Thick Skin

A short poem.

Warning contains strong language


1. Thick Skin

"Heatless cowbag." 

The words ring in my ears Like a sharp punch to the stomach   Now I wonder if my friends truly are my friends. If they are playing a game with me. Toying with my heart As it has been before.    Can it be true? Have I been the boorish bitch  Everyone believes me to be?    Have I been the asshole The whole time?  The poor fuck Everyone hates.    I've been toyed with  So many times. I don't know who I am.    Who am I?    The small little mouse.  The phoenix with clipped wings. The wolf without a pack.    Yes, that's who I am.  The thick skinned bitch. Afraid,chained, alone.    Please,toy with my heart again. It's the only thing I know.  A girl with thick skin is no girl Just a beast. 
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