tattoos (liam story)

Mia is 19 she has a little sister named Maxine she lives by herself in a house she is a huge fan of one direction and Demi lovato she is training in cross fit. Se takes her little sister to a meet and greet with the boys and while she's there she becomes close with one of them.


8. 5 months later

​so I'm back home in getting ready to leave for the airport to pick up Liam and harry because the other boys went to their family's for the Christmas break and my b-day is the day after tomorrow but I haven't told anybody because my mom died a day before. I just don't like celebrating it. It's 4am I grabed my coffee cup,phone, and keys. I closed my door and left in the love of my life my dodge ram. It took me a while to get there but when I got there the boys were already being chased I unlocked the doors and jumped out they both ran in and locked the doors I put their things in the back and got in squishing my way into my seat. " lets go these niggas are pushing through" I turned it on and a girl wouldn't move from in front of the car. I kept going "Mia stop, Mia, Mia" they kept screaming my name. The girl ran out of the way "what chill you guys I know people she moved that was the point of it." I leaned back and we drove back when we got there I opened the door and gave them each a key to the house"don't lose it" they nodded and walked in I showed harry his room and Liam ours I left to sit down on a couch. "Mia what is this " I looked and saw he had a blade in his hand " I don't know" I saw his sad face and got up I grabed his hand and pulled him to out room when we entered I sat him down and started undressing" what are you doing" I didn't answer him" I finished staying in my underclothes. "check me baby I promised you I wasn't going to do it again" he saw my wrists and thighs.after he was done hard nocked "guys I'm going out to my sisters house" "oh be careful harry" he stood in front of me and looked at my body "do it Liam" I knew he was thinking about it he set his hand on my waist and the other on my bum I cupped his face and kissed him he kissed me back and laid me down he kissed my neck and found my sweet spot I let out a moan and he kept sucking he let small wet kissed down my chest and on my stomach. He came back up and kissed my lips i felt his hand in between my legs he rubbed my clit making me moan " you like that Mia" " omg Liam yes" i felt Liam slip my panties off "Mia baby if your not ready yet i can wait" "do it Liam I'm ready" i felt his fingers in me "FUCK Liam" hi was about to stop but i grabed his hand "don't worry I'm fine" he kept pumping his hand into me. I moaned his name over and over again I took his pants of and started pumping his member he let out a moan I was about to reach my climax but he stopped and replaced his hand with his mouth he played with my clit in his mouth "oh my god Liam yes" I starts feeling so much pleasure he sucked on my thigh leaving love bites all over I arched my back in pleasure I felt so good. He got on me and kissed me he pulled down his pants "wait" I took out the condom and put it on his member I laid down and kissed him and I felt him slowly enter me "ohh that feels so good" he trusted into me and faster and harder I moaned harder than before. " oh my gosh your so tight" he said I "you feel so good go harder baby " he went harder and i could feel his tip touch my g spot. I hit my climax and he did to he slowly laid on me kissing my collar bone. "Mia you are good " I smiled and laid down with him.

​"Liam what are we going to do today its 8:00 right now" I kissed his nose "do you wanna go to the gym" I nodded my head. I got up and got dressed in my tights and a sports bra. "why are you still smiling like that" I asked "because I made love to the love of my life" I smiled and pecked his lips. I went down stairs and grabed a protein shake. "are you ready" "are you still in cross fit" ha asked. "no my manager said that another threat was sent to me since I'm the first girl to represent Mexico they didn't like it and because I'm winning most of them in first place." He looked worried my phone rang and it was my manager. "hello jack what up" " hey I was going to tell you if you wanted to be part of the cross fit competition for this Wednesday" "yes of course" Liam turned to look at me "jack what about the threat." "that's the thing your still at risk of that." I looked at Liam we started walking "when do I have to bee there" I asked jack while liam closed the door. "in two days then you can go back home" " okay I will be ready get me two tickets more harry and liam are going too." I hung up and got in my car "what are you going to do." "we are going to Brazil in competing with panama Brazil and Puerto Rico." "are you serious about this Mia you can get hurt." I drove there and liam kept trying to change my mind. "babe please don't go" "oh I'm not going we are" .......after the gym...........

​unknown p.o.v.

​I whant her out do whatever it takes the phoenix legacy can't continue she is strong and we have to get rid of her. Do whatever it takes pack up your going to Brazil tomorrow.


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