The Valkyrie Chronicles: To The Stars

Michael Valkyrie and the crew of the USS Challenger explore into the depths of the Alpha Quadrant far away from home into uncharted space.


4. 4

In sickbay Crow was working on his computer going over the data of the rock corpses of the people on both Kemen and Gemini 774 and as he looked at his screen one of the rock corpses was staring at him with solid black eyes and it screamed, “DIE FREAK!”, he fell back in his chair in shock and he saw the rock corpse reach out from the computer screen as if to choke him as it kept saying the words again screaming and Crow fell back on the floor with his hands up to block it but then it disappeared.  He then heard the sound of the door to sickbay smashed in and he looked up to see a M-800 machine raise its gatling guns up at him and Crow dived behind his desk as it fired but there was no damage to the office or his desk as Crow coward for cover.  As he noticed there was no damage he looked over his desk and sees the door still intact and no M-800 but he sees Carol standing there puzzled and she said, “Crow what are you doing?”, Crow looked confused as well till he saw the same door break in again and a dead rock Menthar grabbed Carol and yanked her out as Crow reached out screaming, “CAROL!”, till someone grabbed his side and he looked to see her beside him surprised and said, “I’m right here Crow, what’s going on?!”, he looked up to see the door was once again intact as if nothing has happened and Crow said to his shock, “I’m having hallucinations.  Secure sickbay, no one enters or leaves!  We may have an infection spreading!”, Carol still looked confused and said, “What are you talking about?  You only visited two planets and you said including the commander that there is no biohazard or know disease on the planet!”, Crow said, “I think we were wrong.”, on the bridge Michael was signing his log when Tu said, “Sir I have Nurse Carol on the line.  She says it’s urgent.”, Michael said, “Tie her audio to my console.”, and Carol spoke to him and told him what has happened and Michael called out to Gross, “Seal all decks!  Sound the biohazard alarm, and notify all crews to remain in their rooms or duty stations!  If there are any in the passageways tell them to get in the nearest rooms or stations and stay there!”, the bridge was immersed in orange light as Tu repeated the message on all decks through the intercom and the crew on all decks hurriedly ran about and quickly got into rooms and the sliding doors closed with sounds of locks echoing down the halls till the passageways were empty.  


    After a short while Carol spoke again on Michael’s console and said, “Sir I looked through my husband’s records and I completed a thorough examination with the patients in sickbay and it appears this virus is not airborne.”, Michael said, “Explain, and where’s the doctor?!”, Carol said, “I locked him in the isolation room.  So far no one is showing signs of hallucinations except Crow and he was part of the away team.”, Tu cut in and said, “Sir I am receiving reports from engineering that Arsenal is suffering from hallucinations and is coward in a corner of main engineering!”, Michael looked confused and said, “What?”, Tu said, “They are saying he is cowering in a corner and he seems terrified!”, Michael said, “Notify his wife and security and have him escorted to sickbay!  We can’t risk him getting angry and tearing this ship apart!”, he looked at the helm and saw Petra was manning the station and he said, “Where is Lt. Helm?!”, Ender flipped the Andorran (that is Lt. Helm) over his shoulder but then Helm grabbed one of his feet and tripped him.  He got up and tried to run away but Ender was up before him and they both had their hands out with Helm holding a small dagger and they both moved side to side till Helm lashed out his dagger at Ender as he dodged his lashes till he knocked it out of Helm’s hand and brought both his feet up and kicked Helm in the chest.  As Ender was getting up Helm grabbed the dagger and jumped on top of Ender and stabbed him into the left shoulder.  Ender yelped in pain but he then shoved Helm off and flew on his back before Ender tackled him back down and in one punch directly in the face Helm was knocked out.  Ender got up and had his hand around the dagger still in his left shoulder as blood ran out or soaked in his uniform and covered his hand as he pressed the call button and hailed the bridge and Michael said, “Ender where are you?!”, Ender said, “Deck five, just outside my quarters.  Helm attacked me as we were going in my quarters but I knocked him out.”, Helm screamed and leapt after him but Ender instinctively pulled out the dagger out of his shoulder and stabbed Helm in the forehead and he dropped to the floor.  Ender looked shocked as Michael kept calling his name and Ender said, “I killed him.  I killed Lt. Helm. How, how can I...”, and he slid down and fell to the floor.


    Ender was taken to sickbay to be treated for his shoulder wound as Crow and Arsenal were still in isolation.  Gross gave the coordinates to the nearby star system Dozaria that was also part of the Menthar Empire to Petra as she assumed the helm and as Gross read the documents the away team obtained in the last two planets more thoroughly she found out that the virus that infected them was airborne but is only indigenous to the planets they were on and any change to the atmosphere composition then the virus dies.  Once they reached the system an away team led by Gross were beamed down to the planet in Biohazard suits in what they believed was a medical facility and in their search they found the formula for the cure and some of the drugs they could use to make it.  Once the away team was beamed back aboard the Challenger left orbit and went to warp continuing their heading back towards Federation space.  During that time Carol was able to create the formula tirelessly with the helm of the Bio-lab and was able to cure both Crow and Arsenal with injections before Michael came down to see how they were doing as they were being medically cleared and said, “So doc how does it feel to be a patient?”, Crow said, “I won’t complain about my patients bedside manners ever again.”, and Michael and Carol both laughed and Michael said to Carol, “How is Ender doing?”, Carol said, “Remarkably he is doing fine let alone healing faster than a average person I’ve seen.”, Michael said, “May I see him?”, Carol said, “Of course.  As a matter of fact I plan on checking him out today.”, Michael looked a little surprised and looked in to see Ender just sitting up in bed looking at one of the monitors attached to the bed as he laid back till he saw Michael and said, “Captain...”, he started to get up till Michael put his hand out and said, “Don’t get up, you deserve some rest.”, he then walked up beside Ender as Carol continued her examination and said, “We are now in orbit in a planet in the Lamenda system so I think it’s time you should tell me about you and Petra.”, Ender looked puzzled and said, “Why?”, Michael said, “The nurse told me about how your body is healing faster than a average person and how you were able to somehow stab Helm through his skull in his forehead without breaking the blade or your hand.”, Ender sighed and Michael said, “Ender, you did promise me.”, and Ender looked up and said, “Yes sir, and I will tell you.”, and Ender told Michael everything from being recruited for Battle School, commanding Dragon Army, defeating the Formics and hiding the Hive Queen and leaving it all behind with Petra, Bean, Alai, Dink and Bernard and Michael said, “How come we only found you two?”, Ender said, “We were intercepted by one of my worst enemies.  My...”, the yellow alert goes off and Carol came in and said, “Captain they need you on the bridge immediately.”, and Michael left.

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