The Valkyrie Chronicles: Rivals

Michael now must face off with one of his greatest enemies (Satan) while he also faces off with the people he has been waiting for, his father (Galactor) and his brother (Gabriel), with the help of both his family, friends and Zhargosia and the Federation.


5. 5

As they rematerialized Arsenal was waiting for Michael as he stepped out the transporter room, Michael, “Do you know anyone that can pilot that Gundam?”, Arsenal, “No yet.  I am developing a suit that is smaller.”, Michael, “Better be done before we reach Hell.”, as he walked away Arsenal looked at him nervously.  The Challenger turned back from the red planet and went to warp.  During the journey to their destination Michael trained Chloe how to fight both judo and martial arts as well as knife fighting.  Since they started it was a standoff as she was able to judo throw him over her shoulders and flipped her way around him or over his shoulders to pin him and force him to give up and in the end surprised him.  As they fought they had the training room all to themselves as they went at each other with fake knives and as they fought they dodged each other’s blows till Chloe threw the fake knife at him and while he blocked she went around and pulled his arms back as well as crossing her legs and she bite his hand and he yelped as he dropped the fake knife.  She then shifted her body and threw him over with his back hitting the floor and she was on top pinning his arms down, Michael, “That hurt.”, and she kissed him, Chloe, “Is that better?”, Michael (smiled), “Maybe a little more.”, she smiled and they kissed and made love.  They went back to their quarters and showered together and started making love again till the computer beeped, Chloe, “FUCK!”, Michael looked a little shocked, Michael, “Now don’t get your panties in a bunch sweetheart.”, he got out and quickly dried out before hitting the audio button on the video panel, Michael, “Valkyrie here.”, comms (voice), “Sir I just want to report that fourteen ships await our arrival in thirty minutes.”, Michael, “Excellent, I’ll be up in half an hour Valkyrie out.”, he then looked back over and saw Chloe with her head out still waiting in the shower, Chloe, “Half hour?”, Michael, “We can do it.”, and he quickly came back in and closed the shower door as Chloe laughed and they made love.


    The Challenger approached two Reliant, four Metaluna, two Venture Star and six Africa like starships holding positions in the middle of space.  As the Challenger approached the group Michael and the others on the bridge sat as they watched as the ship approached the main group, helm, “Sir we are in position.”, comms, “Sir the captains are awaiting to be beamed aboard.”, Michael, “Excellent to you both.  Have the captains of the ships beamed aboard and escort them to the conference room.”, comms, “Aye sir.”, and Michael left his seat and proceeded to the turbo lift.  As the Challenger sat in the middle of the starship group Michael discussed the plan to the other captain’s on the 3D display table in the conference room and told them that they are going to launch a full scale assault on the planet and they will proceed together in a circle formation while Michael and a fully armed away team land on the planet and deal with Satan and if it proves to be futile then the Challenger will fire an anti-matter torpedo to the planet and destroy it including Satan.  He also discussed and the captain’s agreed that this will be done in a blitzkrieg manner in order to avoid any conflicts with both the Romulans and Klingons and the meeting was adjourned and the captain’s returned to their ships and with the Challenger leading they all went to warp.

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