BoyxBoy one shots

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My part 1 of my one shots for Boyxboy.
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Some are serious ((i ̄_ ̄)┏

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48. Childish boy (explicit)

EMOJI TIME!!!! Everyone loves emojis am I correct??? Haven't done this in a while. . . Come and show me some support in this one kay? Plus my other ones too. Can I ask for more likes???? Like a lot? I become a little. . . okay a lot jealous when I see one shots with like 102 likes, I'm just like. . . okay, my readers just forget to like it.

And also. . . jelly with the comments too. . . I like reading them you guys. *takes deep breath* I'm being really selfish but I am a human! Okay. . .

*puppy eyes*

I think I am funny. . . Am I not?

*rolls eyes* yes yes. . . I am fishing for complements forgive me!!!!!!!!

BUT IN ALL SERIOUSNESS. I get my motivation from the likes and comments. I was going to quit after my 7 one bc no one was liking non or even commenting. Until someone did and I was motivated bc someone actually liked my story and I kept writting.

When I see barely no likes or comments it is hard for me to write bc I have no motivation. But with the opposite, I finish my new one shot in no time.

When I read someone's story I always like and put comments here and there bc I know that that is what they're are looking for and it makes them happy.

I love you guys and with the ones that don't like, can you please go back and like?

And the ones that dont comment, can you please tell me the part that you enjoy the most?

Thank you.


凸(`△'#) FAWK!!!!

Got a new boyfriend, going to show his hot self off. Walk around the school holding hands, kissing near the lockers. Oh boy I'm ready. I'm ready, to get this dick some feels aye!

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


"Why not?!"

"Because I don't want to do it. You can't make me either."

"Listen sexy boy I am."

He laughed. "Oh really?"

"Yeah, let's show the girls that you are taken. Baby please?"

"I said no."

"Come on!"

(; ̄Д ̄) (⇀‸↼‶)

I fail trying to grab his hand. He won't. Let me. Hold. . . It! Fuck! Let me hold it let me hold it!

"I know what you are trying to do."

"Let me hold it!"

"No Thomas. Now stop making a scene." He started heading to his class.

"At least walk me to mines." I pouted.

"My class is right here, stop acting like a child."

Well I am one. I'm fifteen, let me live my childhood life. It's not over.

I'm tired of seeing these stupid bitches kissing their boyfriends in the hallways. I don't see a kissing area in this damn school.

Bitch move out my way! Can you not walk?! This girl just bumped into me! I want Dylan! He can protect me from these limping hoes. They walk like they have a dick up there ass. I want one up my ass. I want him to give it to me!

(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡. . . 凸(`△'#)

In my room on my bed. . . This is boring. He is sitting beside me watching tv. . . I pulled on is arm. "Lets take some pictures."

"Sure." He pulled out his phone.

"In the bathroom. No one will bother us in the bathroom."


"Just come on." I stood up and dragged him to the bathroom. I snatched his phone out his hand and started taking pictures. "Don't I look cute?"

"Yeah but your attitude. . ."

"Is amazing? I know. That is why you asked me out right?"

"No it was your face, and after I asked you out and hearing you talk is making me rethink."

"Don't rethink. . . You like my body right?"

"It's cute."

". . . Let's do it here."

"What? Your family is home."

"Yeah yeah, but I can keep quiet."

"Are you not a virgin?"

I never said I was. Do I look like one? Does it look like I can't get dick?! "Maybe, maybe not." I hopped on the counter, spreading my legs. "Will this position be okay?"

He touched the inside of my thighs. "Ye- yeah. . ." He slid down to my ass and slid my shorts up from under me. "You are not wearing any underwear. . ."

I felt my face began to fluster. "I knew you were coming over, and I wanted to have sex. . . A bottom gotta do what a bottom gotta do okay!"

"Okay okay. I didn't know you wanted it that bad." His eyes were not looking at mines but down. He is judging my dick, is it too small? Does it even matter? He is fucking me.

"Please stop staring."

"It's rising though, and I'm not doing nothing."

"So are you."

"Because I see your naked body."

"Just hurry and stick it in." I attempted to take off his pants.

"I have on a belt." I looked at him as he took it off. I looked at it, bigger than I thought.

"We are going to need a lot of grease."

"Why grease?"

"Did you think you were going to stick that big dick in me dry?"


I grabbed the grease and I grabbed is penis. I rubbed everywhere on it and on me. "Stick it in."

"Okay." He pressed hard for it to go in. I screamed because of the pain I felt. I didn't like it at all but it's to late to turn back now. I'm hard. . . Well, it went down. But he is. . . Nope it went down. "I'm sorry!"

"No it's okay. . ."

"You are bleeding!"

"It's my first time okay? It is suppose to do that. Now stop acting like a bitch and get back hard."

"How can I? You scared me."

"Touch me. And kiss me."

"Oh, okay." He grabbed my sides and slid his hands down to my hips, kissing me. He bit my lip and pulled on it.

"That was like something done in a movie." I said shocked. "I was not expecting that to happen."

"You are hard again."

"You are too. Now go and stick it back it." I closed my eyes shut and grabbed onto the fauset tight, just ready to go.

It was going in slowly and I bit my lip but I couldn't hold in my voice. He moved his hands to my thighs and pulled me closer to him.

I felt like I was going to yank the damn fauset from the feeling I was having. My hips felt heavy and I couldn't hold up my legs.

My head would hit the mirror a few times and I swear my family don't care for my well being. I might be getting murdered, my head being brutally banged against the wall. But I understand, you have another son.

The pain still was not going away. I wanted Dylan to enjoy it, I didn't want him to stop just because I couldn't take it. The more I do it, the better it will feel, I just have to deal with it for now.

A warm liquid rushed in me and I immediately punched him in the chest. "Why did you do that?!"

"It just came out! You were squeezing me so tightly I couldn't pull my dick out."

"This feels so weird." I scrunched up my face.

"Sorry. Did it feel good?"

"Yes it did." I lied.

"I'm just asking because you didn't cum."

"It's a dry one. It's really weird."

"I heard of those but it never happened to me before."

"Okay," I wanted to change the subject. "You need to carry me to my room."

"And why?"

"Because I'm hurting."

"You said you felt good!"

"It's an after effect!"

(#`д')ノ o(-'д'- 。)'

I am feeling pain in my fucking ass! Every damn step I take I can feel a torpedo being shot up in me. And what is making it worse is that Dylan won't hold my damn hand!

"Hold my god damn hand now you bastard!"

"You are causing a scene."

"Like I give a damn! You fu-"

"Okay okay I will hold your hand."

"Are you disgusted of being with me?" I asked.

"No, it just reminds me of how terrible I did."

"It was not terrible."

"Yes it was. I can sense it. You are easy to read. If it was good you would be unable to talk and you would have been slumped over."

"You need to stop watching porn."

"I need porn, keeps me sain."

"Well I am better than porn."

"To be honest the little sexy boys has you beat."

"Well I'm going to 'beat' their 'sexy' faces then they can't work no more."

"If you do that then I'm going to have to use you about four times a day."

What the fuck?! "Four times a damn day? The hell kind of spare time do you have?"

"Well I am the only child."

"Fuck you and your needy dick."

m(¬0¬)>ԅ(*  ̄3)

"Thomas, I heard you and Dylan were dating. . ." I was in an empty classroom snooping through things. "What are you doing?"

"Um. . . Trying to find something. And yes, yes we are. Jealous?"

"Why would I be jealous? Just asking, didn't know Dylan would put up with you."

"The hell is that suppose to mean?"

"You are annoying and you snoop through people things."

"I am not annoying, I am just simply hard to calm down that is all. And you can not talk. You being all cocky and you haven't scored a single game this season."

"I'm not even going to stoop to your level."

"I think you kinda did, scratch that, I stooped to your level when you tried to throw shade." I started to head out the room to find Dylan.

He could be anywhere. Right now it's our study break where we have an hour to go anywhere to any class to get help or to make up work.

"Go ahead and walk off, find your bae."

"I will. Find him right away. And make out in the hallway and everything."

凸(*  ̄3)(ε ̄ *)凸

"Dylan this dude just came up at me and asked me if we were dating and I said yes. Then he said that he didn't know why you wanted to go out with me because I am annoying and shit."

"Who?" He was in a classroom finishing up late work.

"I don't know, I don't have time to remember a bitches name. He's the one that never makes a damn score."

"Know exactly who you are talking about. But you are not annoying, you are just childish that is all."

"Child- alright. You right you right."

"Now are you okay? Can I finish up my work?"

"Yeah, I'm okay, but one more question."

"What is it?"

"Which is more important, your work or me."

"My work."

_φ( °-°) ∑(O_O;)







ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

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