The plane lifted off the runway and into the air. The man sitting next to me turned and quietly whispered in my ear, "Come with me quickly, we need to talk and we don't have a lot of time." He swiftly grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the plane into the tiny bathroom they had for all the guests.


2. Not the First Time

             I felt groggy, like I'd been hit by a bus. The room was dark, and there were voices in the distance. I slowly sat up, feeling shaky, like I'd been out for a couple of days. The last thing I could remember was the strange man... Blaise, I remember being on the plane with him, kissing him. But where am I now? I got off the bed, looked around for a light switch, but decided I didn't want anyone to realize I was awake. I crept towards where the voices were coming from. The voices started at a hum, then grew to sound like yelling. "You did what!?" "Look, it wasn't as bad as last time. I swear." "Blaise I thought I made it clear that I have a no abduction policy, especially after last time." There was a pause of silence before he said, "She wasn't cooperating. What did you expect me to do?" "We would've figured something else out. Brought in more agents. You risked everything. Don't get me wrong, you did a good job..." "Sir there's something about her.. I don't know what it is. But I need to figure it out. I know it sounds strange but this is different from other cases we've done like this. I've got a gut feeling sir." "I understand that, and I'm glad that you got her here. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to suspend you. I can't allow you to get away with breaking my number one policy, we'll find someone else to take your place Agent." I had gotten slightly uncomfortable. Attempting to quietly shift around my body, I failed, hit something and made a huge bang.  Everyone was put on alert, I had several guns pointed in my direction. The man spoke, "Come out. Whoever you are, there isn't a way out of this facility." I slowly walked out, squinting my eyes due to the bright lights. Blaise was the first to speak, "Put your guns down gentleman. She's of no harm to us."

I was thankful he had said something but I wasn't quite sure that I trusted the other men. They obviously didn't realize I was up, so what Blaise said must have been sincere. What if he's the only one I can trust? I walked over the men sitting at the table. Suddenly aware I was wearing someone's shirt and it happened to go just below my butt. I looked up, and started asking questions, "Where am I? Who's shirt am I wearing? How did I get here? Who the hell do you people think you are? And since when is it okay to seduce people and then kidnap them!?" The men all looked around frantically. Searching each other's faces hoping to find the answers. The man, who appeared to be the boss, spoke up, "Hello Azure. My name is Atticus. And I'm here to answer all of your questions.. within due time of course. I'm a very busy man as you can see  I have more important duties to do right now rather than worry about you." I was taken aback, "Excuse me? If I do recall I'm in your facility, because of your doing. And it was without my consent. So I'm going to make myself your number one priority. I dont care who you are. I don't care what you need to do. What you are going to do is answer my damn questions." "​Look lady.. Do you even know why you're here? Do you know why you were brought into my facility?" I glared up the man, unknowing of his intentions. " Of course I don't know the why I'm here. That's why I'm your new number one priority. Because you're gonna fix this problem. And answer all of those questions I have. You've got five minutes. Go." "It's a long story that need to be kept a secret. Only a select few know about this. And I didn't wipe your memory for just anything.." "​You wiped my memory!?"  "Azure..."  " ​Don't ​Azure me.​ There's something you're not telling me. It's clearly something that only you know.


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