I just have to finish this and I'm done. Forever. 


"Hey reject" I heard Rachel say. "Hey lucifer" I replied. Before she could say anything else everyone began to crowd around me. "I it true you're dating Ashton Irwin?"" How did you meet?" "OMG that's the girl dating Ashton Irwin!" Wow I seemed less of a reject now. Everyone wanted to be my friend.


"HEY BACK OFF! None of you wanted to be my friend before I was dating Ashton. Ou told me I was a reject and a loser. You told me that I was a waste of space. Nothing's different. Try being nice for a change and maybe you would have been as lucky as me." It went silent. I felt good. I walked off in stride just to hear Rachel yell "you're still a waste of space reject!"  


i wanted to run away. I ran all the way to Ashton's hoping he was home. He wasn't. I grabbed spare key and walked in. I later in his bed till I drifted away to the smell of him on the pillow.



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