The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Wrath of The Mandarin

On a ordinary observation mission Michael Valkyrie, his family and friends would come to face a threat that only Chloe's sister would only be able to confront, but is she strong enough to defeat him?


9. 9

As Coulson spoke to Michael and Chloe an agent barged in and said, “Sir Carrie has been taken!”, Coulson said, “Taken, how?”, agent said, “According to the video cameras at the local drug store the people there surprised her and injected her with some instant sleeping medication and immediately gave her to the authorities in an unmarked van.”,  Coulson said, “Did you trace it?”, agent said, “Yes sir and we called the hospital where they have taken her but they denied she is there.”, Coulson said, “Did you show them the video?”, agent said, “Yes sir but they said we fabricated the video and they still say she is not there.”, Michael said, “Is Arsenal still here?”, agent said, “Our tracker shows he is still in his basement lab.”, Michael said, “But did you see him in his lab?”, silence.  A red 1958 Plymouth Fury with a V8 engine in the front sped down the darkened road and the car played “Hold Tight” by Beaky, Dave Dee, Dozy, Mick & Tich with Arsenal behind the wheel and looking pissed off and when the lights of the hospital came into view in the middle of the forested area Arsenal pulled back the gear shift and floored making the V8 roared.  Two police cars blocked the road and two of the officers stood in front of the vehicles wondering what the noise was and on the last note of the song Arsenal turned on the headlights of the V8 Plymouth Fury and in an instant and to the shock of the officers the Fury slammed/ran over them as the car also smashed both police cars to the sides.  The Fury then raced straight to the front entrance to the hospital, obliterating the water fountain in front and a security officer stood inside and fired straight through the glass doors and at the windshield only the windshield was bulletproof and the Fury smashed through the glass doors and the officer screamed as the car slammed headlong into the officer and the wall behind crushing the lower half of his body as he spat a large wad of blood all over the windshield and with the car still running Arsenal got out and walked calmly where Carrie was being held.  


    In the meantime Carrie was wearing a hospital gown and was strapped down on the bed in induced coma and the hospital orderly’s prepped her bed and with four security guards moved her out of the room and down the hallway as doctor’s, nurses and patients started evacuating the building.  Arsenal was able to access the cameras within the building and saw them moving Carrie and he found the mechanical room and kicked the door in to see a mechanic swinging a large wrench at him.  Arsenal caught the wrench and snapped the man’s arm as he screamed and kicked him back knocking off one of the panels covering the electrical connections and the mechanic yelled, “YOU’LL NEVER GET YOUR RETARDED GIRLFRIEND YOU FRE..”, but Arsenal grabbed his face and slammed the back of his head into the electrical circuits and sparks flew as he was being shocked and the electricity went out and Arsenal dropped the mechanic’s charred remains as the emergency light went on.  Arsenal continued watching as the orderly’s and security couldn’t get the doors open to the outside and began finding another route till in Arsenal’s main display he saw security guards in front of him with their guns raised and yelled, “HALT!”, and Arsenal transformed both his hands into gatling guns with shotguns in the middle.  Carrie was put in the ambulance and the security guards closed the doors and as the ambulance was pulling away the back doors of the hospital exploded knocking the guards down and as Arsenal walked out the guards were getting up drawing their guns but Arsenal fired a shotgun blast at each side hitting the guards in one blast each.  He saw the ambulance pulling away and he transformed his gatling guns to fire further with longer barrels and fired blowing both the rear tires and the ambulance continued to move forward but slower.  Orderly in the ambulance yelled, “KEEP DRIVING!”, then both the rear doors were ripped out by Arsenal’s right hand and he grabbed the end of the stretcher and pulled it out as the ambulance was driving away to the shock of the orderly’s.  Arsenal then ripped out the restraining straps and gas mask and carried Carrie back to the car as everyone was already out of the building and put her in the back seat as he sped away from the hospital just before the police arrived.  The Fury sped down the darkened road in the forest till the gates to the estate were in view and Arsenal saw in the distance a few police cars blocking the gates and officers behind them aiming their automatic rifles at him and he floored it starting up the V8 engine as it roared and the car went faster and as the officers fired the bullets bounced off the windshield and hood but broke the front lights and they continued to fire yelling as the Fury smashed through two police cars in its path and crushed the officers beneath its tires and the smashed police cars as the Fury sped into the estate with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents at the estate entrance with weapons drawn till Michael bursted out and yelled, “HOLD YOUR FIRE!”, and they kept their weapons trained on the Fury till it stopped in front of them and Arsenal came out and pulled out Carrie as she was still asleep and carried her inside with Michael behind him. 


    Michael watched as Arsenal carried Carrie to the medical room as Coulson approached him and said, “Mr. Valkyrie we must leave this estate today.”, Michael said, “Let me guess, Carrie’s rescue has made all those people outside want to force their way in and put our heads on a spike?”, Coulson said, “I don’t know about that last part but they do want to get in and at least detain you.”, Michael sighed and said, “Then we have no time to lose.”, the Challenger at first continued its orbit then it pulled away and proceeded at full impulse power towards the stars.  The turbo lift doors opened and Michael (in his red uniform) and Coulson stepped onto the bridge with Coulson looking around a little amazed and Michael sat in his chair and said,  “What’s the matter Coulson?  Never been on a starship before?”, Coulson said, “I have, but not on the bridge.”, Michael laughed and said, “Yes, it is enjoyable.  After awhile though you would be bored looking at the same bulkheads and computers.”, Coulson said, “I know that feeling, a little bit.”, Michael said, “You have the coordinates helm?”, helm said, “Yes sir.  Course plotted and laid in.”,  Michael said, “Ahead warp factor five.”, and the Challenger went into warp in a blue flash.


    On the far southern end of the galaxy that is unexplored a fleet of ships that was once under the command of Galactor sat at the edge of a star system with many more ships joining the fleet as Gabriel stood in a large room viewing the whole fleet in front of him and said, “Dr. DNA, your accomplishments with replenishing is greatly appreciated.”, a blonde white male in a light blue suit, white under shirt and red tie said, “Thank You Lord Valkyrie.”, Gabriel said, “Now I will do what my father has failed to do and conquer this area of space and avenge my father’s death by conquering this Federation.”, voice, “I have a personal score to settle as well.”, Gabriel and Dr. DNA looked back to see a large figure walked out of the darkness to reveal Satan.  Satan said, “Your brother had destroyed my planet and has defeated me twice.  I intend to defeat him and break every bone in his body for what he has done.”, Gabriel looked intimidated by his large height and said, “Don’t worry my big red friend.  We both have a score to settle, but I’ll leave his death to your hands after I have him watch his world destroyed.”, and Satan smiled.


    The Challenger was in orbit of Termina when Michael entered the conference room where Arsenal, Crow, Gross, Tu, Helm, Petra and Ender were waiting and sat and said, “I have new orders.  We are now assigned to deep space in the Alpha Quadrant.”, everyone either looked on edge or containing their excitement while Arsenal remained puzzled and said, “Why?”, Gross said, “Exploration, what else!”, Petra said, “For how long?”, Michael said, “A month, two the most.”, a chart then appeared in the wall panel behind and Michael stood up and pressed a couple of buttons and a line appeared from where they are and made a large circle around the quadrant that went south and back up where it ended at Zhargosia and said, “We are to explore as much as the quadrant as possible within this given path although if we are to make detours we are authorized to do so and we finish up exploring around the space of Zhargosia as they have already charted systems but have remained to be unexplored.”,  Arsenal said, “I installed cables on saucer section so VerKa can stand as ship moves rapidly.”, Michael said, “Excellent.  I hope you all are ready for this long mission.”, Petra said, “Of course we are, let’s go already!”, and they all laughed as Michael adjourned and they all resumed their stations as the Challenger flew out of orbit and went into warp.

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