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37. Cousin (part 3) explicit


Isaiah is coming over today, and I am not mentally prepared for this, neither is my fucking ass!

Let my mom stay over! Let my mom stay over tonight! Damn, I know full well that she is going to dress up and leave. Probably to a party or to a friends house.

I was in the room with the door close and my mom opened my door, stared at me, and walked away with the my door wide open.

"Ma!" I yelled.

"Don't close no door up in my house! Let me catch you with a girl in there."

"You won't!" You will see Isaiah raping me in my asshole. You will be screaming and I hope you will call the cops.

"Oh yeah! You will be fucked in the ass! Forgot that my son is a gaywad!"

She is painting my future! I am going to cry. Ugh, what to do. . . All I can think of is cutting of his dick.

Isaiah must be back to his old self. Dumb and care about other people asses and not want to put anything up there. . .


"Hey Caleb." Isaiah said with open arms.

"I'm not giving you a hug." I responded. He walked in and touched my ass. "Can you not."

"Why? All I wanted. . ." He looked around, ". . . Where is your mom?"

"She is in her room."

"Hey Isaiah, is your ma still outside?" My mom came busting in the living room. "Got to talk to her about my night at the club."

"Yeah, she's in the car." Isaiah told my mom. She walked out the door and I could hear her loud ass voice.

Isaiah gave me a tight hug and didn't let go for a while. "I can't wait until your mom leaves, I brought condoms out of my moms drawer. . . For you know what." He gave me a cheeky smirk.

"I don't want to do that." I responded.

"I know you don't, but do I care? I get what I want, and I want is your ass surrounding my dick. Is that so hard to do?"


"Well don't worry, I'll soften you up while my dick is getting hard." He started to laugh and brushed against me. "You want some chips?"

"You don't need to ask. . . Its my house."

"That attitude will be gone tonight."


"Do- don't get on my bed, sit on the floor." I told Isaiah, I was getting more afraid as the sun was going down.

"Why? The bed is more comfortable? And I want to cuddle with you."

I looked at my door and I was close. I jumped out of my bed to open it but he stopped me before I could do it. He had one hand on the door and one around my waist.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"My. . . My mom don't like the door closed so. . . So I am opening it."

He started to laugh, "Do you think that I would fall for that? You do-"

I felt the door shake. "Hey why won't this door open?!" I heard my mom yelled from the other side of the door.

"Sorry, I have my back against it." Isaiah told her.

"Oh. . . Hey Caleb! I'm heading out! Clean my room while I'm out!"

"But ma!" I responded.

"Don't make me slap the fuck out of you!" I heard her heels clank as she was walked on the hardwood floor and was heading out.

I walked to my window and saw as my mom got in her car and drove off. I felt my heart drop and my legs begin to give away.

"Don't be afraid, come one, I have money. . ." He waved it in my face, ". . . Let's order pizza."

"Oh. . . Okay." I said hesitating.


When the pizza came I trotted to my ma's room.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I am cleaning my ma's room."

He came around my waist and hugged me from behind. "Let me help."

"No." I said quickly.

"I am going to help you anyways. Damn, you don't appreciate anything."

I was cleaning up her room and Isaiah would smack my ass every time I bent down to pick something up.

"Your mom is stupid, making you clean her own room and shit, I want my mom to tell me to clean her damn room. . . I'll tell her straight up that I am not going to do it."

I said nothing and continued. He just looked at me, did a little smile and came up to me. Isaiah got up in my face and forced in a kiss. "I have to clean up."

"The bed is clean. . . Lets do it here."

My eyes opened in shock. "No! Listen here dumbass, I am not doing what the hell you want. I am not having sex with you, I am not even going to go out with you. You motherfucking dumbass can't get no one fuckboy, always talking shit with your bitch ass mouth, can't shut that shit up. Now leave me the hell alone and let me clean my ma's room. Damn! Don't have time for your shit."

He had an angry look on his face. "You really piss me the fuck. . ."

"Well leave me alone! You can't crack me that easily!"

"No but. . . I won't touch you until your mom gets back. While she is awake, I am going to pound you so hard that you can't keep your voice in. I really hope your ma walks in on us. Me on top of you, my hand in your mouth. You having tears come rolling down your checks while your face is beet red. . ."

"Stop it please!" I covered my ears not wanting to hear more. "I don't like you that way okay? I really want a girlfriend that is not related to me. Please Isaiah. . . Please." I begged. I want him out of the house, not wanting to see him.

". . . I don't want to. . . I really like you and, I don't want anyone else to take you away from me. You are really pretty in my eyes, making me want to kiss you over and over again. Caleb, I am starting to love you, my feelings has been hanging around for so long."

This situation is really uncomfortable. I'm not gay, why can't he get that? My knees are shaking again and I try to find away to get out the room. Of course, there is the door but, without Isaiah grabbing me and possibly pushing me down to the ground.

"I am hungry." I told him.

"I am too, it might be cold already though." He grasped my hand and we walked out of ma's room. "You want me to warm yours up?"



We were silent the whole time we ate. We would glance at each other but that would be it.

Before he could say anything I went back to my ma's room to finish cleaning, he didn't come in and I thought that he understood. I maybe really wrong but, at least I don't have to see him at this moment.

I walked out of her room and Isaiah was waiting for me. "I. . . Took awhile to rethink about what I was doing and. . . I want to be gentle to you. Your attitude changed and I don't like that. I like your attitude with me a lot of times but, when I get serious I don't like it." Isaiah came to me and gave me a hug.

It was soft and wasn't tight. He reached for the back of my head and ran his fingers through, clinching his hands after. "It's because you are scaring me. How many times. . ."

"I won't listen." He scooped me up and walked in the direction to my room.


"I don't want to scare you, I want you to warm up to me. Lets embrass each other until you do so."

He placed me on my bed and slid beside me. My face was facing his chest. he rubbed my legs and my arms as he kissed my neck.

"Don't kiss my neck." I told him, he did what I said and continued to touch me. If it's this then I don't mind as much.

"Is it alright if I unbutton you?"


"Just to touch you. I've always wondered how you felt down there."

I thought for a moment, I always wanted a girl to stroke me. I am feeling good already, him taking it slow with me.

I shook my head and buried myself in his chest. I felt his hands and the sound of the button coming lose.

He took it out and I clinched my hands into a fist. "I. . . I'm getting very uncomfortable. Stop."

"I don't really want to stop, touch mines too." He sat up on his knees and took of his pants and shirt. "Take off yours too."

It escalated really quick. "It is going to quick."

"I just want to see what you look like naked. I've pictured it in my head a million times. Touching you everywhere letting the memory stick forever."


"Let me do it." He yanked my clothes and I almost stumbled out the bed. "Sorry. . . Your body looks so smooth." He said.


"Ow! Ow!" I cried in a pillow. My ma came back as we were doing things. At that point we closed and locked my door. She was drunk and I could tell by her voice as she yelled across the house to leave her alone for the night.

She laid on the couch which is against a wall that shares with my room. The wall is of course thin and I don't want her to hear me.

I was faced down on the bed in excruciating pain. When I first saw it, it wasn't big but it grew a lot.

"Its hurting really bad. . . My ma is going to hear me." My breathing was shallow and I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

"Take a deep breath." He said stopping. "The first time always hurts, maybe the next time we do it, it will feel much better."

"No. . . No. I'm done, it is way to painful." I pulled him out and laid on my side, the pillow still in my hand covering my face.

"But I'm not done," he grabbed my waist and pulled me up close to him, "let's keep going."

The pressure I felt as it went back in was huge. It hurt so bad I was crying in my pillow. My ma was watching tv while drunk in the living room and it freaked me out, why can't she just go to her room?

"Isaiah. . ."

"Fuck yes. . . Keep saying my name."

". . . Hurry up and . . . Fuck!" He slammed into me. "Get out of me." I started to beg that last one took me over the edge.

"Flip over." He demanded.

I fipped to my back and he pushed my legs wide apart to my face. "Don't put it back in." I told him, closing my legs.

"Why not?"

"Because it hurts you dumbass. I can't breathe and I can't take it anymore." I stared at him.

"What about this?" He pointed down.

"Jerk off, you have on a condom, it ain't going nowhere."


"Caleb, get up. Either you fell asleep or you passed out." Isaiah told me. He was laying beside me with nothing on.

"What do you think?" I sat up and it was the worst mistake I could have done. "I fucking hate you, call your damn ma to pick your ass up now." I was crying on the inside.

". . . You okay? You can't sit up?"

"Shut up, I can." I rolled my eyes and turned away from him. . . Slowly.

"Whatever you say. I just want to stay like this forever!"

"I don't want to, we did what we did and I don't want to do it again."

"But I want to do it again. Hopefully you will feel good next time and you will be horny for me." He jumped on top of me.

"Ow! You dumb fuck! My back!"

"What's wrong with your back?!"

"It hurts!"

"Oh my god! I broke your spine!" He got off of me and I knew damn well he was playing.

"Don't act dumb. I know you. Thinking that you can fool me. Who do you think I am?"

"You right, you right."

"You are going to have to put my clothes on before my ma wakes up. I can't move because of your ass."

"Well if you say 'Isaiah I love you' then I will do it."

"I rather my mom see me naked, than to say that."

"Okay, I am prepared for this to all play out."


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