The Unfortunate Life of Cameron Welburne.

The world had always seemed like a strange place. With contraptions that moved, talked and thought for themselves; it was a wonder how anyone could think it was anything but.

He thought the world was just that; strange. Not once did he think- not even for a moment- that there could be something else hidden under this worlds strange tendencies.

It had taken all of his willpower to keep from going insane. There was no doubt about it; he was going mad by the second.

I mean, who could, honestly, say that they were the reincarnation of Hades?


1. Prologue

They stood above him, skin as dark as coal, chipped and cracking. Eyes like jagged rubies, sharp and incomparably bright as they piercingly stared at his limp form.

Who are you? They whispered, leaning over him as their broken and bleeding nails eerily traced over his flushed cheeks.

They sighed in amusement as he still lay ignorant to his surroundings and took a deep breath, the bone of their nose coming in close to his eyes and their slithering tongue poked at their lips.

Do you even know? They taunted, voice sickeningly sweet and dripping with malice.

He suddenly thrashed and kicked at the covers, slowly breaking out into a sweat as his hand clenched tightly at the covers barely covering him.

What's your name? They croaked, eyes flickering down towards his vulnerable neck, nails trailing after his eyes and warningly scratched at his Adam's apple. Is it Cameron or something else entirely?

Wisps and flickers of smoke, drifted in through the agape window and thread its way into the floorboards, misting over the floor as if it were alive.

Foolish. So foolish. They hissed, screeched and howled. Is this boy truly meant to be our Leader?


He had dreamt of a world so different from his... Yet still so strange.

He dreamt of overflowing waterfalls that reflected the sheer beauty of the world he imagined.

Skies as blue and clear as the crystalline water; clouds but a wisp and delicate puff of white that did nothing but innocently float along in the vast sky that seemed to forever retain the beautiful twinkling of stars- even during the day.

He had also dreamt of having two older brothers.

"What say you, Hades?" The older of the two stepped forward, his white robes fluttering behind him as his blue eyes menacingly glinted at him. "I said; what say you, Hades?" He demanded, white frosty beard shaking with his booming words. "Hades! Answer me at once!"

He found that, although he had, altogether, created a whole new world, he could find such a simple thing like replying to be an issue.

And just like that, the scene vanished. All of it. From the turquoise sky, to the luscious green grass and eternally flowing waterfalls. Gone. Just like that.

And in turn, it was replaced with burning volcanoes that seemed to spew hatred instead of lava and ripped cracks in the earth that were overflowing with decaying bones instead of the heavenly water he saw before.

It was Hell-

His eyes snapped back into focused and he jumped in his seat, knees banging the table above his lap. "Another one?" He mumbled, shaking his head to snap out of his daydream.

He quickly looked around the small Café and breathed out a sigh of relief as no one seemed to have taken notice of his shaken form. "That was close," he whispered, pinching at his knee as he folded in on himself.

"Focus, Cameron," he hissed, pulling at his inky locks as he sucked in a deep breath and closed those sinfully amber eyes of his.

Was it wrong of him, to feel more comfortable in the torturously burning heat?

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