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35. Bae (part 2)


Going back to school was a bad choice, teachers and staff were waiting for us. Maybe that chick ratted us out. Or she thought I was being kidnapped. That is what I thought when he basically threw me into his car.

We both were taken to student services and to the vice principal. I kept calm because this isn't my first time being in the damn office before, I've gotten papers to be suspended, project X, which we have to clean the school after school. It's nothing new.

"You will never change Mike will you?" The vice principal asked me.

"You know me." I responded.

"And you dragged someone down with you." He looked at some papers. "Phillip, why did you go with him? Your grades are good, no suspensions, project X, no Mr.Baker. What made you follow his path?"

"I didn't, I threw him into the car." Phillip admitted.


"Because I got really mad and wanted to tell him something."

"That is still no reason to leave school."

"I know that. It won't happen again, I handled what I needed."

"I will let you off with a warning. But the next time there will be serious punishment. I will also have to contact your parents to tell them about what happened and to tell them that you are not in trouble. . . This time."


"So I heard what you did today." My mom started talking as I walked through the door.

"Dang, you didn't even let me get in the house."

"You don't care about your life do you?"

"Nope. . . Mom, can I bring a friend over?" I asked. I wanted him to come over for some fun time, sex will fill the room!

"Sure sure! You don't care about your life. . . How, how about this! You and your friend can also fuck in my bed! How does that sound?!"

"That sounds wonderful! What's for dinner tonight?"

"Your life. . . Education, there was a little bit so there is not much to go around, jail time, and oh yeah, unemployment."

"Thats funny, because I smell burned chicken. . . You should check on it."

My mom ran to the kitchen to check on it and I slipped up stairs to my room. I picked up my phone to call Phillip.

"Hello?" Phillip answered the phone.

"Hey bae."

"What you want?"

"Whoa whoa, I just wanted to know if you wanted to come over?"

"I, I don't know. I got in trouble with my dad and don't think he will let me out the house."

"Ah, screw him. Come over, here is my address."

I gave him my address and didn't want to hear no more.


When he finally arrived I was right at the door. I swung the door right open and he jumped back.

"What are you doing?!" Philip yelled.

"What?! You took too long!"

"I had to convince my dad." I let him in the door and my mom walked in the living room.

"Hello, I'm his mom, the one he doesn't care about. I made dinner, won't you come eat?" My mom was talking to Philip.

"Um. . . Thank you, I didn't eat when I got home, I was yelled at for leaving school early." Phillip responded.

She smiled and we sat at the table. it was a square table and the table felt bigger than it actually was.

"So, I forgot to ask what was your name." My mom picked up the conversation.

"It's Phillip." He said.

"You sound like a good kid, why you leave the school campus?"

"Mom!" I yelled.

"Mike be quiet, you are just likes your dad. . . Philip, I don't know why you hang out with him. He made you, didn't he?"

"No, I was the one who dragged him." He admited.

I was scrapping my fork against the plate. And my mom just gave me a stare, I kept it up until she said something. "Mike! Jeez, you don't care for me at all do you?"

"Well can you stop asking him questions? It's like you are interrogating him." I dropped my fork on the glass plate.

"Am I bothering you with questions that I asked?"

"Not at all. I don't mind. My dad questions me a lot too." He responded.

"See Mike, eat your food and hurry up and do your chores."

"Why? I got a guess over." I responded. I swung my head back and grunted.

"I can do it." Phillip said to mom, I dropped my mouth.

"Oh, no I can't let you do that. . ." She told him waving her arms, she took her plate and headed to the sink.

"It's just a thank you for the food. . . I really don't eat home food meals." He gotten up as well and went beside my mom.

they were taking and cleaning the kitchen as I was up in my room, not wanting to be in the kitchen with them.


I heard my door open and Phillip walked into the room, closing the door. "Hey." Phillip said. I was sitting in my computer chair leaning back.


"What's wrong?"

"Bae it's nothing, but don't get too friendly with my mom okay?"

"Why not? She is nice."

I did a complete spin in my chair and slammed my hands to my face. "What are you talking about?! My mom is not nice. She always nagging about everything that I do. She compares me to my dad that isn't here no more, don't know where the hell he is. She puts all her hardships on me!"

"Who cares? You act stupid anyways, you don't care about your future, and your mom supports you!"

"Whoa, the hell did that come from?" As I leaned from my chair the creaking of it chair was loud.

"Because you are rude to her, and all she cares is your future, and you well-being."

"So what do you care? Everyone is rebellious to their mom's at onward point. Not a big deal. . . Aren't you?"

He was quiet for a moment and looked like he was thinking of what he was going to say. "Do you not grasped things around you? All I have said tonight was dad this and dad that. Have I ever said anything about parents or mom?! Did you not?!"

"Oh you wanted me to answer. . ."

"Are you serious?! In the beginning I thought you were caring about me because you would walk me to my classes even thought you were always late. And you always trying to make me smile and feel good, now. . . Why didn't you think before you spoke?"

"I. . . I didn't mean to. . . I wasn't paying that attention to what you were saying. I just thought that you just said dad a lot because that is the only parent that nags at you the most."

"Of course you weren't paying attention. . . you never do, dumb ass."

I felt really bad, I never knew that this was his weakest point. . . Fuck! I don't know what to do in this situation. Does he want me to give him a hug? Or what? "Philip. . ." I started, ". . . Whatever you want me to do right now, I will do it."

"I. . . I want. . ." He blew his breath, ". . . Just apologize to you mom and I will feel a little bit better. . . I can't ask for my mom back, that is impossible."

"Alright bae." I got up and walked out the room. "Mom!"

"Yes Mike?!" My mom responded.

I galloped down the stairs and met her in the living room. "I just wanted to say that I was sorry for treating you bad. I know that you are looking out for me the best you can and that you care for me."

". . . Wow, Phillip got to you too huh?"

"What you mean?"

"Well, while you were in your room you couldn't hear what we were talking about. . . He was talking about his mom and the relationship that we had, and how he was angry that you have me and treat me with no respect, while he couldn't even have a relationship with his mom."

"Well did his mom leave him or something?"

"Leave as in walked away, no. But as in leave the earth then yes, she had a heart attack. I feel bad for the boy. His father doesn't even treat him right after his mom passed away. He is sweet, I would take him under my care, but do you think his dad would let me?"

"We. . . We could ask. I wouldn't mind having him live here."

"It's not that simple. . ."

"He is sixteen. . ."

"Mike," she had a hard grip on the remote, "it is that simple, even if he is seventeen, in this town, in this state, Phillip doesn't have the right to choose, it's his father. We have to go to court."

"He can stay here tonight, in my room."

"That is fine, tell him to call his dad."



"Good night."

I went back to my room and shut the door, and he was sitting on my bed. "Hey, you staying here tonight. I apologized to my mom and she accepted it. Call your dad if you want to. I have some clothes for you to wear, it will be sexy because they will sag on you. . . Hopefully one of the sleeves will slip off your shoulder."

He started to laugh. "Dammit Mike."

"I'm serious." I walked towards him and took one leave off his shoulder. "Just like this. . . Well not quite." I went to my drawer and pulled out the biggest shirt that I had. "Take yours off."

"No!" He laughed. "I'm good."

"Aw! Imma take it off anyways." I yanked his shirt off and just stared. "Damn you look cute."

"Haha! Stop it!" He pushed me and I fell back into my computer chair and he got on top of me.

"You feel better as I can tell."

"Of course! You play too much!"

"Do not."

"Do too!"

I took my shirt off and threw it across my room. "Saw this on porn."

"So?" He asked, still having a huge smile on his face.

"Can I grab your ass?"

"Only if you want too." He kissed me on my lips and I almost jumped out the seat.

I grabbed it and his jeans was annoying as hell, felt like it was being a cock blocker. "Take your jeans off."


"Don't worry, I'll take mines off too."

He gotten up and we both took of our jeans and flopped back on each other in the chair. Grabbed his ass and I could fully feel it.

"I feel embarrassed." He told me. I grabbed it harder and yanked him even closer. "Mike!"

"Don't be."

We kept staring each other, not doing anything, just looking. Him just sitting in my lap is getting me excited.

"I should call my dad." Phillip suggested.

"Um. . . A- after you give me a kiss, tongue has to be included."

"Really Mike?"

"Yup really." I opened my mouth sticking out.

"Ew." He pushed me back and grabbed his jeans. "I'm gonna call."

"Not without my tongue kiss." He ran to me almost knocking us down to the floor. I felt as his tongue reached inside and collided with mine. He ended it with a smack on the lips and started to unlock his phone.

"Good enough?" He asked.

"Not really, you caused me to ask you for another thing."

"What is it?"

"Well you gave me a boner, so. . ."

"You can take care of that yourself." He gave me a smirk and carried on with calling his dad.

I just stared at my boner and started to think. He is going to suck this dick, and he will lend me his ass. Maybe not to day. But tomorrow, after breakfast. Bae and I are going to make out, his moaning is going to sound so fucking cute! Ugh, fuck. . .

My boner is never going to go down if I keep this shit up!






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