The Valkyrie Chronicles: Rivals

Michael now must face off with one of his greatest enemies (Satan) while he also faces off with the people he has been waiting for, his father (Galactor) and his brother (Gabriel), with the help of both his family, friends and Zhargosia and the Federation.


7. 7

On the ground Sprite and the others fought ferociously with Arsenal from time to time grabbing one or more minions and throwing them away like softballs or smashed them on the ground or at each other when they heard a sonic boom and they all looked up to see the Exodus bearing down towards Satan’s Palace with Hell’s Gate behind it in flames or smoking.  Satan watched in horror as he saw and heard with his sensitive hearing Captain Michaels screaming with anger, Michaels, “DEATH TO SATAN!”, the Iron Giant then transformed back to normal and flew scooping up Sprite, Arsenal and the security teams out of the courtyard and to the side just in time as the ship crashed nose first into the courtyard cleaning a path from Satan’s minions.  This wrath of destruction caused tremendous explosions as the warp nacules were crushed beneath the ship and created to large explosions on the sides making waves of flames and plasma that wiped out dozens of Satan’s minions as Satan watched in shock and anger till he saw the ship was closing in on him, Satan, “OH SHIT!”, and he tried running away as the wrath of destruction still continued that Satan’s Palace was smashed thru by the saucer section that the palace was just obliterated as the saucer section appeared out of the smoke and debris as it kept moving until it stopped just at the foot of Hell’s Gate.  From the smoking wreckage a large column and some rocks fell away as someone grunted and Satan stepped out and brushed himself from debris, Satan, “That fool.  He should know that he can’t kill me.”,  he then looks around and sees the path of destruction and his dead minions and he grew with rage, Satan, “THAT SON OF A BITCH!”, he then looked over and sees the two pronged column Hell Gate is still intact and sighs and smiles with relief, Satan, “At least he was kind enough to be a little short and spare me my ultimate weapon.”, he walks up to it and laughs as a black hole with smoke surrounding it appeared and started to grow bigger creating a lightening storm overhead and some wind.  Green Comet, Arsenal, and the others stood to watch but knew it was too late as they were too far, Satan (yelling over the lightening and wind), “It has come!  The Age of the Apoclypse, and this galaxy will be mine!”, then a rock struck him in the back of the head and he cried out in pain causing the storm to subside but still left a black hole about his height, Satan, ‘WHO DID THAT?!”, and as he looked back he sees Michael in his red uniform holding his phaser, Michael, “Only way to get attention through that thick head of yours.”, Satan laughed, Satan, “It is too late.  You lost, I won and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”, Michael (crossed his arms), “Really?”, there was a dull mechanical thump sound and a anti-matter pod from beneath the Exodus’s rear fell through what was a viewing floor in Satan’s Palace and fell into the black abyss till there was a small flash and a distant explosion occurred before the planet began to shake.  Satan (shocked), “What have you done?!”, Michael, “The planet’s core is now destabilizing thanks to your viewing floor in your palace.”, Satan (face grew redder with rage and eyes turned solid red), “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!”, but before he could step forward Abby appeared from behind on his back and bite him in the neck.


    Abby feasted on the side of his neck as Satan was screaming and withering in pain as he stood.  He then tried to get Abby off but she is grabbing hold to him and she tried to feast her way up the right side of his face but then he used both of his hands and grabbed her head and tried to crush her skull.  Abby then let go crying out in pain and Satan threw her at Michael knocking him down.  Michael then held Abby in his arms, Michael, “Abby are you okay?!  Abby!”, she moaned as he held her head and laid her down.  With blood running down the right side of his body Satan felt his neck and grunted as he felt the bite marks and torn flesh before looking at his bloody hand and the wound started healing itself and he laughed.  Satan, “You think biting me is going to kill me?  Your wrong.  My body regenerates itself quickly plus I am already a vampire in a sense and the only way your daughter is to turn back to normal is to drink my...”, he stopped as he looked at Abby and watches as her fangs disappeared and her vampire form vanished as well.  Satan, “NOOOOOO!”, and a ball of fire formed in Satan’s hand but before he could throw it Michael (in a flash) speared Satan in the chest with his head and Satan flew back and into the black hole in Hell’s Gate, Satan, “NOOOOOOO!”, and his form grew smaller and smaller till it disappeared and Michael crawled backwards fast and covered his face as Hell’s Gate exploded sending rocks and debris everywhere.  The ground started shaking more and the mountains and surroundings either exploded or fell within the planet and Michael got up and made his way to Abby and watched as Sprite and the others dematerialized before he pulled out his communicator, Michael, “Transporter room beam us out of here!”, and he and Abby dematerialized just before the ground beneath them fell in.  The Challenger and the rest of the fleet flew out of orbit as the planet started  erupting with lava and various volcanic debris.  Michael then rushed out of the turbo lift, Michael, “Status!”, Gross, “Everyone present and accounted for!  The rest of the fleet also warped out of the system!”, helm (as Michael sat in the command chair), “Sir warp power is back online!”, Michael, “Go Sul!”, the Challenger then went to warp leaving a pale blue and red streak just as the planet started lighting bright red spots before the planet exploded.

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