The Valkyrie Chronicles: Rivals

Michael now must face off with one of his greatest enemies (Satan) while he also faces off with the people he has been waiting for, his father (Galactor) and his brother (Gabriel), with the help of both his family, friends and Zhargosia and the Federation.


9. 9

The Challenger appeared out of warp and rendezvous with a large fleet of various starships with a star base 375 type station in orbit around a green planet with the starships either maintaining orbit or sat out in space.  Michael, “Give us a wide birth from the rest of the fleet.  We don’t want to be clustered with a large group.”, helm, “Aye sir.”, Tu, “Sir I have a transmission from Starbase 123 that Admiral Grosh is having a meeting with all the ships captains in five minutes.”, Michael left his seat and proceeded to the turbo lift, Michael, “Gross you have the bridge.”, Gross, “Aye sir.”, and the turbo lift door closed.  The Challenger maintained position away from the rest of the fleet but with a Federation class starship holding position off the port aft.  Michael, Gross, Arsenal, Crow and the rest of the department heads entered the conference room with a viewing window in the back showing the right warp nacle and space beyond as they sat.  Michael, “I had a meeting with Admiral Grosh and he...”, the boy and girl from the emergency pod came in still in their blue uniforms taking Michael by surprise as they sat before him, girl, “Sorry if we are late, we haven’t been in a ship like this before.”, Michael, “Would you mind introduce yourselves cause we looked on the Starfleet and Zhargosia database and there is no record of you both anywhere.”, girl, “My name is Petra Arkanian, this is Andrew Wiggin but you may call him Ender.”, silence, Ender, “I guess you have not heard about what I have done.”, Petra (looked at him), “Ender stop punishing yourself, you had no idea...”, Ender, “But I should have instead of killing them all and destroying their planet!”, Michael and the others looked a little surprised and stiffened, Michael, “Uh would you mind explaining about killing them and destroying a planet?”, Petra, “Our home was under the threat of the Formics and Ender led me and four others to defeat them and we ended up destroying their home planet to defeat them as it was our only option.”, Ender, “It...”, Michael, “Let’s talk about the rest of it later.  Doctor are they cleared to attend this meeting?”, Crow, “They are, plus according to reports from security they don’t have anything or are not considered dangerous except for a small wrapped package that looked like an egg or...”, Ender immediately stood up, Ender, “Where is she?!  I need her back!”, Michael and the others looked confused, Michael, “Explain the she and what is it.”, Ender, “It is the Hive Queen in her larva state and she is entrusted to me to rebuild their race as she is the only one left!”, Michael, “Then the Hive Queen should be given to Starfleet Command so they can take care of her till she is born.”, Ender, “No you don’t understand!  I am entrusted to her to find her a new planet to call home cause once she is born and breeds she lays over a hundred Formics at a time and the planet has to be habitable and abandoned in order for them not to find other worlds because their home is overcrowded.”, Crow, “The Hive Queen is now in the hands with the Biolab examining it.”, Michael, “Once they scan it and if they confirm what you say is true then we will return it to you.”, Ender, “Thank You sir.”, Michael (annoyed), “Now if I can go on with this meeting.”, Ender sat apologetically, Michael, “I had a meeting with Admiral Grosh and right now there are 54 starships both Federation and Zhargosia that have assembled including us.”, low whistle sound, Michael, “Yeah, that’s a lot of eggs in one basket but there are over a hundred ships varying from light cruisers to battleships that are poised to strike the Talos star group and two other nearby systems that would put Galactor and Gabriel in the position to strike the densely populated star systems within the Federation.”  Gross, “With al due respect sir but how are 54 starships suppose to compete against a hundred plus ships either equal or more powerful than us?”, Michael, “That’s exactly what one of the captain’s brought up and the admiral said we are not going to wait and strike them head on, we are going to strike first and with mobile suits and Iron Defenders attached to each ship.”, Michael went into further detail and once the meeting was over with they were dismissed.


    Arsenal remained behind with Ender and Petra as Michael stayed, Michael, “This better not be another complaint.”, Arsenal, “Found pilot for VerKa.  Ender and Petra.”, Michael, “So you two have piloted mobile suits before?”, Ender and Petra looked a little embarrassed, Petra, “Not pilot but we commanded large groups of fighters and won every simulation and the one battle.”, Michael (frustrated), “Then it sounds you are only qualified to command the Iron Defenders!”, Arsenal, “Able to access the pod’s computer and find brief history of both.  Ender is qualified to pilot once taught.”, Petra (confused), “Excuse me but what did you say?”, Michael, “Don’t worry he has a speech problem and can’t talk long sentences.  He said Ender is qualified to be taught how to pilot the VerKa.”, Ender, “I am not going to kill again!”, Petra, “Ender...”, Michael, “Boy you may not know this but we are on the verge of war if not annillation and I was once one of them.  The people that are invading have a strong devotion to due as they are told and they would not hesitate to kill if given the order.  So if you have a conscious for these people and believe they can be reasoned with you are dead wrong.”, Ender, “But I do not want to become my brother.”, Petra, “Ender this is different.  He hurts people just for enjoyment, you are doing this to stop these people that are like Peter.  Please Ender, do it.  If not for them, then for me.”, she held his hands and turned to face him, Petra, “Please Ender.”, silence as he looked down then faced Michael with confidence, Ender, “Captain, I will pilot the VerKa.”, once Michael left he went straight to his cabin and found Chloe sitting up on the bed playing a game on a portable player as Michael changed, Michael, “You look rather calm.”, silence except gaming noise from the player, Michael, “Are you worried about Galactor and Gabriel?”, still silence, Michael, “Maybe I should ask Petra out on a date.  I’m sure she won’t mind if I stayed in her quarters for tonight.”, Chloe looked up at him dumbfounded, Chloe, “What?”, Michael roared with laughter, Michael, “You must love that game you are playing.”, Chloe, “Oh, yeah it’s addicting.”, and she continued playing, Michael, “Let’s play another game.”, and he tackled her down on the bed as she laughed.


    A beeping alarm went off and Michael hit the same box button, Michael, “Yes.”, Gross (voice), “Sir, it’s time.”, and Michael and Chloe got up without a fuss and got dressed.  The Challenger moved at full impulse from its position with the Federation class starship following behind as they joined the rest of the armada of various starships, Gross, “Sir all stations are on yellow alert and manned and ready.”, helm, “Coordinates locked in and warp power at your command.”, Michael, “Standby.”, they watched the view screen as they followed the rest of the fleet ahead of them, Tu, “Sir Admiral Grosh orders warp 6.”, they watched as the ships ahead of them went to warp till the space ahead of them started to clear, Michael, “Ahead warp factor 6.”, as the remaining ships started warping the Challenger flashed ahead in a blue streak.  Ender manned the VerKa in a white jumpsuit and helmet as Petra helped strap him in, Petra, “Are you sure you don’t want me to pilot this?”, Ender just looked at her and tightened his harness, Petra, “Just asking.”, she left as the hatch started to close and the lights and computer systems turned on before him, Petra (voice), “Ender I will monitor your systems and call out any targets or enemy ships or aircraft that try to slip past.”, Ender, “Cool, just don’t act like a backseat driver.”, and they both laughed.


    The hanger bay lights changed to red and there was a klaxon alarm, Michael (voice), “Red alert!  VerKa prepare for launch once out of warp!”, the gundam locked its feet on the catapult and crouched waiting till there was a sudden jolt and the doors opened, Petra (voice), “VerKa launch!”, and the gundam flew out and once outside Ender maneuvered the VerKa back and landed on top of the body of the Challenger and climbed up the neck.  Ender looked ahead and saw various ships ahead (that look like the Imperium of Man starships) that he saw on his display are labeled enemies and they sat ahead facing them as if they were expected.  Petra (voice), “Mobile suits from the other ships and Iron Defenders are out and they are at your command.”, Ender (surprised), “Me?”, Petra (voice), “Arsenal said this suit is also built to command other mobile suits and Iron Defenders at your command.  Lets show them what Battle School has taught us Endy!”, the VerKa then got on top of the saucer section and made its way to the port side of the bridge, Petra (voice), “I advise you should start by firing your beam rifle lying down till we get close.”, Ender, “Copy.”, he got in position and took aim at the vessel in front of the Challenger, Michael (voice), “Mr. Wiggin this is Captain Valkyrie, the operation begins at your command.”, Ender was a little stunned but his radar beeped as enemy mobile suits started heading towards him and Ender saw them that looked like medieval knights with energy rifles.  Ender quickly inputted a command to all mobile suits and Iron Defenders to fire one salvo, Ender, “Fire!”, after the first salvo was fired blasting apart many mobile suits and damaging ships the mobile suits, Iron Defenders and Federation starships attacked.  The Challenger flanked by two other starships moved between two Firestone like type ships only they opened up and more mobile medieval suits sprang out and fired a barrage of laser fire at the ships, Petra (voice), “Hand to hand!”, Ender immediately jumped up from his position and pulled out his beam saber as the suits started to charge after him and he swung slicing two suits apart.  


    One of the starships was able to pull out but the other tried to fight them off but was striped apart and the Challenger passed through the gauntlet as the shields took a beating.  Michael held onto his chair as was everybody else on the bridge as the ship jerked and shook from the hits, Michael, “Where’s Galactor?!”, Gross, “On the planet sir!  Want to arrange a away team?!”, Michael, “No I want to just sit here, of course I want to arrange a away team!  Only I am going!”, the Challenger came out of the barrage firing phasers and torpedoes everywhere and even using tractor beams to throw the medieval mobile suits at their ships or other suits.  Then out of nowhere the rebuilt Gundam Epyon appeared right in front of the bridge with his whip and Michael and the others looked shocked as it raised its whip till it was blitzed from the left side by the Iron Giant, Michael, “That’s the second time I’ve seen him!  Who the hell is that?!”, before the Epyon could get up the Iron Giant grabbed him, spun him around, and threw him out into space before flying out after him.  Michael, “Whoever or whatever he is we are grateful except ENDER!”, the medieval suits kept firing or flying after the VerKa and Ender either sliced them apart or punched and kicked them away.  He then grabbed one and flipped over its shoulders before throwing its body at another in space then grabbing another’s arm, flipped it over on the deck and planted the VerKa’s foot on its face crushing it, Ender, “I’m a little busy at the moment!”, and the Challenger was just able to reach the orbit of the conquered planet.  Michael, “You have the bridge commander!”, and Michael ran to the turbo lift before Gross or anyone else could respond.  On the surface in front of a large palace like building Michael, Arsenal, Carrie, Ryok and the Green Comet materialized but saw they were surrounded by soldiers in robe/armor garb with swords drawn and the Mandarin stood next to Galactor at the top of the steps, Michael, “I guess they are able to block scanners or create a fake signal after all.”, Galactor, “I guess Gabriel couldn’t handle one ship with all the power I gave him.  No matter, both disappointments of my family are dead anyways.  Kill them!”, Carrie outstretched both her arms and she rose from the ground and various objects on the surrounding landscape were thrown at the Mandarin including some nearby buildings were blown apart and the debris were thrown as well as the Mandarin either dodged them or used his powers and were either diflected away or were blown apart.  Arsenal activated his mini guns and small rockets attached to his back and fired on the surrounding soldiers while roaring with delight.


    The surrounding area was riddled with bullets and explosions (even blowing up buildings and causing some to collapse) like it was a war zone and the Green Comet fought against those that tried to approach Arsenal stabbing and slicing through their thick armor as Michael and Ryok dodged low to miss the firing from Arsenal, Michael, “GALACTOR!”, Galactor continued walking inside as Michael (wearing a dark purple uniform) and Ryok gave chase till they are both inside and Michael drew his sword while Ryok pulled out a smaller version and Michael looked at the side at her and the sword, Michael (sarcastically), “Really?”, Ryok, “Shut up.”, Galactor (smirked), “I guess I will have to get rid of both of you myself.  This should not be hard.”, and he drew and flashed forward and engaged both of them in combat.  In space the Challenger fired upon three Firestone type ships as Ender fired his beam rifle in the prone position and the ships blew apart but not until they unloaded their mobile suit forces and Ender and the Challenger fired at point blank range but they still kept coming and more appeared and Ender got up and pulled his beam saber but when they were almost on top of them the mobile suits were blown away from behind Ender, Gross, “What was that?!”, helm, “Ma’m 38 contacts approaching from behind!”, Tu, “Ma’m I have a King Vegeta on the line from one of those ships!”, Gross, “On viewer!”, the view screen showed Vegeta in his royal saiyan garb sitting on a dark command chair, Vegeta, “This is King Vegeta, leader of the Neo-Saiyans from Archanis.  We are here to assist you from these vermins.”, Gross, “Thank you, we...”, Vegeta, “We will take care of these pests on the planet surface and keep their vessels away.  Just let us be!  King Vegeta out.”, outside Ender watched as 38 ships that looked like B’Rel class klingon bird of prey ships fly over them and people in saiyan uniforms flew out from the bottoms of the ships towards the planet wearing breathing masks just over their mouths and noses.

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