Living as a reject

Paisley Is a regular High schooler in love with 5sos. She listens to them 24/7. She is also a reject (I'm just a reject). Until she meets the drummer boy and they fall in love. This story contains love,murder, mystery, and more.


5. 5


I was meeting up with Ashton Irwin tonight to get my phone. Can this get any better? I hopped in my car heading to the park.


Ashton was already there. I was kinda freaking out but I kept my cool. "Hey! Here's your phone. Oh and nice shirt" he said. I was wearing my ACDC shirt. We began to talk about music. Which turned into talking about movies. Which somehow turned into a game of confessions.


"I think you're pretty" Ashton confessed. " I think you're perfect" I confessed. He leaned into kiss me. Our lips crashed like the waves of an ocean. "Wow" was all I could say. Ashton gave me his phone number. I gave him mine. Then we went our separate ways.

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