BoyxBoy one shots

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My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
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30. Movie Theater


"Listen I know we are together now and all. But it's way to hot for you to be this close to me." I said to Kendall.

"But I want to Justin. You sexy as fuck, I won't let no one get close to you." He pulled me all the way in like a Teddy bear.

"But we are going to go to the movies with other friends."

"Carmen better not get close to your ass. You know he has feelings for you. . . You know what, on the other hand lets tell him not to come."

I pulled him away and got out of bed. "He's coming. He's a friend too, let him come along." I put on my shirt. "Come on let's go to the store so I can buy some candy."

"You can't do that."

"Oh yes I can. Three fifty for a box of Sourpatch Kids my ass. I can go to Dollar Tree and get the same bag for a dollar."

"Cheap ass."

"You wanna pay for my candy?" I looked at him rolling my eyes. "You know me. Don't acting like that."

"Nope. But still. If he tries to. . ."

"He's not going to touch me in that place. Don't get it twisted."

"You in a family of all girls really make you talk like that. 'Don't get it twisted'." He laughed.

"Living with all girls did teach me things."

"Like how to tell your boyfriend that you are going to hang out with a guy friend, and say that there is no feelings towards each other."

"Shut up Kendall." I picked up a pillow and threw it at him. "Get dressed! I told you I wanted to get some candy."


"What else should we get?" I asked him. We were in the candy isle and already had a few things in the basket.

"Don't you think you bought a lot already?" He responded hastily.

"You still mad that Carmen is going?"


"Well suck it up. I'll make sure he doesn't do anything to me okay?"

"Um. . ."

"So what you are saying is that you don't trust me?"

"I never said that."

"You kinda did when you didn't give me an answer." I started to walk and I ran into Carmen.

"So you had the same idea I did." Carmen said.

"Yup, you know how expensive that shit is, I gotta pay the bills."

He started to laugh. "You sound like your sisters."

"I get that a lot, no wonder once someone hears my voice they can tell that I'm gay."

"But you are the cute type so it's okay." He patted my arm.

I saw Kendall step up and I put my hand out in front of him to stop him. "What?" He asked. "Just one lick."

"Why Kendall? I thought we were cool." Carmen nudged him on.

"Do you guys really want to fight at a store where all the cheap people go?" I joined in.

"If it means that I can beat him up then yeah."

"Carmen come on man you are not making it any better." I nudged him back and Kendall started to laugh. I hit him with the back of my hand on his chest.

"What did I do?" Kendall question.

"What didn't you do?" I rolled my eyes and to piss him off more, I walked into a new isle and legit pulled out my hand and went across it putting lots of candy in the basket.

"Really?! We are just going to the movies."


"Damn ten twenty-eight for a movie ticket." I complained. "You better all be happy that I got the stuff."

Everyone agreed and we all paid for our ticket. I knew I wanted some popcorn since I knew I couldn't snuck that in. I tapped on Kendall and told him what I was doing.

"I can wait with you." He suggested.

"But I want you to pick out our favorite spot before squad does."

"Okay. I will make sure that I'll pick one in a corner so I can do things." He smiled and walked off.

I just shook my head and laughed. I went to the long line and someone tapped me on my shoulder then wrapped their arms around me. "Kendall!" I assumed.

"Nope it's me."

I looked back and of course Carmen. "Why are you not in the theater?" I took his arms from around me.

"I wanted some popcorn."

"I can get that for you."

"No I can and plus you look lonely, let me stay and we can talk."

I bit my tongue. "I. . . Don't you try anything."

"That's mean for you to accuse me." He held his hand to his chest.

"I know you."

I turned back around and moved up with the line. a few minutes later I was finally at the front. I ordered a large popcorn and wow, over fourteen dollars for popcorn? They must be in a bind or something to make all this stuff over priced.

I guess Carmen knew what I was thinking, "I know right." He said. I handed the woman my money and started to walk off. "Are you going to wait for me?"

"Nope." I responded and walked into the theater. I walked all the way to the top as I saw all of the people that we invited filled up half of the top.

Kendall waved to me and I hopped up the stairs. He sat in a corner and left a seat beside me. I looked at the seat beside the one I was going to sit at, and there was another empty seat.

Dammit! Is Carmen going to sit there? Going to ruin the damn mood with Kendall And I, I can see it now.


The movie was really loud as it covered up the noise that we were making. I obviously had to keep my face straight because Carmen would turn his head towards me to see how I was doing.

And Kendall, he just being him, got the most awkward cum face, but I can't really see it right now thank god.

We were at the part of the movie where there was a sex scene and the woman was non stop moaning. Kissing, she would moan, even when she was just touching lip, no tongue! Couch, wall, shower, bed, it was non stop.

My arms were getting tired as I was jerking off this guy for ten minutes. Then when the woman in the movie, like she wasn't annoying enough, orgasms, he did the same.

I was angrily surprised as I realized what just happened. "What the fuck?!" I whispered harshly.

"I didn't mean. . ." Kendall was interrupted.

"Wha- what happened?" Carmen looked concern. "Are you okay." He placed his hand on my inner thigh.

I looked back at what I said and that whisper wasn't really a whisper at all. . . I don't think anymore.

"Yeah," I started. "I was just frustrated at the movie that's all." I moved his hand, gotten up and left the theater.

"Wait, come on Justin!" Kendall was running behind.

"The hell you want?" I responded. "Go back to that girl. We made it outside and he started to laugh. "What the hell is funny?"

"It's just funny how you got mad because I came when that girl came. Such a coincidence."

"No, it's hurtful that I did all of that work and you weren't close at all, then once when she orgasm you did."

"It happened at the wrong time. I can't control my penis, it does it's own thing."

"You can control it."

"Nuh huh, remember at your parents house?"

"Yes you had a boner looking at my dad." I rolled my eyes. I reached our car and was about to open it.

"I told you my reason! You look like your dad and when I looked at him I thought of you naked. Well at first you were clothed, then I imagined you taking it off slowly, thats how I got the boner!"

Someone just got out of the car beside ours and just gave us a look. "Can you not be loud? Jeez people are getting disgusted.

"Well if we can go back inside then yeah."

"I'm not going back. Carmen is too annoying right now. And that movie, I should had picked a better one."

"Yeah I blame you for that. And I told you, he is in the way."

"And I forgot to tell you."


"Do that same shit again I'm having sex with Carmen."

"Really?!" I turned around and I saw Carmen walk towards us.

"You didn't see him?!" I yelled.

"I was looking at your crouch. I didn't see!" Kendall looked into my eyes. How did I not see that???

"So you both are breaking up now? Jeez, not even an hour ago you was jerking Kendall off."

"What?" I asked. "How do you know?!"

"The whole row knew, I told them of course."

"You fucking bitch." Kendall lunged towards him. I slammed my fist into his stomach. "Ow!"

"Kendall don't let Carmen get to you." I reminded him. "If you go to jail because of him I ain't paying the bail."


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