Editorial Wings

Et skriv om de vinger der holder mig i luften


1. 1


My black wings carry me 

They are the materialization 

of a thundering self-confirming confidence 

Nothing but a plastic confidence

Black wings consisting of smouldering lies

 and raging unaired fury

Concealed realities is the air beneath my wings 


“Made in the imagination”

A quality-stamp that screams cheap and artificial 

even more than the place my toys were made

A transparent wall consisting of black nothingness 

And roaring silence   

Lights lid up by a fire I did not make 


Flying above

Looking down

Realising I’m afraid of heights 

I lower my black wings 

Feathers heavy from filth 

I plunge deliberately into the ground 

For everyone to see

Producing an epic firework of colors 

And flaming auroras 

My fall makes bystanders shed tears 

they did not know they were ever going to expose 

The last surviving sparks of my crash-landing-death 

Is the only true light I will ever burn 

Though all it enlightens 

are nothing but uninjured lies 


I am nothing but a thought 

Glorified by the memory 

My death is the only true fire I ever produced 

The only real 


Flame that I ever lid 


My black wings and me 

were never more 

Than smoke and mirrors 


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