1. Forever

What is this ache,
That pains me,
An brings tears,
Upon my face?

This feeling,
Of hurt and dis-pleasure,
Of never-ending sorrow,
And torment?

That makes my heart race,
In an un-natural rythme,
Off beat, fast an unsteady,
With uncertainty.

Like a nail being driven in,
It hurts for a moment,
Subsiding only for a second,
Before I feel it again.

That same pain,
but only deeper.
Going farther,
Sinking ever deep.

Dragging me under,
Pulling me off my feet.
Throwing me into darkness,
Eternal abyss.

Forever sleep,
In eternal bliss.
Where black,
Covers the light.

I drown in my own sorrow,
Filing my lungs like water,
I choke on it. 
Forever alone.

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