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24. Crazy?! (Part 1)

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"Bruh tonight." Heath said to me. We were at my house, sitting in the living room with my family. 

"What's tonight?" My mom asked.

"Oh. . . A new season of this show is coming on tonight." I responded her question.

"What is it called? We can watch it together as a family." My mom said, all cheerfully.

"But I just want to watch it with Heath and I forgot, but it'd going to come to me in a bit."

"Oh, okay."

We dogged a bullet that time, damn. I don't want my family to ever find out about us doing things to each other. It was just kissing on the lips first. Then it was kissing on the neck, then all the way down to you know what.

I guess it started when we got tired of being forever alone, and all of our other friends got a piece of that cake. And Heath and I still haven't gotten our first kiss yet.

You can say I was the first one to make the move. But he didn't resist, and it felt weird at first like it always should. But now it's like a routine, and I'm starting to like Heath too, but I think he thinks it's just for experiment.

After a few we went up stairs and locked the door. We started kissing our way to the bed.

"Alright, first you be the bottom, then next time I'll be the bottom." Heath said after catching his breath.

"Yeah, um. . . I don't feel comfortable doing that." I explained, he was on top of me and I didn't look at him.

"What you mean? We've been planing this for a while."

"Well you know It takes a lot for the bottom to get ready. We just can't have sex like that."

"I'm not understanding you." He rolled over to the side of me.

"You didn't search how to do it didn't you?"

"No. I thought it will be like having sex with a girl. Just like in porn."

"And yet you didn't watch gay sex." I rolled my eyes. The mood was already over and we just sat beside each other staring at nothing but the white wall.

"Well how different is it then?" He asked me.

"Well you can't just fuck me. I have to clean first. Then. . . Um, prepare me. But that's to embarrassing!"


"Wash inside my ass man!"

"Oh. . . How you do that?"

"Search that on the internet!!!"


"Ugh!" I leaned back in my seat during English. I was getting frustrated as she went over the worksheet.

Who gives a damn where the fucking commas go? My teacher just looked at me and went back to the paper in her hand.

"You can stop causing scenes." The girl beside me said. Well she can shut up, no one likes her anyways, all of her friends are two-faced with her, so she needs to leave me alone.

"Don't care." I responded back.

"Well you are annoying."

"Well at least I have real friends."

"What are you. . ."

"Johnathan and Katie! I am teaching!" The teacher interrupted her sentence.

I rolled my eyes and looked at my paper. If Heath was here he would join me and we would just make the whole class angry.

What if he walked in and just kissed me? The class would just stare at us disgusted. Then he would pull me up from my seat and place me on the table. He would bite my lip and I would let out a noise. . .

"Give me your freaking paper!" Katie yelled in my ear. Now I just wanna fuck her up, yell at me one more time bitch!


Finally lunch time. Where all the bitches be fighting over this one freaking table. It's just a round table, but It's because It's the farthest away from the police people, lunch people, and the teachers. Well except the mentally challenged teachers.

They cuss more in front of the mentally challenge, than we do in front of friends. More or less. . . But either way they don't care.

"So I've watched some, and I understand now?" Heath said, not sure of himself.

"What 'watched some'? What shit are you watching without us?" One of our friends asked. He was the first one in the group to get laid.

"It's nothing really, Johnathan just asked me to watch some stupid shit that's all."

"You two gotten more close man. You gay or something?" He joked.

"Hell naw!" Heath responded.

I just wanted to pounce on him, start kissing him, and to let the whole cafeteria stare. Or we'll walk to the bathroom together and he'll say, 'I've always likes you and the only way I thought I could get even closer was to do this stupid practice shit.'

Then he'll push me against the stall and kiss me roughly. His hands pressed against my arms tightly. Uhhh! Then a person walks in the bathroom. Interrupting us, then he'll say, 'Don't worry, we'll save the rest once I come to your house.' Ghaw!

". . . Like oh my god! Hey, are you even listening?" Heath asked me, shaking me out my trance.

"No." I responded.

"Heath you probably interrupted him daydreaming about banging a girl!" That friend with all the confidence said.

"Man your right! He's red as hell!"

Whatever, I don't care. But I need to be careful next time. . . What if I get a boner?


"Are you sure you don't want to come with us? It's going to be really fun." My mom asked me.

"I'm sure, I don't want to ruin the mood with my complaining." I told my mom.


"Mom he's not coming, Let's go!" My sister yelled from the car.

"Okay. . . There's stuff in the cabinets if you want a snack."

"Okay mom. Bye."

After they left, I went to the shower to get ready. I felt ashamed that I did what I did, I felt my manlyhood slipped away. But I really like Heath, and I don't want 'that' to happen when he sticks it in.

Finally when he walked into the door, we went straight to my room.

"Do you really want this?" I asked him. We started to take our clothes off. I thought it was going to be like porn, but It's really awkward.

"Yeah man. Gotta lose that virginity man, and I need that experience." Our clothes were fully off and we were just looking at each other up and down.

This bitch told me he was small!!! The hell is so big?! My god! He's going to tear me apart! I'm going to cry.

"Why you lie to me?!" I asked him, bout to change my mind.

"Because if I told you how big I really am then you wouldn't agree." He responded messing with it.

"This is a bad time to lie about how big you are."

"Well you lied too. Your smaller than I thought."

"Do you want to do me or not! Because It's my ass that you want to fuck! Ghaw! I feel like a whore right now!"

"No I want it! And I kinda do feel like a perverted guy paying for sex. Think of it as we are lovers just making love." He said in a joyful tone.

I started to put my clothes back on.

"Wait! Wait! What did I say?!" Heath yelled.

"If we are lovers then I want it to be romantic and I want to feel something you know. I want you to say you like me, then kiss me, biting my lips as you continue to kiss me. I want you to say that I'm pretty and that you like every inch of me. . ."

"Bruh where are you getting at?"

"I want you to suck my neck, leaving marks all over it. . . What I'm saying is, that I like your dumbass and that I want you to do those things to me."

"You gay?"

"Bitch this is the gayest shit that any man can do!" I snapped.

"But man I don't swing that way." As I walked towards him he moved back.

"Well don't have sex with me then! You say that you want to have sex with me. Then say that after you do me you will have the 'experience' and can fuck any girl you want! Do you know how that makes me feel?!"

"You are sounding like a chick."

I hit my head over and over again. Why can't he like me back? We are doing as much as having sex, he should have some feels right??? I am not making any since. I just want him.

"Let's have sex. I like you and I want you to do me. I don't care if you don't like me back. But just. . . Just don't not talk to me after okay?"

"Man I don't know any more. You are freaking me out." He was now putting his clothes back on, after all of this fussing.

"Where are you going?"


I ran to him and threw him on my bed. I ripped the clothes off of him and had my hands around his neck. "I wanted to be passionate, but we can do it ruff. I can still be the bottom. I volunteer as tribute hehe."

"Thi- this is considered rape Johnathan! Get off." I kicked off my pants and look at his cute body. I slid all the way down to his penis. I placed my tongue on it. And I got a reaction out of him.

"It's not rape if you like it." I smiled.

"Jonathan." He started to cry. It's not like I am going to stick myself in him. Why is he crying?!

"Why are you crying?! You hurt me first!"

"I know! I just don't want to do it anymore. . . Please no more."

I got off of him. "So you don't want to do it with me anymore?" I covered my face. Why do I always think I can get anything I want?

"No. I've never saw this part of you before. You scared me."

"I'm sorry."

"I never had someone to like me before. All of the girls I wanted never liked me back. But you like me. But your a guy. I can't take you out in public and hold hands with you, or to kiss you. I want that in a relationship."

Why is he saying all of this now? "Well we can still date. We just got to do things a little differently that's all. Come on Heath please?" I walked to him and wrapped my arms around him.

"Alright. But, I. . . I still want to show you off to someone."

"Our friends." I laughed.

"Man naw. You know what they are going to do to us???"

"Yeah you're right."





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