The Valkyrie Chronicles

Parents sold him to a race of machines that changed him from a man to something else. A strange message sets him free and find someone that he will love. They all are set on a path to find a new home encountering various races and civilizations and forge allies and enemies sometimes creating new ones. These are the adventures of Michael Valkyrie.


8. 8

Michael and a dozen security personal rematerialized on the ruined grounds of the palace outside the front first calm then explosions went off around them, Michael (pointed with his phaser) said, “Cover!” And they ran forward and hid behind a pile of rubble, Michael said, “You all secure the perimeter and help the defenders!  I’m going in and get everyone out!” He ran back as the others scattered and there were more explosions as he covered his head with his arms and rammed the doors at full speed and they flew open.  He got up and quickly closed the doors and jammed them with a dirty sofa chair before running back and up the stairs and began going room to room.  About halfway he finds Dr. Crow (working on a patient) and asks where are the others, Crow said, “Carol and Carrie and in the next room with Arsenal and Krome is out there defending!  I don’t know where your wife and daughter are!” Michael continues going room to room till he found Abby with a cloak over her head to avoid seeing all the blood and destruction.  He tells Abby to go to the last room because that is where everyone else is.  She acknowledges and as she was getting up there was a tremendous explosion that the whole building shook and the windows facing the right side of the hallway exploded inwards.  He takes Abby out and decided to take her to the room himself and he dropped her off with the others and told them to keep her safe and not have her see the blood.  Michael continues his search and proceeds back down to the first floor to make his way to the control room that Arsenal showed him to repel the invaders.  Just as he turns the corner from the staircase he sees his wife carrying a rifle as well as a double edged sword behind her back, Michael (shocked) said, “Chloe!” And she sees him to and was also surprised, Chloe said, “Michael!” They both ran to each other, embraced and kissed each other furiously, Chloe said, “You’re late!” Michael replied, “Sorry I...” voice, “So this is what became of my son?” Michael turns and sees a man with long black hair and sharp eyebrows in medieval armor carrying a sword.  Michael said, “You are going to pay for this Galactor!” Galactor said, “You should call me...” Michael said, “YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!” Another voice, “BUT HE IS!” The front doors exploded inward and both Michael and Galactor covered their faces from the debris and as they looked up they saw Krome walking through covered in large spots of blood with one hand that has razor sharp fingers dripping with blood while the other has a net bag filled with hearts dripping with blood.  Krome drops the bag and said, “A little late for the party!” Michael (shocked) said, “Krome what have you...” Krome said, “I had to take on a whole freaking army all by myself!  These people are pathetic and weak as soldiers, so I disposed of them too.” Galactor (laughed) said, “Nice friend son.” Michael said, “Krome if you feel better killing Galactor go ahead, I...” Krome said, “I will kill him, but not till I take the life of your wife for letting you go and your daughter.” Michael replied, “Over my dead body Krome!” Galactor said, “This is turning out to be...” Michael yelled, “SHUT UP!” There was a loud explosion and the roof caved in and the ground around him exploded as he was thrown back and ended up smashing through the steel doors into the control room.


    Michael stumbled up even with his ears ringing and debris surrounded him as he looked back and saw a wide computer table setting and a screen in front showing the 3D display of the ships firing at the palace and Zharg and the Challenger being surrounded as it tried to defend itself from half a dozen of Galactor’s ships.  He pressed various buttons activating the defenses that were already powered up and saw the ships being targeted and he mashed a large red button with his thumb.  Just past the palace the fake green hills opened up and torpedo blasts echoed out and exploded around the ships with the crew on the bridge on one of them was thrown back and multiple ships either exploded or started suffering severe damage from the flack and the ground shaking from the firing ships ceased as he saw them retreating.  There was an echoing sinister laugh that made everyone in the palace fearful as they looked around, Krome (voice), “You think that will kill me!  Now pay the price by trying to find your loved ones!” At that moment Chloe, Abby, Carrie and Carol just vanished.  Michael stumbled out as he couldn’t move his left leg with blood running down the pants leg and before he said anything he watched as Galactor dematerialized leaving only Krome, Michael said, “What are you talking about?” His communicator went off, Krome said, “Crow will tell you.” And Michael pulled out his communicator, Crow (voice), “They’re gone Mike!” Michael looked puzzled and said, “Who, who is gone?” Crow (voice), “Chloe, Abby, Carrie, Carol, they’re all gone!” Michael closed his communicator even as Crow kept calling out to him and said, “Krome, what have you done!” Krome replied, “I sent them to a planet called Earth II and they are living separate lives with suppressed memories.  The only way they will remember is when they see my face as I kill them.” He laughs and as Michael lunged after him screaming Krome vanishes.  As Arsenal, Crow and the other rescue parties and security personnel appeared they saw Michael kneeling breathing heavily.  Once everything is arranged with the rescue crews, security and construction personnel Michael, Crow and Arsenal beamed onboard the Challenger that was in orbit, Michael said, “Crow as of now you are the ship’s doctor, Arsenal I’m leaving you in charge of engineering.  That is all.” Before any of them can (or try) to protest Michael was already in the turbo lift and the door closed.  Michael appeared on the bridge as crewman were walking around hurriedly and sat in his seat quickly, Michael said, “Status report.”, Gross said, “We lost shields and suffered multiple hull breaches but they are minor and are being repaired as we speak.” Michael said, “Casualties?” Gross said, “Twelve dead twenty-eight wounded.” Michael said, “Warp status?” Gross replied, “Fully operational.” Michael pressed the all hands call and said, “Attention crew of the USS Challenger.  I know how you must feel about what has happened on the surface but let me assure you that everyone at home will be taken care of and our world is now safe.  This will sound harsh but we are now heading back out to pursue one of our people that has become a highly dangerous fugitive and must be stopped before anybody else will suffer as much as we have or worse.  Now let’s get this son of a bitch, Valkyrie out.” Gross said, “Sir, what do we do about Galactor?” Michael (looked sideways) replied, “We’ll get him later and I am going to hurt him, bad.” The Challenger moved out of orbit at full impulse towards space and then went into warp.

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