Living as a reject

Paisley Is a regular High schooler in love with 5sos. She listens to them 24/7. She is also a reject (I'm just a reject). Until she meets the drummer boy and they fall in love. This story contains love,murder, mystery, and more.


12. 12

*2 years later*


"CALUM NOO" I ran into the bedroom to see Paisley screaming. I ran up to her and held her in my arms. She's been having these night terrors for two years. "Ashton, it should have been me not Calum, he didn't deserve this" paisley cried in to my neck. "Shh shh Paisley it shouldn't have been you I miss Cal too but there is nothing we can do about it babe." Honestly Paisley doesn't know this but I feel guilty. I started... Umm cutting again. Calum didn't deserve to die. Michael hasn't talked to me since the accident but Luke and I have never been closer. Paisley and I are still together. 


"Ash, do you hate me because of what happened to Calum?" She asked me. "NO I love you more than I love pizza I love you more than I love the summer rain I love you more than I love music which is a lot."  I replied. Man Paisley just doesn't understand id do anything for her. Calum was in love with Paisley, he didn't tell her or anyone. I found his diary. It read like this "I'm with Ashton, Paisley got kidnapped. I'm gonna save her. I would do anything for her and she doesn't know that. She doesn't know that I was in love with her since the moment I saw her. I couldn't tell ash this. He would hate me. Paisley is so beautiful she can light up a room with her smile. Paisley needs to know I love her, or maybe she doesn't maybe I'm just to selfish to keep it to myself. If I die  at least Ashton will have won the perfect girl. Knowing Ashton he's probably reading this currently. Ash I'm sorry I fell in love with Paisley. Tell her I said goodbye and that I love her (but as a friend)." Man Calum had some deep feelings I've got to show this to Paisley.


"P-paisley you need to see this I found it in my car the other day." She grabbed the paper. Her expression stayed blank as she read it. Then she looked at me with pleading eyes like she looked at Calum as he was dying. "I-I love you Ashton and I don't know what I'd do without you. I miss Calum sooo much. Honestly he was my best friend and I loved him for that. But Ash You're the one I'm in love with." Hearing those words from Paisley made me so happy I love her so much but all is about to change.

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