Living as a reject

Paisley Is a regular High schooler in love with 5sos. She listens to them 24/7. She is also a reject (I'm just a reject). Until she meets the drummer boy and they fall in love. This story contains love,murder, mystery, and more.


3. 3



Today's the day I go see 5sos. I thew on my white 5sos shirt with all the band members on it. I loved this shirt because Ashton was wearing his red bandana. I threw on my black Jean shorts and a red bandana to match my shirt.


"Honey, one more thing before you go." I smiled at my dad. He pulled from behind his back a back stage pass. "A BACK STAGE PASS MEANS I CAN MEET ASHTON I LOVE YOU DAD" I gave my dad the biggest hug ever and ran to my car. I played 5sos on the we of course.


I arrived at the concert. I was packed. I went to my seat which was in the very front row. The concert soon began. They plate reject first. My theme song I thought. Then a couple other songs. They decided to end the concert with Good Girls. Hmm odd choice for a closing song. Ashton looked at me while he was playing drums. He had wore his bandana so we were matching. 


As they were playing good girls, Luke got close to me. He kneeled down and was pointing to me as he sang. I got in the stage as he directed me to. Omg this is it my biggest dream come true. He told me to start singing with him. We finished the song good girls. 


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