BoyxBoy one shots

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My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
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21. Stood Up


Ugh! My best friend is getting married and I clearly don't want him to. I didn't even want him to date her. Why can't he be gay?!

We have been friends since the second grade, we are practically inseparable, so well I thought. His bitch ass of a close to be wife fucked everything up for me.

I was chosen as his best man, and was standing right behind him as he waited for his wife. I don't know how long we had been standing there.

"Where is she?" I heard him whisper.

He seems nervous, and his hands were moving uncontrollably.

"Dude, just chill okay." I said.

"Um. . . I don't know how to say this. . . But, the bride to be is gone." Her maid of honor said.

The guess looked back and gasp in shocked. The church gotten loud with everyone talking and asking questions.

My best friend started to have a break down. "Charlie, It's okay they are looking for her now probably. And she is probably nervous." I regretted saying.

I just want to see him happy, even if it means losing to a chick.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's hope. I'm nervous too, can't you tell?" He had a nervous laugh. "Imma go out and clear my head."

As he walked out I followed him.


It has been three hours and the bride didn't return. The guess were eating at the banquet and we were still at the church.

"Charlie It's okay, do you want something to eat?" I tried to comfort him. I was rubbing his shoulder. I wanted to rub something else.

"No! Why did she do this?! I love her!" He started to cry.

"It's okay. . ." I started to say. I wanted to say that I like him right then and there. But It's not the right time.

"And?" He questioned me.

"Um, let's go grab a drink."

"Yeah, I think I need one.

We headed over to the closest bar, his phone kept ringing, and when he didn't pick it up, mine would ring.

It was family members asking me if he was doing okay. Like really? His bride to be stood him up. I feel really bad. But this is good for me.

"What do I do now?" He asked for the hundredth time.

I patted him on his back. "Just for right now hang out with me okay? Let me. . . Uh." I stopped myself.

"Why do you stop in the middle of sentences? You've been doing it for ever man like since we were seven."

"Forget it. I want to say it, but It's not the right time to say it."

"Bruh what is it?'

"I'll tell you once your plastered."

"Alright man, whatever you say. You know I'm on my way to get drunk as hell." He started to laugh.

We were drinking for a while, laughing at the past and talking about the future. I don't know how many times he brought up his fiance, but I had always changed the subject quickly.

He couldn't speak clearly any more and I decided to take him home. We struggled to get in my car, he kept petting my head saying, "Thanks Billard, haha! Who names their child Billard?!"

I wanted to slap him but that's not fair, and I like him. I pushed him in the passager seat and got in myself. I hope I didn't drink that much and that in suitable to drive. But the bartender didn't take away my keys so I think I'm good.


"Your a good friend." Charlie said to me. "You stick with me through all this shit. . ." He slurred. He was still petting my head, even through the whole ride to his house.

"Yeah Yeah. Were cool man." I threw him in the bed. Throwing the covers on him. "You owe me."

"Man. . . Wha- what do I need to do?"

"Tell you tomorrow." I went into the kitchen and made a glass of water. I sat it on his bed side and left his house.

The next morning I got a phone call from Charlie and I picked it up.

"Hey. . . Um thank you again for, um, you know. . ." It sounded like he was struggling to talk.

"Yeah, your welcome." I responded.

"What did I do? Did you take me home?"

I paused, I saw this in a movie. The guy told the girl that she said that she liked him, but she really didn't but she was drunk to remember. And it turned out that she like him too. But that's a movie. It's never going to turn out happily ever after.

"Yeah I took you home and when I put you in the bed you said that you liked me. And that you have been for a long time."

"Uh. . . Ha! Ow, my head. Stop lying."

"Bruh I'm not lying to you." Yes I am. But hopefully he liked me this whole time.

There was a huge pause. "Can you come over?" He asked me.

"Sure of course." Is he going to kill me?!


I arrived to his house. And surprisingly I saw an extra car that looked familiar. I know damn well his fiance isn't here.

I knocked on the door, and with the second knock the door swung open. It was her.

"Why are you here?" I asked her with an attitude.

"I wanted to talk with Charlie. . . Alone." She responded.

"Well he told me to come over."

"Well since your here I can explain to you both why I skipped out."

I walked in the house and he was sitting on his couch. I sat beside him and was ready for her bitch ass to explain herself.

"It's your fault Billard!" She started off yelling.

"The hell is you yelling at?!" I blew up.

Charlie didn't speak, he just had his head down.

"And I think Charlie knows why." She said.

"Why are you blaming him for?"

"While we were in bed, it was early in the morning and he was still asleep, and he called out your name!"

"What's so bad about that?!"

"Do you want to sat it 'hun'?"

"I'm sorry Billard." He apologized.

"Why are you saying sorry for?" I turned to him.

"In my dream we were having sex. Okay! I don't know why?!" He kept his eyes focused on the floor.

"Now, do you think I want to marry some homo? I dont think so." She came back in.

"It doesn't mean He's gay though." I kept my cool, I wanted to jump around in joy and plant a kiss on his face.

"He had a sex dream about a guy!"

"Listen bitch you are going to stop yelling at me."

"Whatever I'm leaving." She grabbed her keys and left.

"I know you must hate me. . ." He started to say.

"If you like me then that's okay. I like you too. I lied about you saying that you liked me. I just saw that line in a movie." He blushed and moved close to me.

"I. . . I've liked you for awhile and I only dated her was to get over you."

"Well since she is out of the way. . ."

"Can you stop doing that?!"

"Um, Yeah, let's go out."


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