BoyxBoy one shots

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My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
Some are funny ಥ‿ಥ

Some are serious ((i ̄_ ̄)┏

I guess sad? ('_`)

Whatever you think. I take my time in writting them φ(..;) so like and comment!!!!!


7. Glasses (explicit)

"It seems today, that all you see, is violence in movies and sex on tv." The room filled up with laughter. But I was the only one that kept a straight face.

"Ben. I'm not that old. I know that came off of Family Guy. And I will count points off of that starting paragraph. Now continue your paper on '1950s to now'." Mrs.Clarkson told him.

"Well Mrs.Clarkson. I'm afraid that's my whole paper." He scratched his head, and walked over to her desk to show her his paper.

"Ben I said it has to be two pages long."

"Yes, but that whole sentence covered all that I had to say. And I do believe that for my cleverness, I should get an 80 on my paper."

"You know Ben that you can't just go to college with just a sports recorded. They also look at your education too."

"Yeah yeah." He sat down at his seat, and started a conversation with the guys behind him.

"Ben stop talking. And Landon you're next." Ben stopped talking and I got up and grabbed my paper.

After I finished my paper, my teacher praised me. I am really good at my school work, but not anything else. So I try my hardest to get the best scores and grades to show my talents.

But on the other hand, Ben. He's not the smartest person, or the most kind person, but he's great at sports. He plays football for the school, and the greatest player at that. But he uses guys or girls to do his homework. He would date a girl just for them to 'help' him with his homework, or let a guy in his group of popular people for answers on the test. But other than that, he's alright. Plus he is really fine. Fine in deed. 
I drove to my job, put on my uniform, and started to wait tables. My boss told me to take off my glasses because I look a lot better with out them. Yeah way to hurt my feelings. 
But that method did work. I get bigger tips, and the same costumers come right back the next day, if not then the next few days.

"Hello my name is Landon and I will be your waiter today." I introduced myself. There were three people at the table. "Do you want anything to drink right now?"

"Ah yes, I will like a water."

"I don't know about you but I would like a Coke."

"I want a Coke also. Plus a Sprite for Ben."
I looked at her in surprise. Ben? Ben McDonald? These people do look familiar. . . In a way.

"Alright, I'll be back with your drinks in a few minutes." I responded, with a little confusion.

Once I came back with their drinks, all three of them was there. And the one that wasn't there before was Ben from school.

"Here you go. One Sprite. Two Cokes. Plus water." I placed the drinks down. "Do you wish to order now or do you want more time?"

"Landon is that you? Hey that's that geek boy that's in our American history class! I hardly recognized him without his glasses." Ben said loudly. Making people around him look our way.

"Hi." I said back. Happy that he noticed me. But also, not. Because he just insulted me about how geek-ish I am. 
After I finished my shift. It was late and I was beat tired. I walked to my car, and before I could open it, someone laid there hands on me.

I screamed and cried out for help. I fought back as ferociously as I could, while the person was trying to cover my mouth.

"Landon. Landon! Calm down! It's me Ben."
I stopped and took a good look at him. Ben was holding on to both of my arms.

"Did I scare you that bad?" He responded. 
I wiped the tears off my face. "What do you think?! I all most had a dang heart attack!!!"

My voice cracked, and was high pitched. My whole body was shaking terribly.

"I'm so sorry. I just wanted to talk to you."

"About what?!"

"Calm down first."

I started to walk back and forth, trying to calm my nerves. I took several deep breaths and rubbed my face. "What do you want?"

"Well. I wanted to know. . . Well. . . About today. . . I. . . You see. . . Well. . ."

"Oh my god for the love of christ speed it up! I am tired and I want to go home. Plus I really don't like you. You use people for good grades. And there not even good. So if that is what you wanted to talk to me about, then it's no deal. Why the freak do I want to hang out with you?!" I headed back to my car.

"Wait! That's not what I wanted to say."

"Then what is it?!"

"Well. . ."

"Well!. . . Well!. . . Well!. . . Is that the only word that your brain can process?!" I unlocked my car and ducked my head down to get in.

"Hold on. Today when I saw you with out your glasses it got me thinking."
I stopped and got back out of my car.

"Thinking about what?"

"We- I mean. About myself. And how I always had that feeling that something was wrong with me. So I dated a lot of girls."

"So you are saying that you are gay."

"No. . . Just for you. That's why I always try to make funny jokes in class to make you laugh, but you just always have this blank look on your face. And just then when you said that you don't like me, and that I use people. That really hurt my feelings."

I grabbed his hands, and rubbed his hands with my thumbs. "Well I'm sorry about that. But I see you use people. And people would talk around me. And ignore me. Thinking that I haven't got any friends and that I don't have anyone to tell it to."

"No I just use that as an excuse to break up with them."

"Still that isn't right."
He looked at me and shut my car door.

"Would you like to come to my apartment?"


"I. . . I jus-" He forcefully grabbed my shoulders and forced me into a kiss. He sticked his tongue in deep into my mouth and bit my tongue.

After he let go. I looked at him stunned. 
"Alright let's go." I told him. 
Ben drove me to his apartment. And he didn't even give me time to settle down. He lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom, and onto his bed.

I went up Ben's shirt and felt across his chest. I felt every single hard muscle that was his stomach. Counting every single pack he had.

"Your body is so hot. I counted six." I told him. Admiring his sexy body.

"I'm glad that you love it so much."
Our breathing became heavy, as we hurried to pull off all the clothes that was attached to our bodies.

I grabbed his dick and started to pump it. Feeling it in my hand. I wanted it in my mouth at that moment. My back was against the bed as he was on top of me. His heavy body giving off a lot of heat.

We started to kiss again and again. Hardly having time to breath in between kisses. 
"Ben, Ben slow down I can hardly breath." I tried to pull away to catch a breath but he wouldn't allow me.

"I can't wait for you to take a breath. I need you right now."

He was already hard and struggling to come inside me since it was so big. I giggled as he struggled.

That made him more determined to satisfy me and to make me his. He jabbed it in, making me cry in pain. He pulled back out and kissed my ass.

"I'm sorry Landon."

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