The Valkyrie Chronicles: To The Stars

Michael Valkyrie and the crew of the USS Challenger explore into the depths of the Alpha Quadrant far away from home into uncharted space.


1. 1

Once the Challenger left Federation territory they encountered a star system that was in their path and scanned the system to find no habitable planets and the science division would later label it the Xendi Sabu system.  They later made contact with the inhabitants on Azel and Arbazan before the Challenger reached orbit to a planet in the Alterac system.  Gross, Crow and two security personal materialized on the surface and Gross activated her scanner and said, “They are this way.”, and they walked up a rocky hill and Crow said, “I hope these people are as friendly as the last two we encountered.”, Gross said, “I’m sure they are.  They came from another system as well.”, Crow said, “Then explain to me why our ship is orbiting the other side of the planet and keeping our distance from them?”, Gross pointed and said, “There!”, and they looked to see a few people wearing suits making their way towards them and Gross called out, “My name is Commander Gross from the starship Challenger representing the Zhargosia Republic!”, four suited people came up to them and one of them said, “We represent the Breen Confederacy.  Come with us, now.”, Gross said, “Are you demanding us to come or inviting?”, Gross looked down and saw the Breen had their rifles down but were ready to bring them up and the Breen soldier said, “We insist.”, and Gross said, “Well why didn’t you say so!”, Breen soldier said, “Hand over your weapons.”, and Gross grabbed her phaser as she slipped a finger behind the holster and pressed a hidden button and she started handing over her phaser till all of a sudden  she and the landing party dematerialized as the Breen fired their phaser rifles at them but to no avail as the beams passed through them.  Michael sat and watched the main viewer on the bridge waiting for the away team to report as Chloe assumed the science station and she said, “I still don’t get why Trunks and Gohan didn’t want to come.”, Michael said, “They have problems at home they need to settle, but Gohan...”, Helm said, “Sir that ship is moving towards us, and are arming weapons!”, Tu, “Sir I’m also receiving a transmission from them directing at us!”, Michael said, “Shields up!  Put them on main viewer!”, the view screen then showed a masked face in a form of a gas mask with a green visor said, “This is Ga’tor of the Breen warship Shitora.  Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded.”, Michael said, “This is Captain Valkyrie of the starship Challenger.  We are on a mission of peace.  If you wish us to leave...”, Chu (navigation) said, “Sir they’re...”, the ship shook hard as everyone held to their stations and Ga’tor said, “Lower shields now!”, Michael said, “Over my dead body!”, Michael looked at Tu and waved his  hand in a sigh to cut off communications and the view screen changed to show the Breen warship in front of them in the distance and approaching as Michael said, “Fire torpedos!”, Chu pressed a button and two torpedo fired and hit the center of the Breen warship and before their eyes they watched as the ship exploded.


    The bridge crew looked either puzzled or shocked and Michael said, “I didn’t say destroy them Lt!”, Chu looked back shocked and said, “Sir I wasn’t trying!  I aimed where their main weapons array should have been!”, Gross appeared out of the turbo lift and relieved Chloe and said, “Sir I came face to face with them and they definitely do not intend to engage in peaceful relations.”, Chloe said, “By the looks of it, and scanning their ship, they are conquers.”, Michael said, “How ironic since they call themselves a confederacy.”, Gross said, “Looks like we need to learn more about them in order to understand.”, Michael said, “I agree, have the ship remain on yellow alert till further notice.”, Michael then pressed a button on his armrest and said, “Arsenal.”, Arsenal (voice), “Yes?”, Michael said, “I need you to find a way to hack into the Breen’s computer files using the information and transmission we have in our databases.  Can you do it?”, Arsenal made a grunting sound like he was thinking and said, “I’ll find something.”, Michael said, “Good.”, Michael then looked at Helm and said, “Proceed to the next system, warp factor 2.”, and Chloe rubbed him on the shoulders as Helm set the controls and the Challenger moved out of orbit at full impulse before it went into warp.  The Challenger was approaching the star system that was called Kalidar till Gross said, “Sir I detect three Breen warships in orbit at our next destination and are somehow able to track us!”, Michael said, “Red Alert!  Commander Wiggin report to the VerKa on the double and get on the saucer section!”, Gross and the others looked at him shocked and she said, “Sir it will tear the gundam apart!”, Michael said, “We have no choice!”, Ender boarded the VerKa in his space suit and the gundam powered up and Petra said, “Ender, you are not going to like this but you have to get out there now before the ship drops out of warp.”, Ender said, “Wait a minute!  You want me to walk out there when the ship is still in warp?!”, Petra (voice), “Yes.”, Ender yelped, “That’s suicide!”, Arsenal (voice), “Suit can take stress.  As long as you are against the hull.”, Petra (voice), “Ender we don’t have a lot of time!  Once we are out of warp we will be within weapons range of those three warships!”, Ender sighed and said, “Alright.”, the gundam walked towards the hanger doors and when they opened there was a gust of wind as air was sucked out and Ender sees the blue streaks around the outside of the ship as they are still in warp.


    The cockpit of the VerKa shuddered as Ender began climbing along the top of the main body on the VerKa’s belly and struggled to maintain a firm grip on the ship while trying to crawl forward at the same time.  He was then able to climb up the back of the neck but once on top of the saucer section the strain intensified.  The VerKa slipped and Ender yanked on the joystick of the right hand and the hand of the VerKa slammed hard on the hull digging the fingers deep and Petra yelped, “Ender you created a hull breach on the first two decks!”, Ender yelled, “Then you get up here and move this thing without being ripped apart!”, there was silence on the line and Ender continued onward crawling on the saucer section till he was behind the bridge.  He held tight till the ship suddenly dropped out of warp and Ender yanked on the controls and the VerKa whipped out its beam pistol and rapidly fired all six shots at the Breen warships before they had a chance to fire and they all exploded.  On the bridge everyone watched in amazement and Michael pressed a button on his armrest and said, “Good job Ender!  When we get back to Zhargosia remind me to promote you to Captain!”, silence and Michael said puzzled, “Ender?”, Ender sounded frightened and said, “I killed them.  I killed them all.”, Michael said to the side, “Damn it not now.” and pressed the comm button and said, “Ender you can pull out now.”, Gross said as she looked at her scanner, “I detect a base and a fuel depot on the surface.”, Michael said, “Do they know we’re here?!”, Gross said, “Their scanners are active but by the looks of it the debris and secondary explosions are blocking their sensors.  I advise we leave this system at once sir.”, Michael said, “Couldn’t agree with you more.”, the Challenger went into warp and when they came out they stopped behind the moon to the next habitable planet in the Adin Kel system as a Breen battleship orbited the planet.  The Breen battleship turned to confront the Challenger but once the ship came around the moon the VerKa went down to the kneeling position and aimed the beam rifle at the battleship and fired.  The shot flew and hit the rear of the battleship and the main engines exploded.  On the bridge everyone watched as the battleship slowed trailing sparks and light behind it till the ship came to a stop and Michael said, “Okay Arsenal start your magic.  Commander Wiggin report back to the ship, we can take it from here.”, the computers on the science station started lighting up and beeping and Gross said, “Sir we’re receiving information from the Breen warship’s databanks.”, Michael got up and said, “Good, take over commander.  If you need me I’ll be in the hanger bay.”, Gross said, “Yes sir.”, and Michael disappeared in the turbo lift.  The cockpit hatch opened from the VerKa and Ender exits with Petra standing outside waiting for him as he removed his helmet and she embraces him and says, “Are you okay?”, Ender said, “I’ll be fine.  It’s just...”, Michael said, “Everyone leave except Ender and Petra!”, Ender and Petra looked back to see Michael standing aside as the crews leave and he stands in front of Ender and Petra as the gangway hatch closes.


    The turbo lift door opened and Michael stepped back onto the bridge and assumed his seat and says, “Report.”, Gross said, “We downloaded the ship’s computer but the ship does not hold all the information and records of all the systems the Breen have explored.”, Michael said, “Then what do we do know?”, Gross said, “We have the coordinates of their homeworld and we can get all the information we need from there.”, silence as Michael just stared at her and said, “If that was a joke it wasn’t funny.”, Gross said, “It wasn’t sir, but it’s the only way we could learn everything about them.”, Michael said as he looked forward, “Helm, set course to Breen, maximum warp.”, Helm said, “Yes sir.”, and the Challenger went to warp.  On the trip to Breen they passed through the Nathrazim system where they stopped  as the crew prepared for the planet Breen before going back to warp.  Once the Challenger came out of warp behind the farthest planet in the system, the VerKa assumed the prone position to the left of the bridge on the saucer section and Gross said, “Sir we are in position and the Breen have not detected us.”, Michael said, “Good, tell Arsenal to begin the hack and make sure that the Breen does not detect him.”, Gross said, “Yes sir.”, they waited as Arsenal accessed the Breen Confederacy’s library till Chu said, “Sir I detect five Breen warships and two battleships approaching us!”, Michael said, “Don’t worry, Commander Wiggin will take care of them.”, they watched as a beam of light fired from their left as the VerKa fired its beam rifle and four of the warships were hit and electrical bolts danced about them as they floated in space while the rest continued towards them.  The red alert alarm goes off and Gross yelled, “Sir I detect three more battleships and another warship are approaching!”, Michael yelled, “Evasive maneuvers now!”, as the other Breen ships approached around the planet close to them the VerKa pulled out its beam pistol and rapidly fired blowing apart a battleship and as the blown debris flew towards them Ender pulled back to joysticks and pulled a lever and the VerKa quickly got up and grabbed the cables hooked on the port and starboard sides and held on as he fired his rockets as the ship continued forward and the ship dived just getting underneath the flying wreckage.  He then pulled the ship up and faced a warship at point blank range and he immediately dropped the right cable and fired his beam pistol directly at the ships bridge blowing the ship in two pieces as the bridge was vaporized and the large sections flew away at each side of the Challenger.


    A Breen battleship then started flying towards the Challenger on a kamikaze run behind the ship till Michael yelled, “Fire aft torpedos!”, the torpedos hit the battleship but it still kept coming and Ender pulled the joysticks to the right and slammed the pedals to the floor as the VerKa ran to the right and grabbed the cable and yanked the Challenger to port making a half circle and the Challenger fired its phasers and hit across the battleship’s hull till it reached the engines causing them to explode and the battleship hurled down to the planet below burning up in the atmosphere.  Michael yelled, “Helm maximum warp!  Ender get off the saucer!”, and the VerKa then charged towards the back of the saucer section and jumped and landed on the main body and grabbed the neck as the Challenger suddenly went to warp and the VerKa held on tight as the blue light sped past Ender’s gundam as he yelled while hanging on till the ship came out of warp and the VerKa staggered back in the hanger and Petra said, “Ender are you alright?”, Ender said, “I think I grew a few inches.”, on the bridge Gross looked down on her scanner and said, “We are clear sir.  Arsenal also reports that he has retrieved half the library of the Breen Confederacy.”, Michael said, “That’s good enough for me.  Do we know where the edge of their space is?”, Gross said, “Yes sir.”, Michael said, “Give Helm the coordinates to the edge of the system and assume the bridge.”, Michael got up and headed towards the turbo lift before the door closed.  The door to Michael’s quarters opened and he entered and saw Chloe lying on the side of the bed in her blue robe and smiled at him and said, “Been waiting for you.”, Michael said, “Good.”, and he pulled the straps on his red uniform jacket and opened it and said, “Now what should we do?”, she pressed a button next to the bed and the lights dimmed.  As the Challenger warped west to the edge of the Breen Confederacy the ship passed the Ru Hmet system where Michael was debriefed later that an O class planet there is a prison world where prisoners hunt down each other on live television and the Breens place bets on who lives and who dies and they charted the Tavnazian Nebula and made a temporary stop there to retrieve more data and collect some samples before resuming their journey till they reached the edge of what is known as the Hazor system and Gross said as she looked through her scanner, “Sir I detect a space station in orbit of the second planet in the system and about a dozen warships and battleships.”,  Michael said, “Is there a way around them?”, Gross said a few moments later, “If we run on full impulse behind the planets and moons on the direction I have laid out we should pass through undetected.”, Michael looked at the screen on his armrest and said, “Helm, lay in the course Commander Gross has laid out on full impulse.”, Helm said, “Yes sir.”, Michael said, “Tu, notify all stations that we are in silent mode.”, Tu said, “Yes sir.”, and the Challenger passed through the system using the dark sides of the uninhabited planets and moons for cover till they passed the system and resumed warp speed leaving the Breen Confederacy behind.

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