tattoos (liam story)

Mia is 19 she has a little sister named Maxine she lives by herself in a house she is a huge fan of one direction and Demi lovato she is training in cross fit. Se takes her little sister to a meet and greet with the boys and while she's there she becomes close with one of them.


12. its a boy

​I waited they all hugged me. "where's Liam" I asked. "he is in my car" Niall said. "okay lets go." On our way they laughed and talked. "we are here" they hopped out and I opened my door. I felt arms wrap around me. "hi Liam " I got out and hugged him like if I was hugging one of the boys." He set his hand on my stomach and rubbed it. "i hope you come out as badass as mommy and charming like me so you get a good woman like her." I smiled I went up to my room. The guys watched t.v. And I went with them to the living room it was half an hour into the show when I ran to the bathroom I opened the door and kneeled to the toilet. I felt Liams hand on my back and the other one holding my hair. I finished and washed my mouth I hugged Liam "9 months to go " I said he kissed my forehead. He took me to the room and laid me down. "good night" "lay here with me Liam" he nodded and

I fell asked slowly

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