Living as a reject

Paisley Is a regular High schooler in love with 5sos. She listens to them 24/7. She is also a reject (I'm just a reject). Until she meets the drummer boy and they fall in love. This story contains love,murder, mystery, and more.


16. 16



I woke up to this beautiful curly haired boy with big dimples staring at me. He kissed me and said "I love you and I'm glad you're okay". Okay? Something happened to me? Where am I? Who is he? "W-who are you?" I said slowly. His dimples disappeared. "I'm your boyfriend Ashton, you know the one you met at the 5sos concert." I was so confused. "5sos? Wait my best friend was in that band." I said. "C-Calum he passed away he was murdered" Ashton looked at me wide eyed. "Yeah I know I was there with you when it happened." The guy, Ashton I think, said. "No-no you weren't there I don't know you, where am I?




I explained to paisley everything. Did she really not remember me, yet she remembered Calum. Why doesn't she know me? The doctor came in and told me she had amnesia. "Sometimes when you have a traumatic event like this and get amnesia you will forget the most important thing or person in your life."  God will she forget me forever? "It's very unlikely she'll ever get her memory back as she had a big blow to her head." The doctor continued. I'm not gonna give up on Paisley not today not ever. I'm gonna make her fall in love with me again if she ever was in love with me. Maybe one day she'll get her memory back. One day.

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