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11. Attitude Change (explicit)

This one is explicit so you better dim your screen or read it in the privacy in your bedroom. *hehe.

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* * *

"You need to stop doing this! You can get aids or HIV!" Kobe warned me for the millionth time. He's my friend and he is trying to protect me. I get that, but I need the money. 
My mother and I have a lot of hospital debt and my mom doesn't get paid that much at work, since she is on bed rest. And we hardly have enough money for food in the house.

"We need the money." I sighed. "I have to do this."

"Then I can help pay it off. . ."

"I don't want your charity. Not to sound rude, but no. We can handle it ourselves." I looked at the time and started to walk home. 
Next year I will finish high school and be off to college, and since my mom and I got into that accident and have all this debt, I've been working hard in high school to get a college scholarship. I have a big plan for my future and it's not going down the drain. I have to go to college and succeed in life. Because I clearly don't have the money for college.

"Then how much?!" He asked me.

I looked at him, then turned back around and started walking again. "It won't be me just giving you the money. You will be working for it."

I turned and started to walk back to him. "What time?"

"Umm. . . At nine. So we can be alone at my house." He is rich, well his parents are rich. They like in a mansion like house, and what he wants he gets.

"Till what?"

"What do you mean?"

I can't believe he has no clue. Well of course since his parents baby him and he doesn't even know about the outside world.

"Nine to what time do you want to end." I replied.

"All night long. . . Till morning. I want you to be safe when you leave."

"Awe how adorable." I sarcastically said. "I bet you haven't had sex yet."

"No, but you can be my first."

"Well okay then, nine it is. The three thousand, when I get there. See you. In a hour"


I walked off, heading home. Hearing Kobe in the back.

* * *

"Mom I'm home!" I called out waiting for a response.

"Hey honey! I'm in the kitchen!"
I walked into the kitchen to see my mom cooking. Even though we are like this she always put food on the table. I walked to her and gave her a hug.

"Mom, I'm going to Kobe's house at eight thirty so he can help me with the test for tomorrow. Is that okay with you?" I asked. Already knowing that she would say yes.

"Of course! You need to pass so you can graduate high school! I don't mind at all. You are going to college no matter what." She patted my back.

"Thanks mom."

"No problem. I'll be good on my own,
I'm just going to be in the bed anyways." She joked.

I headed to my room to get ready. I picked out my clothes then headed to the bathroom for a shower. I took a long one, whenever I do this type of thing. Because I have PE this semester and we are always outside. I knew my ass should have done PE in my freshmen year.

I got dress and headed out the door. "Bye mom!"

"Bye! And take my car! It's way to dark outside!"

"Thank you! See you in the morning!"
I grabbed her key off the table near the door and I was off. I took my time since I was taking the car. I like walking more that this car. Driving a car isn't peaceful at all, waking at night is.

* * *

I arrived at his house and I ranged the damn gate bell. Like the fuck has that now a days if your not famous?! I don't know why I am friends with this guy.

I was let in thru the gate and then I had to knock on the damn door. Kobe answered the door and I walked in.

We didn't say anything. But he lead me to his room. Everything was neat, and there was no condoms or anything. Thank god I brought some on my own.

"Sit on the bed." I told him. He did as he was told and sat down.

I got on my knees and unzipped his zipper. I was expecting less of him but there was actually more of him.

I started to get hot, by just looking at it. I stroked it and I looked at him as I placed my tongue on his dick. Kobe let out a deep breath, and held his hand on his mouth trying to hide is voice.

He got hard very quickly, and I took my clothes off and his too. I took the condom out the back pocket of my pants and rolled it on him.

I never kiss my costumers but I was eager to do it. I licked his lips, telling him that I want it.

I grabbed his hair and jerked his head back, kissing him over and over again.

He wasn't that good but I was too into it to care. I slowly placed my tongue in. It feeling is tongue against mine.

His hands glided against my back, making me shudder in pleasure. I released my lips from his and went towards his neck, sucking on it, licking it.

I grinded on his dick, making me want him more as more. I was teasing my own self. I didn't want to take it slow. I wanted it now. 
I jabbed him in me, the static feeling rushing through my body making me paralyzed for a moment.

"Come on move." I spoke to myself, as I just sat. I pushed him down, slamming his back against his bed.

He looked at me, all hot and sweaty. He started to move his body closer to the middle of the bed. The more he move the more I felt.

I never to a dick this big before. I don't know if I can take it. I kissed him again, while I rocked back and forth. Trying to hide my voice in our kiss.

"Can I take over?" He asked me. Pushing me away from his lips.

"Do whatever you want." I responded. 
He flipped over, him on top of me and still in me.

His thrusts were hard and fast, not giving me any time to breath. My voice was uncontrollable, it was loud and high pitched.

"Ho- hold on." I begged.

"Don't I not control you? I payed for you right?" He whispered in my ear. I stared at him. His attitude changed a whole lot. But It was sexy, and made me relax.

He kept going for hours, going fast and slowing down, but never stopping.

I passed out in his bed, waking up in the morning.

"Hey are you okay?" His original attitude came back.

"Yeah why?" I asked. Trying to act as nothing happened.

"Was I good?" He asked me. Scratching the back of his head. "Right before you arrived I was watching one for an example and I was acting out what the man said to the other guy and did."

I looked at him and rolled around, facing the wall and covering my face.

* * *


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