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My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
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29. Drug Dealer


It's the most, wonderful time of the. . . Month! When I get paid and get to go to the mall and see the hot employee. he gives out free lollipops To the kids when you buy something. And the only lollipop I want is in his pants.

I wonder how big it is down there? Five? Six? Seven?! Just thinking about it makes me. . . Ugh!

My friends think I am crazy but I clearly don't freaking think so, I just take a very long time to pick out something out of the expensive store. I have to pick carefully so I don't waste my money.

I'll ask him questions, and while he's talking I'll look at his lips. Damn those pinks lips. And his name, John, Oh my god, it screams out sexy.

Hey what's up John, how's it going John, just hearing it makes me want to jump on him and kiss him.

He doesn't know my name yet. . . Heh, even tho we talked many times before. . . But it's okay, he might be shy to ask, I am to attractive. He doesn't want to say the wrong words to me probably. But I haven't figured out why asking my name would make me mad, but I'll figure it out.

But there is one more important thing. . . He is my bosses son, but he doesn't know that. 

"Hey! Christopher!" I heard my employer yell.

He was a good boss to work with and we talked here and there. "Yes?"

"I need your help with something, come to my office."

I followed him to his office and closed the door behind me. I sat in one of the most uncomfortable seats in my life, while he sat in a cozy one. Well he is the boss.

"It's personal rather than business. . . It's my son, he's been hanging around the wrong crowd and I want you to help him turn around."

"I feel honored. I will do what ever I need to do to help."

"Thank you." He smiled. We shook hands and before I left, he gave me my paycheck.

My smile was gigantic. Now I can hang out with him without spending my money. But what does my boss want me to do? All he said was to put him on the right track, how do I get close to him?

To be honest all I wanted was sex. Lots and lots of sex with that sexy man. But spending a lot of money. . . Damn were my friends right???

I left the office and headed to the mall and walked straight into the store he works in. "Hey John." I said walking in.

"You are back again I see, you must have a high paying job." He responded.

"Oh, I just work at the company down in Oaklen street. That big building on the right. Now can you help me?"

I could tell that something clicked because his face lighted up. "Wait. I know it's not the Clawins company."

"Yeah, yeah it is. Why are you so surprised?"

"No- nothing. It's just that someone I know works there."

"Ooh! Who?"

He hesitated for a bit and just ignored what I just asked.

"You know what, let's hang out sometimes." I broke the awkward silence.

"Um, I guess, I'm going out tonight after work. I mean if you are okay with hanging out with a bunch of people."

"I love having fun and being in a crowd. When and where and I'll be there." I smiled big. I pulled out my phone and he put his phone number in and minutes later, texted me everything.

"There you go. And I have to warn you, I don't think you would like the people I hang out with."

"Thanks and, you don't know the type of person I am." I winked. "And I'm afraid I'm not going to buy anything at your store today, got to save my for tonight, I party hard."

"I don't really care. . . What is your name? I keep forgetting to ask."

"Oh, it's Christopher."

"Well Christopher, I'll see you tonight." He smiled.

"See you too." I responded walking out of the store.


It was late at night and I was about to leave. And I started to think, why the hell am I going??? He said that there would be people that I won't like, and his dad said that he is walking with the wrong crowd. Is he a druggie???

As I was driving, I was noticing how I never been down here before, but it doesn't look bad. And is this address a house?

I was about to back out but, I saw John waving his hands after he saw me drive slowly by.

"Hey Christopher you came. I thought you weren't going to show up." He said while walking up to my car.

"Of course I came. I can't wait to dance and drink, I've been waiting all month for this." And Hopefully there is no drugs. . .

I got out of my car and followed him in to the house. I didn't smell non of that bad stuff, and the guys in here looks really presentable. They are even as hot as John!

"Yo what up John! Who you bring?" One of the hot guys said.

"This guy? His name is Christopher." He responded

"Hey Christopher come sit by me." The guy handed me a beer and before I sat, John pulled on my arm.

"I wouldn't trust him."

"And why wouldn't I?" I asked. What is that guy? Is he a robber?

"What? Is he a homophobic or something? Jeez I just wanted a little fun with him." The guy said.

"What is he talking about?"

"No- nothing." John said waving his hands all over the place. "Just forget about it. Should have not brought you here."

"Why? This looks like fun, who's house is this?"


"Really?" I want to ask where his bedroom is. "Your house is really nice but, after this party I don't know." I started to laugh.

He laughed along and stared at the guy that wanted me to sit beside him. I started to count the rest of the guys in his house and I guess he is really popular.

But something seemed off. I why are there no girls here? I mean he looks young and he's hot. But all that I see that are close to girls are twinks.

"Why aren't there any girls here?" I asked. Was John this close to me in the beginning? We are basicly touching each other.

"It's just guys night out."

"Makes perfect since." I drunk the last bit that was in my bottle. "Where are the bottles at? Don't know how I am going to get home tonight, but I want another one."

"Wow you got a good one on you tonight." The guy patted me on the back.

I shooed his hand away. I was never really the touchy feel type. "I feel like I'm missing something important right now."

"How you guys meet?"

"What you mean? I just kept seeing him in the store he worked."

"No how. . ."

"Dude shut up!" John interrupted.

"Listen." I started. "I don't feel comfortable right now. . . Maybe I should go." I was starting to walk off.

"Don't go. Come on." John grasped on my hand and pulled me back in his direction. "I just don't want to just blurt out some thing because for some odd reason my dad always find out. And I want to tell you but I don't want to at the same time."

"Pft! Boring!!! Get to the point. . . You know what I will, I don't give a damn. He gay, I'm gay, all these damn guys in this house is gay. Thought you were too, but I guess not." The guy said.


Is that the 'bad crowd' his dad was talking about. Dang, his dad hate gay people. Wonder how long I'll staying on the job if he finds out. Well I feel more comfortable now, I'm ready to drink my ass off.

"Um, I don't care. . ." Damn should I say that I'm gay too? What will that effect in the future? ". . . I'm gay too."

"Really?!" They both said at the same time.

"Yeah! Don't I not fit the stereotype a little?"

"Yeah, a little. . ." John said.

"The hair does but little skater boys have that hair now. Hard to tell who is straight and who is gay in that group. And I love skater boys." The other one said, he looked like he was imagining fucking skater boys.

"So. . . Since everything is cleared up. . ." Then I thought of something, ". . . hold up. You can't tell anyone this okay? Don't really want to get fired from my job."

"Yeah, my dad will fire your ass." John hurried and shut his mouth. I never told him that I knew that I worked with his dad. So I tired to play that off.

"What? I work with your dad?!"

"Yeah, I hate him. He keeps paying people to 'change my ways' and 'to stop hanging around the wrong crowd'. And when you said you worked for my dad's company, I thought you were one of them, but you've been going to the store for awhile and didn't just pop up."

Shit. Now I have a really bad conscience. I didn't know that his dad wanted me to stop him being gay, I didn't know all the details.

"Hehe. Well. . . Your dad did say that stuff to me so I automatically thought you were doing drugs so I wanted to help you get out of doing drugs." I looked at him and his facial exprrssion didn't change.

"So he didn't tell you that I was gay?"

"No. And if I heard that you were, I wouldn't agreed to it. I feel really bad."

"It's okay. You didn't know. Now we've been sitting here talking. Let's drink and hopefully see two guys having sex!"

We all started laughing and raised our empty glasses. "Yeah!"


"No no no. Let me help with this mess." I persisted.

"No, I'm going to do it tomorrow anyways." John kept telling me.

"Well I'll come tomorrow and help clean up then."

"Damn that's worse! Just stay here with me. But I might just fill up on you."

"If it's you I don't mind." I bit my bottom lip. "I am kinda horny after drinking a lot."

He hurried and took me into his room watching out for bottles in the way. He tossed me on the bed and jumped in beside me. "Is it alright if I just touch you for tonight?"

"Yeah, do whatever you want." I kissed him on the lips. "Only if it makes me feel good."

He started to kiss me on my neck while he reached inside my pants. I unbuttoned them and guided his hand.

I felt him touch it and wanted to touch his. I tried to, but he was grinding on me tight. I just laid my hand on his thigh and move to his movement.

"You are going to give me a lot of hickeys aren't you?" I asked.

"Yeah, no work tomorrow right? It's okay." He continued. We kept going for awhile then one of our phone rang.

"Is that yours?" I asked.

"If it was then I won't pick it up. It's way to early in the morning for someone to call."

The phone stopped ringing, and ranged again and again. I got tired of the damn ringing and started to search for the phone.

I found it and it was mine. I looked at the caller ID and it was my boss. "Why is your dad calling this early in the morning?!" I yelled.

"I don't know. He's fucking weird."

I took a deep breath and answered the phone. "Hello Mr. Clawins."

John tapped me on my shoulder telling me to put it on speaker phone.

"I'm sorry for calling so early in the morning, did you talk to my son?"

"Yeah. But sir I didn't see any drugs or any signs of a planned robbery."

"Um. . . You didn't find anything at all? You didn't meet his friends?"

"Yeah I did. They were really nice to me, the are touchy people too. Kept giving me hugs and tired to give me kisses too." I joked around, John was trying to hold in his laughter.

The phone was silent on the other end and I think he was panting on the other end. "I. . . I'm sorry. Um, you don't have to do it anymore."

"Okay Mr. Clawins. I'll see you on Monday." I ended the call and we both started laughing so hard.

"I think you will be getting a raise when you go back to work." John joked.

"And I think you are going to get a call tomorrow morning."


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