The Valkyrie Chronicles

Parents sold him to a race of machines that changed him from a man to something else. A strange message sets him free and find someone that he will love. They all are set on a path to find a new home encountering various races and civilizations and forge allies and enemies sometimes creating new ones. These are the adventures of Michael Valkyrie.


7. 7

As the Challenger traveled south they incepted a Constitution class starship at full impulse and kept their distance as they faced each other.  Michael hailed the starship and was told the captain was James Kirk representing the United Federation of Planets, Michael told him his name and he represents the Zhargosia Republic and like the Federation he’s also on a mission of peace and would like to discuss further about their mission and exchange cultures when he beams aboard.  In the transporter on the Enterprise Michael rematerialized on the transporter and stepped forward, Michael said, “I guess I have to get use to that.” Kirk (extends his hand) said, “Welcome to the Enterprise Mr. Valkyrie.” Michael said, “Anything but mr. and sir, I hate to remember how old I am.” Kirk (smiled) said, “Of course.  How about Michael?” Michael (as he takes his hand) replied, “Better.” And they both laughed as they left the transporter room.  Kirk said, “I can tell we can get along but Mr. Spock still has some doubts.” Michael (confused) said, “Spock?” Kirk said, “Both my exec and Science Officer.  Now if I can show you to the conference room...” Michael (stopped him in the hallway) said, “I’m sorry Jim but I am going to have to cut this short and just trust you with our knowledge and history to you because I am on a very important personal mission that I couldn’t discuss on the bridge.” He handed a floppy like disk to Kirk as he looked puzzled, Kirk said, “Wait a minute a personal mission?” Michael said, “Yes, I’m trying to find my sister Ryoko.  She has been missing for 20 years and I have been trying to find her in the past with no success.” Kirk said, “I heard of someone by that name before on an Orion trade ship bound for Orion.” Once Michael was beamed back the ships parted ways and the Challenger went into warp towards Orion.  In a club called “How Low Can You Go” A man’s face covered by a hood entered and sat by the bar and asked the bartender if he knew a girl called Ryoko.  Bartender said, “No.” Hooded man said, “You do.” And slid 500 units across the bar to the bartender. Bartender said, “Get out or I’ll call the cops you freak.” And two big guys stood behind the hooded man.  At that moment the hooded man heard a muffled cry which he never forgot, voice (yelled out), “Shut up you blue haired bitch!” And after that the hooded man drew out a large knife, looped off the heard of the bartender and cut the bellies of the other two men and they fell after their internal organs gave way.  The hooded man walked to the door behind the bar, opened it, and shot two men in the face with a phaser (set to kill in close range) and their brains decorated the wall behind them.  The hooded man looked at a frightened blue haired woman, naked and curled up in the corner looking at him.  The hooded figure at that moment removed his hood, Ryoko (shocked) said, “Michael” And passed out.  


    Michael clothed her with his robe and carried her to his rented car and drove to the outskirts of the city.  Michael, making sure no ones around but years police cars in the distance and approaching, pulls his sister out and then his communicator and said, “Valkyrie here, beam us out.” And they dematerialized.  When they rematerialized Michael immediately handed Ryoko to the waiting medical team.  Michael said, “Call the bridge!  Tell them to go to warp now!” The Challenger then left orbit and went into warp.  After changing into his red uniform and headed to the bridge and sat in his seat, comms said, “Sir transmission from the Enterprise.” Michael said, “On main viewer.” Kirk appeared on the main viewer and told Michael he is all clear but highly recommends not returning to the planet anytime soon.  Michael said, “Don’t worry I hated that place anyways.” Kirk laughs in amusement and Michael thanks him for his support and he looks forward to seeing him again later and the Challenger continued back home.  During the journey back Michael spent time with his sister in medical as she was getting better and when she woke up she wept and hugged him as she cried while he tried to calm her down.  He spent the rest of the journey back with her telling her all his hardships and life before he found her till the doctor told him he was needed on the bridge urgently.  Michael walked down the hallway and notices there was very little conversation and all of the sudden the red alert alarm goes off.  Michael (after he presses the call button on the wall panel) said, “Bridge this is the captain what’s going on!” comms (voice), “Sir I intercepted transmissions that are not Zhargosians at our home planet!” He rushed to the turbo lift and once the doors opened on the bridge he steps out and looks shell shock at what he sees on the viewer, Michael said, “My, god.” He sees explosions on the planet and ships hovering or landing on the planet (that look like the ships in Warhammer 40000), Michael (still in shock) said, “Comms, please tell me there are survivors.”, comms said, “Yes sir, but it looks like the fighting is centralized on one area of the planet.” Michael said, “Where?” science officer (looks at him surprised) said, “Sir! It’s around the Valkyrie residence and Zharg!” Michael said, “How many ships are their!” science officer said, “About two dozen sir!” Michael said, “Ms. Goss you assume command I’m beaming down!” He turns towards the turbo lift but stops and looks back at the viewer and asks to zoom in on the largest ship and sees a crest on the side and looked both shocked and angered, Michael said, “Galactor.” comms said, “Sir I received a transmission that the Valkyrie family is still in the palace but it is surrounded.” Michael said, “What about the capital?” science officer said, “According to scanners it is the main target of the bombardment.” Michael said, “I want all security personal beamed to the surface immediately at the palace and I want the Challenger to try to get their attention and drive them away from the planet!” science officer said, “Sir one ship versus two dozen?” Michael said, “I don’t want you to engage them head on just get their attention and pull them away!  Make them chase you for god sake’s, this ship can stay ahead of them easily!” science officer said, “But sir...” Before she finished he was already out the bridge.

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