The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Wrath of The Mandarin

On a ordinary observation mission Michael Valkyrie, his family and friends would come to face a threat that only Chloe's sister would only be able to confront, but is she strong enough to defeat him?


3. 3

The next morning Carol came down looking depressed while Crow limped down and sat with his legs open.  Chloe tried to keep herself from laughing as everyone else looked at each other curiously, Kurt said, “Crow, why...," Crow just gave him a glaring stare and Chloe’s face started turning red and gave a laugh as she saw Michael’s face begging her not to laugh.  Michael said, “I think it is better if Crow and Carol take a nice vacation and spend more time with others besides us,," Crow said, “but I just started working not a few days ago!”, Michael said, “Don’t worry I’ll tell Starfleet Command and they’ll think of an excuse.  You too just enjoy yourselves in the Bahamas.”, Carol said, “Bahamas?!”, Michael said, “I have the tickets, you two just start getting packed up.”, Carol said, “Groovy!”, and she left without eating leaving Crow somewhat confused, Crow said, “What about her transformation?”, Michael said, “All the night shows are inside the ship on your cruise so don’t worry about the moon.  As long as she doesn’t look out any portholes or just go straight out on the decks.”, Crow said, “Just how long do you plan on us being out?”, Michael said, “Ohh, I say, two weeks.”, Crow nodded approvingly, Crow said, “Okay, but don’t touch anything in our room.”, Michael said, “Don’t worry, I won’t.”, then his hand appeared from beneath the table with his fingers crossed and he gave a fake yelp as he pulled his hand down and everyone laughed.  When they left all everyone’s activities were normal throughout almost two weeks.  Carrie went down the stone steps to the large cave like basement and found Arsenal welding pieces of robotic endoskeleton metal together as Carrie nervously approached him from behind and stood back as she watched him weld finding difficult to speak till Arsenal stopped and looked back raising his shield from his face, Arsenal said, “Yes?”, Carrie nervously said, “I know you are busy, but, could you help me find a dress for a party I have been invited?”, Arsenal said, “Party?”, Carrie said, “One of my friends from school invited me.  I didn’t want to tell you because he wanted me to go out with him,," she embraced for Arsenal’s denial but he said, “yes.  I would help.  For your friend,," and he did not look angry or upset, Carrie said, “Are you all right with me going out with him?”, Arsenal, “If you want to do this, and he is your friend, then I will help to keep you happy,," Carrie smirked shyly and said, “thank You,," Arsenal groaned and smiled.


    The last few days she went to a dress shop to find the right dress for the party and Arsenal came to help her and when she found the right one Arsenal paid for the material and making supplies and she told him she would make it herself because she wants to surprise him.  When the day came Chloe and Petra were dressed up and were going to the same party as well and waited till Carrie appeared with a bright pink dress on top of the stairs as Arsenal and the others waited downstairs and looked up and saw her with amazement.  Chloe said, “Carrie, your dress is beautiful!”, and Carrie looked down and blushed as Arsenal smiled and groaned with happiness.  Arsenal then took her hand and escorted her to the door as she still looked down, Arsenal said, “You are, beautiful.  Don’t be ashamed,," she then looked up at him, Arsenal said, “I, love, that dress.  As I, love, you,," she then got up to her toes and hugged him as she kissed him.  Once they were all outside a white limo was already waiting for them with Ender and the other two dates stood outside waiting for them in tuxedos, Michael said, “Honey I am now leaving you in charge with your sister and Petra.”, Chloe said, “I’ll keep an eye on them but I’m sure they can take care of themselves.”, Michael said, “I know but at least watch your sister from time to time.  For some odd reason all the girls at her school are acting SO nice to her,," Chloe said, “All right, but I don’t anything bad will happen tonight,," they got in the limo except Ender when Michael stood by him, Michael whispered, “Keep your eyes sharp.  This is your first party and I’m sure the older students will pull some kind of prank,," Ender whispered, “yes sir, I understand.  I been through these kind of situations before and me and Petra will keep a sharp eye out,," and Michael patted Ender on the back before he got in and the limo drove off.  A man in a suit appeared behind Michael and spoke making Michael turned to him, “Mr. Valkyrie I’m Agent Coulson from S. H. I. E. L. D.  may we speak in private,," Michael said with his arms out, “by all means,," and they all walked inside except Arsenal stepped off to the side and crept away as they talked.  Michael said, “I have heard of you guys from reports from Starfleet.  So are you guys branching out from your planet?”, Coulson said, “After recent events we decided to expand our resources and yes branching out.”, Michael said, “And what brings you here to this planet where Starfleet allowed only us here as this world is quarantined?”, Coulson said, “Starfleet allowed selected agents to this planet to observe you in case you run into trouble, and that is why I am assigning an agent to you.”, Michael then looked curious and put an arm around his shoulder as Coulson looked a little uncomfortable and Michael said, “Really?  Well, lets see who it is!”, and they walked to an adjacent room to the right of the front doors and a cyborg like man stood waiting as he turned to look at them.  Coulson said, “This is Agent Coldblood, he will be assigned to protection detail...”, Coldblood said, “You mean babysitter.”, Michael took his arm off Coulson and looked even more interested, Michael said, “Whoah, another cyborg?”, Coldblood grunted in anger, Michael said, “Awesome!”, and Michael acted cool and grabbed Coldblood’s hand and shook it making Coldblood tense up and said, “Damn you got a firm grip.”, Michael said, “Just want to see if you are not a fake cyborg, but you’re not.  Yep, we are going to be best of buddies!”, and he slapped him on the left shoulder as he turned back to Coulson while Coldblood looked somewhat confused while fascinated at the same time.


    Once Carrie, Chloe and Petra arrived at the school gym (where the party was being held) they all got out and went inside while Carrie was nervous the entire time as her prom date escorted her.  Arsenal drove up in a motorcycle out back and climbed up a ladder to the roof even as the metal ladder squeaked and the handle bars bend down almost to a “v” as he climbed up and looked down and grunted as he scratched his head, rolled his shoulders and moved to the viewing ceiling windows.  He watched as Carrie was sitting at a table with her date and then got up to dance (at the urge of her date) and she first looked nervous and then she calmed down and made a quick kiss on his cheek before her date said something that Arsenal was unable to interpret and she held her date for comfort as they danced slowly as Arsenal watched with a smirk on his face.  He watched as they sat back down and notices they were all casting ballots but he notices on the side once the ballots were taken they were switched as the girl that was taking them was kissing a boy and she dropped them on the floor and a hand appeared from beneath a table and replaced them before she got back down and picked them up and Arsenal knows something is not right.  He continued watching as they read the ballots and a middle aged man came to the stage and said something and he saw Carrie and her date got up to people either cheering or clapping and they were walking up to the stage as people including Chloe and Petra congratulated them.  His scanning system beeped and flashed to the left hand corner of his view and he enhanced the image in his sight and saw two teenagers loading what he detects water in a water gun as Carrie and her date walked up to the stage.  Arsenal looked around and found a fire escape and he ran up and tore the hatch off as he tried to pull it open and he slide down with the yelling of the crowd masking the sound of metal squeaking till he reached the bottom.  He then starts shoving people out of the way as he made his way to the stage and people were looking behind to see what the ruckus was about and they, including Petra, Chloe and Ender saw it was Arsenal and Carrie looked nervous and confused till one of the teenagers pulled out the water gun only Arsenal was able to jump up on the stage and shove Carrie away as the teenager shot a fountain of water on his front and he grabbed and tore the water gun from the teen boy’s hands and swung it shattering the water gun and knocking the teenager to the floor not moving.  There were gasps as Arsenal watched and he heard a rustle above and an alarm went off in his display and pointed up and as he looked a splash of what his display detects more water falling down and the water splashed right on his face and all over his upper torso while inside his body the water ran down his throat and hit his internal systems causing multiple sparks but died out as they were flooded.

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