The Valkyrie Chronicles: Rivals

Michael now must face off with one of his greatest enemies (Satan) while he also faces off with the people he has been waiting for, his father (Galactor) and his brother (Gabriel), with the help of both his family, friends and Zhargosia and the Federation.


3. 3

Outside the complex after going through the security checkpoint and two older women rematerialized, woman, “Captain Valkyrie?”, Michael, “Yes?”, woman, “I’m Representative Toal Kum, this is my aide.  Starfleet sent me here as a representative to this planet and is interested of having it join the United Federation of Planets.”, Misato, Maya and the other two looked puzzled, Michael, “Already sent a representative and want this planet to join already?  That is kind of fast.”, Toal, “The Farragut and two other starships brought me here and were brought up to speed about this NERV and the situation.  The Federation decided to use this base as a forward command center in The Borderlands region of space and watching over the Klingons.  We also heard about Gendo Ikari and Starfleet is notifying all outposts, star bases and allied planets to keep a sharp lookout.”, Michael, “Don’t bother Satan has him and I would advise you keep Misato Katsuragi and her colleagues here working at NERV based on their performance of defending this planet and operating systems and experience.”, Toal (after looking at them), “Fair enough, if they passed a background check and cleared from any involvement with Mr. Ikari.”, Michael, “Thank You.”, Toal, “Ritsuko on the other hand is in holding for her involvement as well as Gendo’s son Shinji.”, Misato, “Wait a minute if it wasn’t for him...”, others were also arguing, Michael, “Hey, hey, hey!  Settle down!”, he turned back to Toal, Michael, “You can’t blame his son.  He was in the dark too and he had no contact with his father till these incidents with the angels started and he disliked his father ever since.  He even tried to run away a couple of times but was forced to come back.”, the others looked at him strangely, Misato, “How do you know all about this?”, Michael, “I’ll explain later.”, Toal, “I’ll discuss this with my superiors, but as of now he is to remain on the Challenger and in the brig till otherwise.  Understood?”, Michael, “Yes ma’am.”, later they rematerialized in the transporter room with Maya and Shigeru in cowering positions.  Makoto, “I have to say this is fascinating.”, Michael, “You think you like that, wait till you see your quarters.”, they left the transporter room and ran into Gross, Gross, “Sir we have regained standard orbit and all repairs are complete.”, Michael, “Excellent. Would you mind showing Misato and the others to their temporary quarters till Starfleet security comes by to do a background check and polygraph?”, Gross, “Yes sir, and Chloe wants to see you in your quarters.”, Michael, “Thank You commander.  If you would follow my executive officer she will show to your rooms.”, they thanked him before they departed.           


    Michael walked down the hallway to his quarters till he ran into a woman walking fast around a corner, Michael, “Woah easy.”, woman, “Sorry ca...”, she was yanked back and Michael moved around the corner, male officer, “I don’t give a shit if it offends you!  It is still an order!”, he grabbed her by the right shoulder and tried to drag her away even as she resisted, Michael, “Excuse me Lt.”, Lt. (as he looked back), “What!”, and looked shocked as he saw Michael, Lt. (angry), “Sorry sir this ensign decided to derelict on her duties but...”, Michael, “And your solution is to grab her and drag her back to work while yelling at her as if she is in boot camp?”, Lt., “Yes sir!”, Michael does a quick scan with his eyesight and detects his serious attitude and over confidence in himself and read incidents regarding his attitude as if he is a drill instructor and man handles some of his personnel including this woman he found out is Jen Malon and she made two complaints already but someone they disappeared.  Michael, “You may leave Lt.”, Lt.”, “Thank You sir.”, he turns back and was about to drag her away, Michael, “I wasn’t finished yet.”, he looked back, Michael, “You may leave but not with her.”, Lt. (astounded), “But sir she needs to be disciplined!”, Michael, “Not with your attitude Lt.”, Lt., “But sir...”, Michael, “Are you questioning my authority?”, at this point people were watching silently and the Lt. looked flabbergasted, Lt., “No sir!”, Michael, “Then leave, before I call you Lt. jg.”, Jen smirked at the Lt. and he let her go and walked away, Michael, “Are you alright Ms. Malon?”, Jen looked astounded as she fixed her red uniform, Jen, “How did you know my name?”, Michael, “One of the great things on being part machine is to be able to tell who is an ass and who is not.  Plus I just know read your report on him and I’m surprised it was buried.”, Jen, “Unfortunately he knows the secretary of the Human Affairs Officer.”, Michael, “Well I won’t have to worry about him anymore.  Report to the bridge tomorrow at 0900 for your new assignment and take the rest of the day off.”, Jen straightened up, Jen (confidently), “Yes sir!”, and they parted ways.


    Michael entered his quarters and pulled open the straps of his top to reveal the white underneath, Michael, “Hey Chloe what’s up?”, silence.  He looked around and saw Chloe sitting on the side of the bed in the dark in her blue robe holding a tablet.  Michael (concerned), “Honey are you alright?”, he went over and sat next to her as she remained slumped over, Chloe, “A report from the Constellation.”, she handed the tablet over to him as still looked down, Chloe, “They found a planet in uncharted space between the Romulan and Klingon Empires and they found Satan.”, Michael (tensed but satisfied), “Finally, we can apprehend him and end this nightmare.”, Chloe, “I don’t want him apprehended.  I want him dead.”, Michael (puzzled but compassionate as he set the tablet down), “Honey I know you’re...”, Chloe, “My father is also with him.”, silence and Michael looked at the tablet and saw a close up image of a man with blond hair in a suit with Satan.  Michael (astounded), “How is this poss...”, Chloe, “When we go I am going to kill him.”, Michael (putting his arm around her), “Chloe we...”, she shoved his arm off her and stood up facing him, Chloe, “Don’t try it!  You know exactly how I feel, cause you were experimented on also!  The only difference is my own father and mother did this to me!”, Michael stood trying to calm her, Michael, “Honey I know but all this time we thought he was dead.  We need to know where he has been all this time and what he has done.  For all we know he might have led Cervello to our galaxy or repeated the cloning experimentation on others.  We need him alive so he can tell us then you can do whatever you want with him.”, Chloe (starting to cry), “We will take our chances!  If we try to capture him he is just going to escape and he will do more terrible things to get back at me and my sisters!”, Michael embraced her and they sat on the bed as she cried in his arms and they laid back in bed as Michael cradled her and she fell asleep in his arms.

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