The Valkyrie Chronicles: To The Stars

Michael Valkyrie and the crew of the USS Challenger explore into the depths of the Alpha Quadrant far away from home into uncharted space.


9. 9

The Challenger continued on and explored another system called Woden that also has no habitable planets but rich mining minerals but when the Challenger approached another system they encountered two unknown small warships approaching them and were hailed.  The commander of the two warships said, “To the unknown ship this is Ka’lor of the Talarian Republic, state your purpose or prepared to be fired upon.”, Michael told him about their peaceful mission and space exploration from the Zhargosian Republic and they were welcomed.  But their peaceful relations was short lived when Gross said, “Sir I detect a ship that appears to be one of the ships under Peter Wiggin!”, Michael said, “Arkanian?”, Petra looked at her scanner and said, “Yes sir!”, Michael told Ka’lor that he is sorry but they must depart to confront this ship as it is a threat and Ka’lor had his ships maintained orbit as the Challenger moved out of orbit and the long orange round warship with two large cannons in the front appeared before them and were hailed.  What the bridge crew saw astounded them as the leader of the ship appeared to be a teenager and he said, “This is Lt. Tomaro representing Hegemon Peter Wiggin of the Hegemony.  Surrender Andrew Wiggin and Petra Arkanian now or you shall be destroyed.”, Michael said, “Petra?”, Petra said, “He’s ready sir!”, Michael said, “If you want them then come and get them!”, and he cut off communications.  The Challenger then fired both phasers and torpedoes as the dreadnought fired two beams one missing and the other ripped through the shields and went through the side of the forward left torpedo bank, destroying it and almost knocked the VerKa off balance as Ender was climbing the back of the ship’s neck.  The ship then repeatedly fired two beams at the Challenger and the majority hit the shields as two punched through.  One hit the forward left warp nacelle and the other hit below the saucer section on the right side between the neck and the bottom dome and Ender almost lost his balance as the ship shook.  The Challenger then began evasive maneuvers and Ender got up and quickly grabbed the cables as they appeared from the saucer section and another blast from the ship hit the right nacelle support structure.  


    The warship fired again and one shot hit the right side body below the torpedo deck and the other hit the top glass dome over the impulse engines but created bolts of light dancing around the structure and both the main lights and automation controls went out and Ender heard Michael say, “Ender it’s all up to you!  We are dead in the water here!”, Ender then pressed a couple of buttons and the Iron Defenders flew out of the hanger to the surprise of the maintenance crews and formed up behind Ender’s gundam as the commander of the long orange round warship stood up with a look of surprise and Ender yelled, “ATTACK!”, and they flew forward firing their repulsers, energy based rifles and bazookas as the long orange round warship revealed anti-air type energy batteries and fired as the Iron Defenders flew around dodging the blasts as they fired creating minor damage as the ship continued firing its main beam cannons and Ender pulled out his beam saber, jumped from the saucer section and Ender screamed as he came down and Lt. Tomaro yelled, “KILL HIM!”, and a Iron Defender with a bazooka appeared in front of them and fired a rocket to their surprised faces and the round smashed through the glass and exploded right in front of Tomaro, blowing him back as he screamed while part of the bridge was blown apart and Ender came down with his beam saber and swung it at the forward part of the ship incinerating the bridge and then the orange long ship exploded in a chain reaction towards the back.  After Ender and the Iron Defenders returned back to the ship Michael called the Talarians for help and they towed the Challenger back to Talar with tractor beams from four warships as Ender returned outside and pushed the ship from the back by the hanger bay.  When the damage was assessed Michael was told it could take a day by Arsenal and according to Crow they lost 20 crewmen with about 100 wounded.  With permission from the Talarians Michael was able to grant liberty on the planet as the ship was being repaired.

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