BoyxBoy one shots

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My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
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Some are serious ((i ̄_ ̄)┏

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9. Incest

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I know incest isn't everyone's favorite thing. But I can't help it. I love my brother. He listens to me, he helps me, and he even tells me everything. And the best thing is that he's gay, so I have a chance. But his boyfriend gets in the way of everything.

Every time I go to his room he's there. Every time I ask my brother to take me somewhere, he has to tag along. When I have something important to say, he has something important to say. See!!! He won't back down. They have just been dating for six months, so he needs to stop and understand that he doesn't belong.

"Andrew! I'm here!" His boyfriend called out as I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Alright." My brother responded back.

I was in my room doing homework. I was sitting on my bed with the light cut off and only the dim light from outside.

"Ey Michael. And it's bad for your eyes if you read with the light cut off." He came into my room. He came into my room!!! And told me what to do, plus touched my switch The hell do he think he his?! I want to smack that damn smile off his face and tell him to shut the fuck up.

"Hey Phill." I greeted him calmly. 
He left my room and I heard him go into my brothers room. They were loud for a couple of minutes, laughing and talking. But then it got suddenly quiet. 
I swear if they are having sex imma be so pissed off. I got off my bed, grabbed my paper and pencil and headed over to my brothers room. 
"Andrew, I need help." I told him. His room door was close. It was a while and I didn't hear a response so I said it louder and repeatedly knocked on the door.
"Hold on. Imma come in your room just wait." My brother finally responded. 
"Um, alright." I was really disappointed that he would choose to ruin his precious body with that guy. "Are you okay? It suddenly got quiet. Do you want me to call mom up here."
"No thank you." He said back. 
I walked back to my room and plopped on my bed. I want my brother mine, and I'm going to get him dammit. 
I should wait until he gets sick, and while he's bedridden, pounce on him like a panther. But I don't want to wait until he gets sick, so I'll make him sick. And he is really stronger than me, so I think I would have to tie him up. Yeah! Get him sick, wait until he falls asleep, tie his arms and legs to the bed, and BAM! He's all mine. 
But how will I get him sick? Ghaw!! I can't hurt my brother!!! But it's a good cost. Imma just do it to where he won't say that it hurts. Just that it bothers him. 
He came into my room and hour later. "Sorry for making you wait. Do you still need help?" He asked me. 
"No, I got it." I said it in a rude tone. 
"I said sorry. Why you gotta be so made for?"
"Because it's been a hour since I asked you for help. You usually come help me even though you're busy. But since you start dating that guy, you go to him but not to me! What's so special about him?!"
"I didn't know that you were going to get this mad. And he's my boyfriend so of course I'm going to hang out with him more than you."
"Yeah what about the bros before hoes thing? You said that about your other boyfriend, so why is this any different?"
"Because I care about him."
"Yeah for only six months." I got up and tried to push him out my room, but he wouldn't budge. 
"Hey you need to stop acting like a four year old!"
"Yeah so what are you going to do about it? Call mom on me? I'm not afraid of you. Or no one." I started to push him out of my room once more, but efforts didn't seem to make any progress. 
"Yeah but you are afraid of Phill taking me away from you. Look I'm still your brother, and nothing's going to change that."
"I don't care about all of that shit! I don't want him here, because he gets in the way! I want you, but him being here is ruining my chances of getting you!"
"Wait, are you talking about me? I'm confused. Do you like me that way?" He backed up, and every time he took a step back, I could feel a pain in my chest. 
"Yeah, and I can't stand you dating someone else."
"Michael. . ."
"Hey, I could here you yelling in the other room. What are you two yelling about?" Phill came in, his look didn't match his tone. 
"Non of your business." I responded. 
Andrew stared at me with an angry stare. "So did it go through?"
"Oh, yeah it did. So I'm going to move with my mom. So I think I'll be going now. Thank you for all of your help Andrew." 
He gave my brother a hug and walked out if my room. 
After he left I asked Andrew what happened. 
"He was actually my friend, and he asked me to pretend to be his boyfriend to convince his mom to let him stay here with his dad. We thought it was working, since it's been this long. But his mom doesn't trust his dad at all."
"So, does that mean I was mad for nothing?"
I passed him and closed my door. "So, does that mean I can go out with you?"
"I mean I can try it. But no telling no one about this, and we are going to set boundaries." He smiled at me, and opened the door. 
"So I can still kiss you right?"
"Yeah but only in private."

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