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2. Story Time


"Lets become boyfriends." Owen friend Cameron said to him, he held a camera in his hand.

"That's weird." Owen was on his bed, watching tv, shocked that he said that.

"No because our Bishop at our church said that if a boy date a boy or a girl date a girl then they are going to the bad place when they are going to die! So let's see if we are going to the bad place if we date."

"I, um. . . Will try that. So what's with the camera?" Owen asked him, pointing to it.

"To record our promise. You have to promise that we are going to be boyfriends until we die." Cameron patted his chest.

"I promise. Now what do boyfriends do?"

"I don't know. Let's go to your moms room and type that in YouTube."

"Do you know how to spell it?"

"Heck yeah I'm a genius. What, W*A*T. Do, D*O. Boyfriend, B*O*E*F*R*E*N*D."

"Wow you are a genius! Let's hurry, mom is watching tv in the living room with your mom."

Both of them hurried their eight year old bodies to Owens mothers room. They hopped into the computer chair, and typed what Cameron had spelled earlier. The the results that popped was guys kissing each other. They watched in surprised. Watching video after video, trying to find something different.

After nine videos. They cut the computer off, and stealth mode back to Owens room. 
"So we need to kiss." Cameron told Owen, puckering his lips. Owen came closer and laid a three second kiss on Cameron. "Okay let's let's see what is next."

"No, if we do everything right now then we wouldn't have nothing left to do."

"Yeah you are right. You are becoming a genius like me. But not yet."

( T_T)\(^-^ )

"Hey bro, did that seventh grade girl ask you out today?" Cameron asked Owen, while holding his camera. They were at his house, just coming off the bus. They walked into his room, throwing their book bags in the corner.

"Yes." Owen responded, landing on Cameron's bed, searching for the remote. 
"What did you say?" Cameron's curiosity rising.

"I said yes of course."

"But aren't we going out?! We made a promise!"

"We are in the eight grade. And that was a stupid promise that we made when we were young, get over it. And you know it's not true, they were just trying to scare kids not to be one. Now stop recording ever little thing." He rolled his eyes. He found the remote under the pillow and jabbed the power button.

"That's really harsh to say. And that promise means a lot to me. Before, our boyfriend relationship was just to experiment. But now it grew on me. I like you." You could here the camera being put down. The angle of the camera pointed to his bed.

He walked over to Owen and wrapped his arms around his body. He kissed his lips, and you could here a faint voice coming from him. "Don't break this promise."

( T_T)/('Д' )

You could see Cameron walking up to Owens house in the dark. He showed the camera a bundle of flowers. He ranged the door bell and Owens father opened the door. He was waiting for Cameron's arrival.

Owens father called for him to come down stairs and that his prom date had arrived. The movement of the camera was fast, pointing to the stairs. You could see Owen walk down the stairs, with his mother behind. His movements were fast, dodging his mothers camera.

Cameron held out his hand as Owen ran to him. He placed his hand into his, and Owens smile could be seen on the moon.

They arrived to the high school prom, the lights were colorful to the eye. Teenagers dancing to the popular songs of the year. You could only see Cameron's arms, while you could see Owens body. They held hands while dancing to a romantic song.

Teenagers could be seen staring at them, confused, or surprised. But Owens face showed, that he didn't care. They were announcing the prom king and queen. the crowd roared as Cameron's name was called as the prom king.

The camera swiftly move to the side, and you can see Cameron walk up the stage. The student body president placed the crown on his head.

"Cameron I have to ask a question." She told him through the microphone.

"Go ahead." He responded. His eyes looking into the camera and most likely to Owen smiling.

"So, all night you have been dancing to one guy. Even slow dancing. Not being ten inches from him. Everyone is wondering, are you gay."

You could see him smile. And the hard chocked cough from Owen. The girl held the microphone to his mouth. "Is that a problem to you that I am gay?"

You could here the screaming of girls fill the room. As he said those words. Cameron walked down towards Owen, and you could only see the girls eyes popping out of their heads and their screams were louder. You could hear the smacking of the lips, and the voice of Cameron's. "I love you Owen."

|( ̄3 ̄)| !?(・_・;?

"Alright, drink up man!" You could clearly know that they were at a college dorm room. Every one except Owen was drinking to what you could see. Some one passed him one but he refused.

Owen came close to the old camera that Cameron had since his eight birthday. "I don't think we should be here. Let go back to our dorm. And celebrate there."

The yelling of the guys made someone knock on the door and yelled 'Be quite!' It sounded like an older adult." Cameron and Owen headed for the door, but a drunken guy was blocking the doorway.

Owen kicked the guy hard but he didn't budge. Then Cameron passed his camera over to Owen, and dragged the guy over by his feet.

They headed out the room to the corridor, and entered their room. It was fate that they got to share a room together.

"Did you forget what today was?" Owen popped a question, the moment they stepped foot in the dorm room.

"Yes it's our ten year anniversary. Like I would forget." Cameron told Owen, laughing about Owen thinking he forgot.

"So why did we go there instead of back here? The gift I got you ain't cheap."

"Because, I was nervous. I got you a awesome present and I don't know how you were going to react." He walked over to his side of the room and opened a draw. In it was only a little box meant for a ring.

He brung it over to him and opened it. It was a golden ring, it was nothing fancy but it was smooth all the way around. "It's just a ring that I bought for you. I used my money for the ring instead of new textbooks this semester so that's why I keep borrowing yours. It's something for my appreciation."

Owens face was beet red, from seeing the ring. A glycerin in the camera came from Owens face. A tear, it rolled down, then others followed. "You made me cry. . . I love it so much I will cherish it." He started to cry harder. "My gift isn't as thoughtful as the one you gave me. I don't even want to show you what I got."

"No, no. I want to know what you got me." Cameron took hold of Owens hand, and glided his thumb against it.

"I called your favorite restaurant, and asked them if I could cook your favorite dishes from their restaurant and in their kitchen. I've messed up a couple of times. But I finally got it down packed. Tonight I wanted to cook your favorites in the park, because tonight's a fullmoon, and is clear outside." He lowered his head, unable to see his face.

"What are you talking about?! That's awesome! You practiced cooking my favorite food is way more thoughtful than the ring. To get a mans love is through food. Am I right?" Cameron laughed as he still held his hand. "Can we go now? I'm kinda hungry."

Owen smiled. "Of course, change into your comfortable clothing."

During their romantic night under the stars, Owen was cooking at a outdoor stove that he rented. The smoke rose into the air, disintegrating into tiny particles when it reached as high it could go.

When the look of achievement showed on Owens face, you knew that the food was finished. He put both of the plates down on the table, and sat down. The food immersed in marinara sauce, and cheese.

"I hope you like what I did, Cameron." Owen said, with a tremendous smile on his face.

\(//∇//)/* (/ _ ; )

"Cameron! Put your camera down and help me!" Owen yelled in frustration. He was carrying a big box, struggling to put it in the apartment. They were moving in together.

"I will I will, I just want to video record the apartment we are staying in." Cameron showed Owens face, he mad out of his mind. And you could hear laughter from Cameron.

"Put it down!!"

"Okay okay I will." He walked over to their new kitchen and placed the camera down on the counter.

You could see them go out and back in with new boxes. And then unpacking the boxes, while Cameron complained the whole time.

"Why are there so many things in one box? And why does it matter what side you carry it from?"

"Stop complaining! And hurry up. I did twice as many boxes as you. That's why it's taking longer than I thought." Owen threw a pillow at Cameron's head. Cameron threw it back. And they started to go at it. Laughing while they did it.

Time passed while they were fighting, they did extra things as well. Owen got out his speaker and played his music from his phone. They danced, sung, and had an amazing time. Until Owen noticed the clock.

"Look what you did! And the house if more of a mess. Gosh dang it Cameron." Owen got back to seriousness and started back to unpacking.

Cameron walked over to him and wrapped his arms around him. "But you had fun didn't you?" He kissed Owen on the forehead. "And you should be a dancer instead of a manager, in my opinion."


"I am going to propose to Owen. I don't know what he is going to say, but I hope he says yes." Cameron said to the camera.

He showed it a ring, shinier, bigger, and better than the ring he gave Owen for their ten year anniversary. "It will be our seventeenth anniversary, so it's not going to be suspicious when I do really romantic things. I wish my future self luck."

The door opened quickly, and Cameron closed the box stuffed the ring in his pocket.

"You ready to go?" Cameron asked Owen.

"Yes, but where are we going? You haven't told me yet." Owens curiosity rose even more.

"Well, it's a surprise. You will know when we get there."

"Ugh! I want to know I want to know!" He grabbed Cameron's arm and sung it back and forth.

"You will have to wait."

They were in a beautiful place. Owen screamed in joy. Cherry blossoms floated down in to the road sides and streams.

"You go all your way to please me Cameron! And I can't believe you brought me to japan! I can't believe it!" Owen ran to the stream and just stared at its beauty. His brown eyes reflected the stream.

"I'm really happy that you love your present. But there is more. But let's go to the hotel first and rest there. I'm tired from the plane ride." Cameron yawned.


Right when Cameron's body touched the bed, he was knocked out. Owen picked up the camera and turned it to him. "I love you always Cameron. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. You are romantic, sweet, and you know how to make me laugh. Oh and plus, just to gloat more, you are the sexiest guy alive. . . In my mind."

They were out on a boat, just the two of them, in the evening. The water was covered in cherry blossoms and ducks and geese. Owens expressions hasn't changed since they arrived in japan.

He tapped Owen on the shoulder, breaking his trance on the water. "You know Owen. I've been thinking, we have been together since we were kids. And been dating since we were kids. And I want to show that I love you so much to everyone. I want to be more than just boyfriends. Even though I know I am breaking the promise."

He reached in his pocket and pulled out the ring. Owen knew what was happening and started to break down in tears. The camera was lowered because Cameron got in his knees. "Will you marry me?"

All you heard was Owen crying and the sound of the ducks and geese. Owen tried to speak but he was to surprised to.

"Ye- yes."

Cameron quickly got up an put the camera down. He slid the ring on his finger and brought Owen close to him, hugging him for a long time while Owen cried.

"I love you Owen. Always and forever."


We are in the reception party watching the videos. I sit beside my son, Owen. Everyone here is having a great time, laughing, in awe, and having 'I told you so' moments. The wedding was sweet with cherry blossoms in the aisles, and other references from their past life. Cameron will be great with my son for many years to come. My son is in great hands. 

I hope you enjoyed that sweet one shot story!!! And don't forget to like and comment!! 
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