BoyxBoy one shots

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My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
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15. Oh Ma Ghwad


"Alright play your A." Mrs.Reed told the class. I was in orchestra, and I am a freshmen. I have a really ultra ego, but since I've been in this class, I was finally put in my place.

"Sal! Are you going to participate in class today?" Mrs.Reed asked with a smart tone.

"Yes." I answered quickly. I picked up my viola and played my A. My section leader looked at me and started to laugh with the person beside her.

I know she hates me. I knew that from the beginning. Just because I'm in the last seat doesn't mean I can't play or that I'm an idiot. It means that there are people better than me.

In eight grade I thought I was the best viola player at my school, because face it. I was eight grade and there was only five other violas. And in every concert my orchestra teacher would sit me in the front.

"D." My orchestra teacher called out.
I'm all alone in the back, every one else has someone they are sitting beside. So why am I the only one with out a stand partner?!
But the good part is, I can get on my phone and never get caught. Just prompt my leg up and BAM! Got myself a comfortable spot to use my phone.

I have multiple crushes. There is one from last year that I only see on Fridays. Then there is one that is in my P.E class. And one that I don't even know, but I see him in the hallways.

The worse part is. . . They are all straight! And they think I am too, the one from last year and the one in my P.E class thinks that I am there friend. But I don't want them to be my friend, I want them to be my boyfriend. But which one will I choose if they both asks me out?!

They are both alright. I mean they are not hot, but we are just freshmen, we still have time to grow. Ghaw! Them as seniors?! So h-o-t!!! Why am I fangirling over here?! Jeez I need a life.



"Here." I said in a monotone voice. The only reason why I am here is to see my P.E crush. I packed some tight pants too. It is all for him and for him only.

I hate warn ups, but like them at the same time. The purpose of warm ups are stupid, but seeing your crush do it it's really hot. Seeing him bend down in front of you. That booty has you rethinking your life.

After our PE teacher called attendence, we headed to the locker room to change. I reached my locker and started to undress. I try not to stare at other guys getting dress because they might expect that I'm gay.

"Hey Sal, what are we going to do after warm ups?" My crush asked me.

"Uh. . . I have no idea. Maybe we are playing kickball again outside, like we did yesterday." He was just in his boxers. I tried to keep my eyes at his face, but it's like waving a lollipop to a child and expect it to not stare at it.

"Ugh! I'm tired of playing that stupid game. The other guys make it into a big deal."

"I'm just going to sit out this time."
"I don't think so. Look, you need the exercise." He started to laugh. "Joking, joking."

"Oh ha ha! Just because I don't have any muscle like you didn't mean I need exercise."

"Bruh, I said I was joking."

"With you I don't know. And why are you looking at my body for? You gay or something Jonèt?" Deep inside I wants him to say yes.

"No bruh. I ain't sweet okay." He said. Getting dress and slamming the locker.

"A'right a'right. I'm just asking. I just wanted to know that's all." We started to walk back to the gym. And three girls walked towards us just to walk and talk with him. They piss me off so much.

We were doing warm ups and I ended up in front of him. We started to touch our toes and everyone's butt was in the air. Now I wouldn't mind if he took a peak at my ass.

After we finished all the warm ups, we sat at the bleachers. Those girls were still around Jonèt, and they were making him laugh. They need to get away from him, and go talk to someone else. I don't have many friends so in PE I depend on him to talk to me.


"Oh my god! I swear my teacher is sabotaging me! She gave me a ninety-nine! Can she not just give me the extra point?!"

My best friend asked me hysterical, we were on the bus to go home. And we had got our report cards back.

"Be happy with that ninety-nine, because right now I want it." I responded, looking at my grades.

"But you don't know how frustrating this is. Being one point away from a hundred."

"First off that's sounds like an insult and second I kinda have the same felling. One point away from a D, I feel frustrated." I put my report card I her face.

"Damn! With all these bad grades, I would kill myself. How are you going to tell this to your parents?"

"Hell should I know?! They are going to kick me until I turn purple. But besides that, Jonèt was looking at my body in the locker rooms."

"Wait the straight guy? Are you just over reacting?" She said rolling her eyes.

"Gurl roll your eyes at me again and see what is going to happen to you. Okay? And he told me that I shouldn't sit out of gym. So that means he was looking at my body."

She banged her head against the window. 
"Sal please just stop." She started to laugh.

"He was just playing with you. He did not just look at your body because he 'likes you'." She put quotation marks on the words 'likes you'."

"Whatever, you weren't there. He probably did but he needed an excuse to look at my body so he used those words. . . He wants me."

She started to bust out laughing. Making the bus quiet down to see what was going on inside my best friends head. "You dream too much!"



"Shit!" I cussed as I noticed I had missed the bus. Jonèt had asked me to help look for his phone so I went to help him, but when we finally found it, the busses left the freaking school campus!!!

"I am so sorry. You can ride with me. My brothers a senior and we drive home together." He suggested.

"Oh thank you so much. My mom works today so there is no one in the house. You're a life savor!"

I followed him to the parking lot where his brother was waiting outside.

"Jonèt! Hurry your ass up!" His brother yelled.

"Hey bro! My friend missed the bus. Can we drive him home?" Jonèt asked.

"Fine I don't care!"
We got settled into the car and left school.

"Um, thank you so much for driving me home." I thanked his brother.

"You're welcome, where do you live?" I told him where I stayed and he nodded his head.

"Hey, are you that kid that wears tight shit in PE? Because if so Jonèt talks a lot about you."

"Shut up!" Jonèt yelled at his brother.

"Yeah I kinda do. Clothes just slip off me so I just wear tight stuff so it would stay on." I felt so depressed. Is he talking bad about me? But. . . Ugh!!!

"No not in the mean way. . ." His brother was interrupted.

"Shut up!" Jonèt yelled again.

"What? I'm helping you out. . . " Jonèt was quiet. "So if you wear tight stuff, and you are a guy. . . Are you gay?"

He dropped the G word!!! He dropped the G word! Code G! Code G! Ghaw!!! "Um. . . Um, why are you asking?"

"It's just a simple question." He stared at me threw his front mirror.

"I mean it's high school and I'm still a freshmen, I don't know what I like yet." I responded. Regretting getting in the car.

"So is my brother on the table?" I looked at him confused. What is going on?! "So. . . "

"Uhh? I mean. . . I mean. . . "

"Well during PE he stares at your ass when you bend over. Does that help the chance?"

"Dude shut the fuck up!!!!" Jonèt yelled, punching his brother in the arm.

"Bitch I'm helping your sorry ass out!"

"You're not helping at all!"

"Welp. So. . . what's your name guy that my brother likes?"

Jonèt likes me?!! Unbelievable!!! Is destiny in this car right now? Because I can sense it.

"Um, Sal."

"Well Sal, what so you say? You want to date my young brother?" He asked again.

"I will go out with him. What's going to happen?" I responded calmly. But in my mind my reaction was mind blowing. I wanted to kiss him right then and there!!! Oh ma gwad!!!

"That's the answer I wanted to hear. Good, now it's settled. Now Jonèt stop acting like a pussy and be a man."


We finally reached my house. I thanked his brother and got out of the car. Jonèt also got out of the car. Which I had no idea why.

"Thank you for driving me home." I said to him.

"It's was nothing. And sorry for my brother. And since my brother is in the car and he probably can't here. . . Do you really want to go out with me?"

"Yeah. I kinda liked you in the first place anyways."


"Yeah." I gave him a quick kiss.

"Uhh. . ."

"Well I will see you tomorrow then."
I ran to the house not even looking back at Jonèt. I can't believe I'm dating him!! Oh. Ma. Gwad!


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