BoyxBoy one shots

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My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
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31. Jogging


Ugh! The life of me, having to date an energetic person. He loves to run and go to the gym and eating organics. For me I sit on my ass all day and eat fast-food every time I pass one. The only explanation to why I am skinny is because of my fast metabolism.

He mostly comes over to my house because he doesn't like staying at his house and he just runs around the town to one place to the other. I make him take a shower before we cuddle and kiss on my couch.

And today is that usual, same old routin. Just us cuddling on the couch watching my reality tv show.

"Pace." He started. "Let's go jogging together with a couple of friends.

"Yeah, um, nope." I responded. "You know me."

"I want to introduce them to you." He squeezed me so tight that I had to pull from his grasp.

"St- stop. Jeez Abe, don't forget that you are stronger than me. And why can't we do it while at a house drinking beer?"

"They don't drink, and I don't. . ."

"At my sisters wedding." I reminded him.

"It was that one time okay? Your whole family pressured me to drink one." He took the remote and turned off the tv. I could tell he was getting irritated because of our voices and the noise from the tv going on at the same time.

"Calm down okay? I'll go just to make you happy. But, in return after we do this thing called running, you have to buy me a strawberry shake."

He hopped off the couch and scooped me up while spinning around. "You won't regret it."


I woke up the next morning, with a extreme headache and was about to bail on the whole jogging thing. Right before I went to bed I had a margarita, and now I regret it, I think I put too much alcohol in it. I was still in the bed when I heard my doorbell ring. I struggled to the door, and when I opened it Abe was right at the door.

"Why you not dressed yet?" He asked, he walked through my door ready to go.

"I just woke up, and I don't think I'm going to go. . . right after you left, I had a little drink, it was not a lot, it was just one."

"Pace!" He took a deep breath, "nope, nope, nope, you are still going. . . Take your shower and I'll get your clothes."

"I'm not a child." I said.

"Well you are acting like one."

"Does children drink margaritas?"

"If they get a hold of it then yes."

I said no more and stumbled into the bathroom. While I took my shower I was thinking of how bad it was gonna be while I was there. Are they going to wait for me or will they just leave me behind?

Right after I got out, he was waiting for me at the door. "What are you doing?" I asked him.

"What? I have your clothes in my hand now put them on."

"What is this?" I pointed at the clothes.

"It was in your draws."

"That looks ugly together. I want to look cute." I snatched the clothes away from his hands and threw them on my bed.

"You are going to sweat, and that is only on your reality tv shows where they look cute jogging."

"Whatever. . . I got this cute shirt that I am going to wear, and you like my ass so I am going to wear something that will show it off."

"I would like that, but I won't be focused on that, and I doubt that you would be in front of me, for me to be able to see your ass."

"Oh? The hell you mean?" I started to get the the clothes that I wanted to get.

"You aren't fit."

I gasped. ". . . Yeah your right. I can't deny that."

"Hurry and get dressed so we can go already, we are already behind."

"Fine fine. Whatever."


"I need water!!!" I yelled. These people didn't even start walking they went straight to fucking jogging, I am fucking exhausted.

"Our breaking place is a little ways up the hill then straight a mile!" Abe yelled to me. He was way ahead of me jogging with his buddies.

Man screw this, bout to quit. They think my ass is going to jog more, expecially up that steep hill? Oh you must be out of your goddamn mind.

Abe can murder his calfs going up the hill. . . But his strong calfs are good in the bed room tho, can complain about that. Let him bang me hard while I call out his name. . . Damn, I'm all sweaty, and my shirt is messed up. . . But my ass is on point tho, too bad no one can see it, since no one wants to wait up on me!!!

I need to calm down. I need to flippin' calm down! I am just deprived of a Margarita thats it. . . Oh and the sex part too.

I started to walk up that hill, looking like a zombie from Walking Dead, but I'm better looking than them by far. . . This ass kills it and brings me to the top.

"Pace!" I heard Abe.

"Don't. . . Don't rush me, I am about to pass out!"

"Damn should I carry you then?!" He started to jog back towards me.

"I would love that bae." I reached out my hands.

"You are that lazy?" He asked me.

"You asked if you wanted to carry my ass, so carry it!"

"It's your fault that you wore jeans, my friends were even laughing at you." He lifted me up and carried me up the hill. "Can you get down now?"

"Fine, we will walk the whole way tho. There ain't gonna be no jogging going on. Plus these jeans are sexy on my ass."

"True true, but we are working out. Are you not hot? And get down!"

I got down and we started to walk. "Yeah thats why I want water, I'm burning up."


We finally caught up with his friends and they had a bottle of water already in hand for us.

"What took you guys so long?" One of is friends asked.

"We took breaks on the way." Abe responded.

"You taking brakes?"

"For Pace dumb ass."

I hit him on the arm. "We only took one break."

"Don't forget the zero at the end of your one."

We enjoyed our time outside even tho there was no tv nor beer but it's all good, I'm getting some when I get home. Also get that blender out and some salt, I'm gonna have a good time.

Our asses had to go back the same long ass path. No car to take us to our car, now thats a struggle.

"I am in pain!" I whined as we finally made it to my car. "I am ready to go home!"

"I know you are. You wanted me to carry you back down the hill."

When we got to my place I pulled him to the bathroom so we can get in the shower together. He kept trying to kiss me but, the smell of him was overwhelming.

"Get in," I told him, grabbing the body wash, "let me serve you and clean you off."

"I would love that." I started to touch him everywhere, putting the body wash all over him and me. "Damn you look sexy."

"You do too, but the smell is still here. I gotta wash that off."

"Do what you gotta do." My hands glided across his body, cleaning every part of him. I moved down to the thing I wanted most. "Be careful with that part, you be to ruff with my buddy."

"Baby don't worry. Look, you clean that part while I clean myself off. . . I went jogging too you know, got that work out smell going on here."

After we got that all situated, we started to have sex in the shower. I had my leg prompted up on the edge of the shower while he thrusted into me. Almost feel because of how wet it was.

I got out and looked in the mirror, I told him that he can bite me but not where people can see, but right when he bit my neck I had to look.

"I have work tomorrow!" I yelled.

"Just wear a turtleneck."

"In the middle of summer?!"

"Nevermind, I wasn't thinking, my dick is still hard and we are in a hot shower, you have a sexy body. . . I went overboard."

"You want me to finish you off right?"

". . . Yeah, it's painful."

"Well I'm sorry, do it yourself, thats your punishment for bitting me on my neck."

"Pace! Come one, I did not mean too!"

"And I did not mean to wear jeans while working out, but I paid the consequence, and you are too." I gotten a towel. "I need a drink. . . Oh yeah, and speaking of drinks. . . Where the hell is my strawberry shake?!"


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