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42. Taken


"Wake up honey." I ignored the voice and rolled over. "Get up or we are going to be late."

I'm married, and I loved my marraige so very much. But now I am not in love with my wife any longer, I have fallen in love with another.

The church I grew up in, were married, and had baptized my children in, is now just a place with no meaning. I created the most terrible sin there is in the Bible.

I've fallen in love with a man.


"Joy get in the car." I told my oldest daughter. She is only five years old. "Joy, stop rolling on the ground. You are going to get your pretty dress dirty."

"Okay daddy. Daddy, where is Peaches?" Peaches is her stuffed animal. I had it in my hand for awhile.

"Its right here sweety." I held it up high.

"Peaches!" She yelled in joy. She ran for it and I scooped her up and into the car.

"Marcus." My wife called my name. "Angel caught a fever and the doctor told me to go right away, go to church without me."

"Let me go along."

"Honey, I need you to pray for her in the sanctuary today. We need it. And plus, Joy will be a cute distraction." She was already standing in front of me.

"Okay, please get there fast." I kissed my three year old Angel then my wife. "Daddy with miss you."

"We will both miss you. Drive safe."

"You too, dive extra careful."

I slid in my car, "Joy, mommy and Angel is not coming with us today."

She started to cry, "I want mommy to come!"

"Joy, Angel got a little cold she has to go the the doctor to make her better okay?"

She sniffed and wiped her tears. "Okay daddy."


"Go ahead Joy." I said, we were in the children's room in the church for small kids. "Learn something new today."

"Okay daddy!" She ran off to the teacher, I waved to the teacher and I shut the door. Right when I turned to walk I bumped into someone. "I'm sorry."

"No no, it's okay." When I looked, it was him.

"I. . . I gotta go. . ."

"Aren't we going to the same place? Where is your wife?"

"Oh. . ." I had to think for a second to picture my wife. ". . . My daughter caught a slight fever, so she took her to the doctors."

"I will pray for her in the sanctuary."

"Uh. . ." Why can't I think straight when I'm around him? ". . . Thank you."

"Hey, since your wife is not here, why don't you sit with me?"

He asked me to sit with him. I can't handle this pressure. . . I just can't. Do he have a wife, kids? What is this mans name? "Okay."

He held out his hand, "Braxton."

I reached out my hands and shook it. "Marcus."

"Marcus. . . Good to meet you."

"Yeah, me too." Even though we saw each other a couple of times at church. But I still don't know if the person he sits beside is his family or not. If so, then he has a pretty wife, he will never divorce her for me.


We sat beside each other the whole service. I forgot to pray for my daughter, I was thinking of Braxton the whole entire time. Its is not healthy. God forgive me.

I tried to separate myself from him but it was no use.

"Braxton, it was nice to finally introduce myself to you." I said, trying to get away from him.

"It was lovely to meet you." He started. " let's hang out some time."

This is not getting away from him. "Um. . . My wife. . ."

"Let me repeat myself. . . Just you and me, no women. Your wife has nothing to worry about."

She will worry. He might bring me over the edge. I might confess my feelings to him, what if he likes me too? Then we can go out together. . . Wait! "I'm pretty old, why would a young guy hang out with someone my age?"

He started to laugh, "How old do you think I am?"

I started to think, I looked closely at him, his neat figure, his hair, his chest. . . "Twenty-four?"

"No, I'm actually thirty-two."

I looked at him again, he is one year older than me. Why do I look much older than him? I'm feeling depressed.

"Don't look that way, people get my age mixed up all the time, how old are you?"

"Thirty-one." I responded.

"No way."

"I'm serious." He made me feel so low. "I. . . I need to retrieve my child." I pointed into the direction of the room she was in.

"Okay, may I have your number?"

I swallowed really hard, "Sure." I just gave him my number. Why am I so stupid? This is not me. . . 

"Here is mine. . ." He already had a paper with his number on it, was this planned or something?

"Thank you." I put the paper in my wallet.

Go get my child, go get my child. I said over and over in my head, she needs to be the only thing on my mind.

"Hey sweety." I called out to Joy.

"Daddy!" She ran to me and I picked her right up. I said goodbye to the teacher and headed out. "What did you learn today, was it Joyful?"

She started to giggle. "You used my name!"

"I sure did. So?"

"We learned that mommy and daddy should always love each other no matter what. And then I drew a picture of you and mommy holding hands and she put it on the wall."

Ouch. . . Ouch. . . Ow. . . I'm going to tear my own marriage apart. I'm feeling really depressed at this moment.


"Ye- yes?"

"Are you okay daddy?"

"Yes very, I'm feeling joy just seeing you."

"Daddy!" Her laughter makes me very happy.

We were finally at the car and I buckled her right in. I closed her door and went right in the drivers seat. "What do you want to eat?" I asked.

"Peaches wants ice cream!"

"Ice cream is not real food Joy." I looked in my review mirror. She was pouting really hard. "Joy, your face is going to be stuck like that."

She fixed it quickly. "No!"


"You are home." I said to my wife.

"Yes, it only took an hour, then I got the medicine for Angel. We have been home and I have been watching over her."

I picked up my little angel and kissed her over and over again. "You feeling better?"

She nodded her head. I put her down on my wife's lap and went up stairs to change.

As I was taking off my suit, my phone went off. It was an unknown number.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey, it's me." Braxton was on the other end.

"Hey Braxton, I'll call you right back, I'm undressing."

". . . So that means you are out of your suit?"

"Wh- what kind of question is that?"

"I'm just asking, I wanted to know what kind of pair you are wearing."

"My underwear?! That is not a question a Christian man ask. Now if you can excuse me. . ."

"Wait." I was about to end the phone call but what he said made me stop. "Come to my house tomorrow, get a pin and some paper and I'll give you my address."

"Braxton. . ."


"I'm sorry I. . ."

"Marcus come over. Your wife has nothing to worry about. It's just going to be me and you. What do you say?"

"My work."

"Call in sick. Now, what do you say if you, narrate what you are doing."

I don't know what is going on. . . So why can't I say no to him? Why can't I refuse him? "I. . . I just took off my suit."

"Is that it? Why don't you take of your boxers off?"

My heart was pounding nonstop. I was in the process of pulling them down when my wife walked in room.

"Honey, the children could have walked in on you, lock the door, I'll understand."

I froze and Braxton kept repeating my name through the phone.

"Who are you talking too?" She asked.

"A. . . Guy from church. . . We are just having a conversation."

She started to laugh, "While you are undressing? That is pretty weird."

"He. . . He didn't know that I was until now." I lied. The word weird stung me really hard. This is weird, I don't want to become weird, normal. Normal is what people want to be. . .

"Marcus, is that your wife?" I snapped back, I'm always trapped in my thoughts.

"Yes, she is in here."

"Then we are going to have to finish this later. Bye Marcus." He hung up the phone. When is later?


I woke up in the middle of the night by the sound of my phone ringing.

"Hello?" I said in a groggy voice.

"I missed you."

"Who? Who is this?" I asked, sitting up in the bed. I looked at the number and it looked familiar.

"Braxton. I forgot to give you my address."

I looked at the clock, "You could have waited till later in the morning? It is four in the morning."

"I just kept thinking of you. Your sweet face, your nice tone of voice. . . Your wife is lucky to have you, I'm jealous."

"Braxton. . ."

"Go to your bathroom."


"Marcus, just go." I gotten up from my bed and headed to my bathroom and turned on the lights. "Lock the door, don't want your wife to walk in on us again."

I was so tired that I put the lid down on the toilet and sat. "Why am I in here?"

"Marcus, just imagine me in there with you, me caressing your arms, kissing your neck. . ."

"Br- Braxton, this. . . This isn't normal."

"Just listen to me. . . This is normal, two people, embracing each other, it does not matter who the two people are. Picture me, picture me in there with you, making you feel good, even better than your wife.

I felt a little fuzzy, and I know what this feeling is. Only before, my wife made me feel this way, and now a man.

I want him, I want him to kiss me like he said, I wish my imagination was stronger so I can picture him fully.

"Are you feeling hot?" He asked me. My face and everything is hot. My hand, it's going down there. "If you want to touch yourself then go ahead, go slowly, let me hear your voice through the phone."

"My wife."

"Are you the loud type?"

"No. . ."

"I don't want to hear anything about her it's just you and me right now, okay?"

"O- okay."

"Are you stroking it right now?"

"Yes." I was going slow, closing my eyes and picturing him. This inappropriate thing I'm doing, but it feels so good.

"Don't cover it up, I want to hear you. Hear you moan into the phone and feeling pleasure because of me. Thinking of me. I want to touch you, kiss you over and over again. Creating the biggest sin in the Bible. I don't care if I go to hell. One night with you, I would sell my soul just for that to happen."

"Ah. . . Braxton."


"I really want you here right now."

"And I want to be there with you. I just can't take it anymore, I finally had the courage, and now I can't wait no longer."

My eyes began to water up and my vision became blurry. "I. . . I need to go to bed."

"And with you feeling like this? At least cum, no man should feel that pain."

"It's wrong." I stopped and just looked down at it, it was sticking straight up. I can't do this no more.

"It is not wrong. . ."

"Yes it is!"


"I can't! I just can't! Its not right, I can't live with this burden."

"I thought you liked me."

"I do. I really do okay. I have a family. And I am a Christian."

"Who cares if you are a Christian? Doesn't our religion say that everyone should be happy? That it doesn't matter if you are rich or that you are poor, as long as you are happy. Are you happy with your wife now? Shouldn't you deserve better?"

"Stop messing with my head."

"I am doing no such thing, I want you to be happy, that is all. . ."

"I am happy."

"Without me?"

I kept silent.


"No, no more. I am tired and I cannot think straight. Maybe this is all a dream."

"You are hurting my feeling, this is real."

I kept thinking that I should hang up the phone, but my hand won't lower the phone from my ear. My depressed state was the reason it went soft down there, I am not in the mood any longer, nor was I in the beginning.

"Can you write my address down?"

I wiped away the tears the was rolling down my face. "Okay." I opened the door slowly and went for a pen and some paper. "Go ahead."


It was later that morning and my family was awake. My wife was making breakfast and Joy was egar to go to school.

"Daddy let's go!" Joy pulled on my arm.

"Mommy is making breakfast." I told her.

"Aw! I want to go now." She pouted. I pinched her cheeks and grabbed my keys.

"I'm going to take her to school." I told my wife.

"Okay, then when you come back. . ." My wife started to say.

"I was going to go out after."

"Where are you going?"

"To a friends."

"Oh. . . I just thought that we could do something together today. I just feel like, since we had Joy and and Angel, we never have alone time."

". . . We could do that on the weekend." I told her.

She looked depressed, I don't want to be alone with her, I will figure something out so I don't have to be with her alone.

I took hold of Joys hand and we walked out the house. We both got in the car and headed off.

The whole way to her school I just thought about the time I am about to have. Braxton and I together alone. . . Things are going to happen.

When I dropped Joy off, I took the address out of my wallet. I put the address in the GPS and I was heading to the location.


I took a deep breath and knocked on his door. A couple of seconds went by until he opened the door.

"Hey Marcus." Braxton greeted. "Come on in."

I walked in and Braxton hugged me from behind. "What are you doing?" I asked in surprised.

"Giving you a hug, I missed you." He was still embracing me. I pulled from his hold and tool steps back.

"I'm just here to hang out with you, that is all."

"I want more than that."

"I don't, we are both men."

"You like me and I like you. Lets be together."

"I. . . I have a family."

He grabbed my arm and pulled my back to him. We were in the small hallway, me pulled in his chest.

"We can make a family Marcus. I've been looking at you and never talked to you, and I already made you my crush. And I know you have been looking at me too."

He was hugging me tightly. I've never been the one in this situation. "Yes, and it is a sin. I'm trying to get over you."

"Why would you? Am I not attractive to you anymore?"

"Braxton you are. You are very attractive. . ."

"Then like me back, all the way, stop backing out on what you feel. Forget your wife and be with me. I love children, they can live with us, right in this house."

"Are you taking account about my wife's feelings? She will be heart broken. She will be all in tears. I can't let that happen."

"You are breaking her heart already."

"What you mean?"

"You masturbated to my voice, that is hurting her even though she don't know. And she will know one day." He stared into my eyes and I knew he was serious.

"You are not telling my wife!" I pushed from him as hard as I could.

"Who said that I was telling her?"

"I am not!"

"Calm down. You are very easy to read. . . She probably already know."

Does she? What did I do that was so obvious?

"Why would I know? Your body tells it all. . . Are you hungry?"

". . . Yes."

"I can make something." As he walked, I followed.

"No, it's okay."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I'm feeling a little queasy." I held my stomach.

"You can lay down on my bed, want me to pick you up?"

"No, I'm heavier than I look."

"Okay." We walked to his room and I laid in his bed.

"thank you."

"You are very welcome. Sleep it off."


*Braxton point of view*


"No. This is someone else."

"Are you Marcus friend?"

"No. I'm his partner."

"What? Sorry, I don't understand."

"He's mine. In my bed. Resting so peacefully."

"Who are you? I am his wife!"

"And he is my boyfriend. And I need you out the picture. We will keep your children."

"He is happily married! You are speaking nonsense!"

"I am not. I am in all seriousness right now. Want to hear Marcus getting a kiss from me?"

"You are so very disgusting! My Marcus is nor like that!"

"Yes he is. You don't know what he did in your bathroom."

"I am hanging up!"



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