BoyxBoy one shots

You can call me Emoji king/queen ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
Some are funny ಥ‿ಥ

Some are serious ((i ̄_ ̄)┏

I guess sad? ('_`)

Whatever you think. I take my time in writting them φ(..;) so like and comment!!!!!


8. Delivery Guy


The door bell ranged. I rushed to the door, fixing my hair along the way. Before I opened the door I fixed my clothes. "Hello?" I opened the door and there he was.

"Another package for you Mr.Cobb." The hot package delivery man in the whole entire world of package delivery men said to me.

"You can call me Mike. You are older than me you know." I told him. His chest broad and I can see his shoulder blades. His lips are really pink and scrumptious.

"Oh really? I am?" He responded in a humorous joke.

"Yes you are. And thank you for giving me my package."

"No, thank you for choosing this company to deliver your packages. And one more purchase to from your house and you get a 50% shipping and handling discount." He said to me, he handed me my thing.

"Oh okay. I better hurry up and buy another thing off the internet already." I said to him in a serious matter, but he took it as a joke.

"Haha! So on a serious note, what do you be buying?" He sounded very curious.

"Oh just work things, early christmas shopping, decorations, and many other things." I lied to him. I just buy the cheapest things, just to make him deliver it to me. And then I keep all the stuff in my basement.

"You must be rich then."

"No, not really." I almost went bankrupt once when I kept ordering things every single day. So I slowed down a bit.

"Oh okay. Well I have to go deliver some more things."


I closed the door, squealing on the inside. I can not believe we had a full on conversation. This is the first time, he, Joey, usually only say a couple of sentences. It feel like the first time he asked me for my name!

I opened the box. And it was a roll of stickers. It was the size of a big roll of paper towels.

"Ugh what am I going to do with this?" I asked myself as I walked to the kitchen.


I woke up, ready for a new day. I went to work, had some lovely men talking to me. Helping me do some files. Even though I know they are not doing by kindness. I'm the top in the company and I decide who gets a raise or not.

I quickly drove home to an empty clean house, and to my fully charged laptop resting on my bed.

I opened my laptop and search for the cheapest thing that I could find.

"I should buy something that would me useful for me." I told myself.

But I didn't know what to buy. And then I thought about Joey. That sexy body of his would turn a lesbian straight. And a straight man gay. I wonder how big his dick is? Seven inches? Eight inches? Nine inches?!

Thinking about that made me look a pictures of dicks. Then I started to want to buy one.

I searched websites. Clicking and clicking on the buy button. I regretted it afterwards.

"Oh god!" I yelled. "What was I thinking?!" I slammed my head on my bed, and I tried to pull my hair out. I just stared at the laptop and cursed it.


I paced back and forth in my living room the next day. Waiting for him I ring the door bell. I can't believe this clean man is holding my dirty desires.

I sat down on the couch, placing my head in my hands.


I quickly got up and ran to the front door. What I saw amazed me. Joey fell down my stairs! And the box he was holding popped opened. Why wasn't the package wrapped good?! Now the dildos that I bought is all over him.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" I yelled, looking around to see if people were around. And lucky no one was. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just slipped." He rubbed his head and tried to sit up.

I hurried and collected the toys and tried to put them back into the box.

He got up quicker than I imagined he would. He didn't even give enough time to put them all in the box.

"I didn't see anything." He told me after he saw one of them in my hand.

Um. . . Do you want to rest in my house. I can call and said that you fell." I responded back.

"No, no. It's okay."

"I'm not going to rape you. We are not like that."

He looked at me in silence. I was silent for a minute untiled he answered. "Okay."

I helped him into my house, and onto the couch. I lifted his leg and placed a pillow under it.

"Thank you." He said to me.

"No problem. Want something to drink?"

"Um, if you don't mind."

I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I fixed him a drink and I handed it to him.

After he thanked me. I walked to my phone and called his job. I explained what happened and his boss was pretty worried and told me that he is sending another guy to pick up the truck to deliver the other packages.

After I finished the call I went back to the living room.

"I know this isn't non of my business. But is this what you have been buying all this time?" He asked me, not trying to sound rude but he did anyways.

"No this is my first time buying those types of things." I twirled my fingers together while I looked at the floor.


"Anymore questions?"

He started to think. "So you are gay then?"

"Yes. And there is nothing wrong with that. And I can't change. So if you want to switch routs then by all means go ahead." I said fast, barely pronouncing some of the words correctly. I hardly think that he understood.

"No, no! Its not like that. I'm happy to deliver your stuff. And this time is the best part of the day. I get you see you. And when I come to your house every single day, I get over excited."

What he said surprised me. And inside my head I wanted to freak out. But this is reality and I don't want to scare him away.

"So you are saying that you like me?" I asked in a straight face.

"Don't make me repeat it." His head was down, and he wouldn't look me in the eye.

"Well I like you too. And I have always wanted you to be my boyfriend."

"Um, yeah. I always wanted you to be mine too. And you can throw away the toys because I can satisfy you, and you wouldn't need those anymore." He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, and laughed at what he said.

"Okay, let me do that now."


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