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39. Office Love (part 2)

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Wake up, shower, get dress, that is my routine everyday. Pick up the president, attend to his needs, go home. . . Or Austin's, it never changes.

The driver drove to the president's house and as usual I knock on his door. A servant opened it and he was already down the stairs ready to go.

"Good morning Mr.Powell." I greeted him. He walked to the limo and I followed behind.

"Good morning Mr.Wright."

I opened the door for him as he gotten closer to the car. He ducked in and I closed the door, going around to the other side getting in.

"Another day at work right Mr.Wright." He started off.

"Yes it is. And many years to come."

"No," he started to laugh, "I don't think I'll last for many years. I'm already older than many many people on this earth. Its time for my son to take over the company and bring up a future heir."

"And I will look over him as I do to you now."

"You are the only person I trust to watch over my son. Give him the supplies he needs to succeed."

"Yes sir I will, I will be in your trust and will give him the needs for him to keep the company on the right path."

He bowed his head. "All we need is an arrange marriage. We did one before with out your notice and it didn't work out. It was a private matter, you understand right?"

I bowed my head after his, "Yes I understand."


"Here is your coffee Mr.Powell." I placed it on his desk.

"The usual I see, thank you."

"Is there something wrong?" I asked, feeling that something was bothering him.

"I'm getting too close for the feelings of my legs to give out. I've been trying to find a lady for my boy so there could be a future. The stress is weighing on my heart."

"Mr.Powell. . . Please don't stress. Everything will be fine, he will one day give you the grandson that you desire. It will take a little more time."

"I truly hope so. Hehe, before I die if that is not to much to ask."

I just smiled and looked at the clock, my memory of the schedule wasn't there no more. "Mr.Powell, my apologies, I have forgotten the schedule for today."

"No worries, this old noggin remembered. Assist me to the fourth floor, then you must accompany my son."

"Yes." He gotten up and I followed behind, angry at myself for forgetting a schedule that I need to memorize to inform the president of the firm.


"Author are you okay?" Austin asked. I was standing beside him in his office.

"No, nothing at all."

"The door is closed. You can tell me right here," he pointed to his lap, "then tell me what is on your mind."

"Mr.Powell. . ."

"Austin. . . Look the door is closed, they are not going to see or hear anything."

"Austin I am not sitting on your lap."

"Yeah willingly, I can see that now." He pulled me down and forced me to his lap.

"What if someone walks in?!"

"Then I'll just tell them that we are going out, how's that?"

"Terrible, they will surly tell your father and he will be devastated and might have a heart attack!"

"He wou-"

"Shut your mouth and let me speak! Your father wants you get married and have kids so they can take over the company when they grow up. We can't have kids!"

"But we can still get marrie- hold on, is that what is bothering you?"

"Yes okay, in the limo and is office, I got sick to my stomach and I forgot the schedule."

"This is our life okay not my father's. I want the freedom to date and marry who ever I want. If he wants a grandchild I will give it to him. All I have to do is find a well fit woman to bare my child. You are the one I want to love and marry."

"He wants you to marry a woman, not a man. . ."

"Its my body and my life, let me make my own decisions. Now I said what I said, let's drop this conversation."

"Okay." I bowed my head.

"For me instead of bowing your head, give me a kiss."

"I'm sitting in your lap, that is enough."

"But if not then I can not finish not my work for today and there would be a delay, and the company will go down."

"You spoiled little brat." I gave him a peck on the cheek.

"That is not enough. I might need a little tongue action." He gave me a smirk.

I kissed him again he, sliding his tongue in already. I quickly pushed away with both of my hands. "Okay, now back to work."

"Awe! That wasn't long at all."

As I started to get up he took hold of my pants and pulled me back down to his lap.

"Austin, I need to get back to your father." I told him looking at the time.

"Fine." He let me go and I walked at the door.

I turned back around and started to say something to him, "please reconsider."


It was finally the end of the day and I was accompanying the president to his ride. We were both tired as the day ended

"Mr.Wright, when you was with my son, did you discussed our conversation with him?"

"Yes sir I have. I apologize if I wasn't suppose to do that."

"There is no need for an apology. I was thinking that he looks up to and would listen. How did it go?"

"He response was that he would give you a grandchild but will not marry."

"I see I see. He understands that part, the marrying he does not. Mr.Wright, he needs to marry a woman from a high company like us so both companies and combine."

I nodded my head, not wanting to agree. Deep in my heart I don't want Austin to get married. I want him for myself. On the other hand, he needs to. "Mr.Powell. . ."


"He loves someone else, he wants to marry them, but both him and I know that you would not agree to their relationship."

"You kept this from me?"

"I apologize greatly. I was really concerned about the outcome of telling you."

"I am happy that he wants to marry, and more happy that it was the person that he loves. I had an arranged marriage too, I had a lover that I adored still to this day. But at that time we couldn't get married."

"A person of color?" I questioned.

"I'm really eager to say to say yes, but the answer is no. You are smart so I know you understand. Don't tell my son nor my wife, I know you won't say anything to my employees."

"I. . . I will never do that. I won't hurt the relationship you have with your son and wife. But if I can say. . . Your son would not care if you told him."

"Is that so?"

I nodded my head, "Yes. Even if you are his father, he tells me more private things. I told you some of them in the past."

He stopped looking at me and pointed his direction to the front. "Keep the relationship you have with my son."



"Come on, we are not at the office, give me head!"

"No I agreed to come over and spend the night. I am tired and want to take a warm shower and get into a bed." I told Austin. He asked me to spend the night and that is what I am going to do.

I am still not in my right mind and sex is not on the table. There is a weight lifted off my chest when I found out the president had fallen in love with a man. Him finding out wouldn't kill him, I hope.

I did know Austin when he was a kid so that might be a shock. He might think I am a pedophile or something.

"I'm taking a shower first." I told him.

"Let me help you take off your suit." He hovered me and slowly unbuttoned by jacket and shirt. "Why your is your heart beating so fast?"

"Because you are going too slow. . ."

"You getting horny or something?"

"Can you shut up?"

"Stop being embarrassed." He scooped both of my legs and lifted me up, carrying me to the bed. 

"What was my plan for tonight?!"

"You are horny. Let me take care of it for you. Stop being a baby." He started to suck on my chest, his body laying on top of mine.

I grabbed his face and pulled him so we were staring eye to eye. "Can you stop?"

"I can but I don't want to." He smiled. He went straight to my neck, biting it really hard. I winced in pain and I smacked him in the back of his head.

"I have work tomorrow. Do you want to make it known?!"

He lifted his head. "Yes, yes I seriously do. I want to tell my father, I will tell him tomorrow either you like it or not."

"He will think I am a pedophile."

"I wasn't that young when we meet, it will be alright." He got from on top of me and rolled out the bed. "After we get this off our chest, we will be in the mood to have sex, non of this secrecy will bother us any more. Then we will have office sex!"

"What are you taking about?!" I sat up real quick.

"People will know that we are lovers and would not bother us if the door is closed and they saw both of us walk in. It would be sexy as hell."


"Mr.Wright, what's on your neck? Its purple. You need to get that check you might have a clogged autory." Mr.Powell told me. We were in is office and I thought I hid it, but I guess I didn't hid it well.

". . . Mr.Powell, today. . ." I started to say.

"Father I have something to discuss with you." Austin swung open his office door.

"Okay, Mr.Wright. . ."

"Father I want him to stay in here, beside me."

"I'm not understanding what's going on."

"I'm going to get something off my chest, and I want Author here." He sat in one of the smaller seats that was in front of the presidents desk.

"Okay, what do you have to say?" The president asked. I went by Austin and sat right beside him. 

"I don't want to marry the woman from the company. Or any other girl you give me, I'm dating someone that I love and that I want to marry. I love seeing them everyday, and I just want to show my affection towards them but I can't because they care about your opinion."

"Will I be able to see this person?"

"They work in the company and you see them all the time, everyday."

"I do? Anyways. . . I told Mr.Wright this. . . Marry who you love. I had someone I loved but I couldn't marry them. Just give me a grandson to love and that will raise the company after we both are gone."

"Author, you didn't tell me this." He turned to me.

"Your father told me to keep it between us." I responded. I turned to the president, "I'm sorry Mr.Powell. . . I'm the one who is dating your son. I know it's wrong for me to!"

"You are the one who my son fell in love with?" The president looked confused at at the same time angry.

"Yes. It was by chance."

"I need some time for myself, please leave." Austin and I both got up from the chairs and left the room.

I rushed to the closest closet and closed it behind me.

"Author open the door."

"See! I knew it! Now what am I going to do?! I can't show my face to him no more!"

"Author open it and we can talk in there, people can hear you."

"No! I want to be alone. I don't want to be with you no more, it hurt the president!"

"Open the damn door! All this time and you are going to break up with me because of what my father said?! I won't allow that to happen! Open the fucking door!"

"You are causing a scene." I wiped the tears from my face and I opened the door.

"And who's fault is that?" He slid into the closet with me. "We told my father. Don't you feel better?"

"No. He hates me now, he might split us apart."

"No he won't. . ."

"Yes he will he knows. . ."

"That we are gay? I saw him kissing a guy when I was younger, he can't be talking."

"What?" I didn't know that he knew.

"I went to my bedroom window late at night and I saw him kissing a guy in the backyard in the garden that my mother grew. I was shocked so I pretended that I didn't see anything." He embraced me tightly and I returned it back to him.

"I love you Austin."

"I can tell, you are letting everyone see the mark I left you."

"I will take back what I said!"

"No no no, sorry. But in all realness, I love you too."

"So what do we do now?" I asked Austin.

"See how my father is doing. I think he is jealous since he couldn't marry that guy that he liked. . . Now that I think about it, isn't he the guy from the CC company? The one my dad wanted me to marry the daughter."

"I never seen the guy."

"Yes you have. He bought you and me a ticket in secret to see my favorite band."

"That guy?!" I eyes opened wide as I realized the man.

"Damn, I cocked blocked my father real hard."

"I don't want to have that image in my head."

"Why not? Two saggy balls slapping against a worn out asshole."


"What? Its life. We still going to be having sex when you hit your sixties."

"I hate you." I told him rolling my eyes.

"And I love you."




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