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22. Bae

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"Bae hey bae?"

"Stop calling me that!"

Me and my bae were sitting in the back of the class, I sit behind him. I want him to be mine and I'm not going to stop until he becomes my boyfriend.

"Why? Be my boyfriend. That's all." I Bit my bottom lip.

"If you. . ."

"Mike, and Phillip! Class is still going on." Our teacher said with and attitude.

"Sorry, I had to ask him something." I said to our teacher. I turned my attention back to Phillip. "So bae how about after school we go somewhere? My house maybe?"

"Leave. Me. Alone." He turned back to me.

I smiled and looked at the projector to take my notes.


After the class was over I followed him in the hallway.

"Your class is in the 100 hallway." Phillip said to me. He pointed to the other end of the hallway.

"I'll make it in time. I got to walk my bae to class." I put my arm on his shoulders. "Now about today after school. . ."

"It's not happening." He said forcefully. "Now, stop touching me."

"Hehe you say that now." We reached his classroom and I turned around and headed to my class.

When I walked in, my teacher handed me a letter saying that I have one more tardy from this class then I have to restart it next year.

Now I don't want to do this dumb class over again. But It's required for me to do it. I balled up the letter and shot it in the recycle ben.

I'm going to have to stop walking Phillip to class. But at least I see him in my first class.

Instead of paying attention and taking my notes, I was fantasizing about what I would do to Phillip if he came to my house tonight.

I would kiss his neck, pressing my tongue against it. I would go up his shirt and touch up on him, tweaking his nipples. Hearing him moan and tell me to stop because he's embarrassed of the sounds that he is making. And I'm doing this while his phone was ringing nonstop. And he is trying to answer it but I refuse to let him.

"-ike! Mike! Are you paying attention?" My teacher yelled to me.


"Close your mouth and pay attention during my lesson."

"Sorry." At least I didn't get a boner in your class, stupid bitch.


The next day, after first period I didn't follow Phillip to his class. And the next day and the next, I did the same routine. But I tried to talk to him in first period but my stupid teacher brought me to the front of the class.

I headed to the lunch room and sat down with a bunch of friends. They annoy the hell out of me, but I don't want to be by myself.

"Hey Mike, I've noticed that you haven't tried to talk to that guy. Have you finally got to your senses yet?" One of them asked me.

"No, I've just haven't had the opportunity." I responded, taking a chip out the bag.

"What's so special about him? You see that girl over there? Big ass boobs and ass." He high fived the guy beside him.

"I don't have to tell you."

"Whatever man."

After lunch I was stopped by a girl. I mean she was attractive, but I don't like women.

"Your friend said you are single and that you are attracted to women like me and said I have a chance. I wondered if you want to go out with me?" It sounded like this girl ask out a bunch of guys before.

Before I said anything, my eyes caught the attention of my bae walking near, and it looked like he heard her ask me out.

"Yeah, um. . ."

"Mike can I speak with you?" I was interrupted but Phillip. "It's really important, I'm going to take him for a minute."

The girl nodded and walked off. I think she thinks she has a chance with me or something. Phillip grabbed my hand and walked me outside the school.

"We are going to get in trouble doing this." I pointed out. "We can't exit the school."

"Can you shut up?!" He yelled.

"Wha- what did I do?"

He didn't say anything and dragged me to his car. He unlocked the door and pushed me in the passenger seat. He got in and we left the school.

"Phillip! Phillip! What did I do?! I'm freaking out over here! Kidnapping is illegal!" I was getting real scared.

"Shut up!"

"I'm going to die! Help! Help!"

"I'm going to kill you for real if you keep it up!"

I kept my trap shut for the whole ride. He stopped once he drove up to a drive way.

"Is this your house?" I asked.

"Just get out and follow me." He responded.

I got out and followed him into the house. I'm guessing It's his house since he had a key to it.

After he shut the door he grabbed both my arms. "Who do you think you are?" He asked me.

"You let me in your house."

"Why are you so stupid?!"

"What you mean bae?"

"You call me that but you avoid me? I thought you liked me! Why don't you walk with me to my class anymore why don't you talk to me anymore?!" He laid his head on my chest and began to cry.

"Whoa whoa! I've just don't have the opportunity. Our teacher sent me to the front, and I don't get to class early enough to talk to you before class. Then in my other class if I get one more tardy, I'll have to start the class over again. And I don't want that!"

"At least try."

"But when I do you seem to hate me."

"I did and when you ignored me I hated you more." I grabbed his waist.

"So that means you want me then?" I kissed him on his neck.

"N- no. Stop." He moaned.

"You know I've been fantasizing about this." I touched his ass and brought it closer to me. "Let's have sex."

He pushed me away. "I don't want to right now." He said lowering his head.

"But bae. I've been dreaming of doing it."

"I just. . . I just know that I will be a bottom and I have to prepare myself." He was patting his jeans, and pulled out his keys.

"Okay, Well can you prepare fast. Because I want to bang that ass." I smiled.

"Let's go back to school."

"But we are going to get in trouble if we go back. I don't want to go back!"

"Were going back to get your car, and then you can go home and I can go back home. Then tomorrow I think I will be prepared."

"Bae that needs to be a promise."

"I promise that tomorrow I will let you have sex with me."

"Alright, and give me that phone number."






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