The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Wrath of The Mandarin

On a ordinary observation mission Michael Valkyrie, his family and friends would come to face a threat that only Chloe's sister would only be able to confront, but is she strong enough to defeat him?


6. 6

Crow and his wife Carol were enjoying strolling around the decks of the cruise liner linked arm to arm and Crow said, “Not a bad vacation,," Carol said with no emotion, “at night.  This is too much light for me,," Crow said, “lets go inside then,," and they were making their way inside till some little boy said, “hey mommy!  Little planes!”, Crow and Carol looked to see five helicopters with news channel’s markings on their sides as they flew from the shore to the port side where they are at. Trunks stumbled up as did Coldblood when he stepped outside as Arsenal carried Michael’s unconscious body as Carrie stood looking around and then they heard The Mandarin’s voice, “You think you can defeat me so easily?  You don’t know who I am.," the five helicopters approached the liner in almost perfect line formation and Crow and Carol knew something was odd as the pilots of the helicopters showed no expression and they saw the sides of the hells opened downwards revealing machine-guns and missiles as The Mandarin finished saying, “you'll never see me coming,," and the helicopters fired.  Crow and Carol were able to dodge the fire just in time by ducking inside as bullets and missiles rained all along the port side in the area where they were at and continued to fire all along the side of the large cruise liner killing the passengers and crewmen in the wake of destruction of gatling gun bullets and exploding missiles.  Crow held onto Carol tightly in his arms as she shivered as people screamed all around them and outside as gatling gun bullets whizzed by.  Carol screamed, “Why are they shooting?”, Crow yelled, “I have no idea!”, two fighter jets then flew from the shore and a pilot said, “Goose 1 to Goose 2 I have the targets in sight.”, Goose 2 pilot, “Copy Goose 1, fire missiles.”, both jets fired two missiles and they flew and struck four of the five helps causing three to explode while another just had its tail rotor blown and it flew in circles till it struck the other helo and they both exploded. 


    Michael woke up and saw Chloe sitting beside him in bed and said, “What happened?”, voice, “You slammed your head into a brick wall hard head.”, Michael sat up and saw Coldblood leaning on the doorway chewing gum and Michael looked perplexed and said, “Gum?”, Coldblood said, “Yeah, is that a problem?”, Michael said, “No, just don’t imagine you chewing gum.”, Coldblood said, “Like you singing and dancing in front of someone that could kill you in one punch?”, Michael sighed and said, “Oh come on man!”, Chloe said, “I saw it too, and I have to admit you need a little work.”, Michael fell back on the inclined bed and sighed as Chloe giggled and Michael said, “Seriously what happened?”, Coldblood said, “Arsenal killed Red Hulk and The Mandarin escaped after Carrie put him in the hurt locker.”, Michael said disappointingly, “Great.”, Coldblood said, “Unfortunately that’s not all.  Apparently The Mandarin has the power to influence people at his will and had five helicopters that were part of the press to fire on the cruise liner Crow and Carol were on,," Michael started getting up till Chloe put a hand on his chest and said, “They’re fine,," and he sat back as Coldblood continued, “they are except 78 passengers and crew are dead and 112 wounded.  Plus the airliner that was carrying the country’s Vice President was shot down and a large movie theater out west was bombed with no traces of the bomber or detonator.”, as Coldblood was talking Michael was able to access the media files and found footage showing an airliner that looked like Air Force One exploded from within in midair as it flew in high altitude above the beach next to a major city and he watched the video of the bombing of the Ambassador Theater where the news said 15 are confirmed dead with 22 wounded when he saw Agent Coulson entered the room and said, “Good you’re awake.  Are you fit to talk?”, Michael said, “Fire away Coulson.”, he was about to speak till Michael said, “But if it’s about me dealing with Arsenal, skip it.”, Coulson said, “That was something I was going to bring up but I want to tell you we believe where The Mandarin is heading next.”, Michael bolted upright and said, “Spill it!”, Coulson, “He is still out west and we believe he is going to explode a container ship carrying military weapons and set off a chain reaction that will destroy the dock and the ones adjacent to shut down the harbor.”, Michael immediately got up and said, “Then lets stop him before he does it!”, Chloe tried holding him back and said, “No, you just woke up from a concussion the last time you fought him!”, Michael said, “Honey this is our only chance to stop him and Coulson and Coldblood are going to need all the help they can get to stop him!  Am I right?”, Coulson said, “That’s correct.  Your friends Trunks, Gohan, Carrie and Arsenal are standing by but we will have our eyes on Arsenal in case he flips out again.”, Coldblood says, “Thanks for volunteering me to moron.”, Chloe said, “Well if you are going Michael then so am I.”, Michael said, “Chloe...”, Chloe interrupted, “At least I didn’t have a concussion and like you said you are going to need all the help you can get.”, Michael sighed and said, “Fine.” and they left the medical room.

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