The Valkyrie Chronicles

Parents sold him to a race of machines that changed him from a man to something else. A strange message sets him free and find someone that he will love. They all are set on a path to find a new home encountering various races and civilizations and forge allies and enemies sometimes creating new ones. These are the adventures of Michael Valkyrie.


6. 6

After Abby’s 8th birthday a mysterious man wrapped in a black cloak enters Abby s room as she was sleeping and overshadowed her in her bed with fangs and sharp nails.  Upon hearing her screams Michael rushes in and sees the figure biting her neck as she clawed the floor.  Michael screams in anger, grabs the figure and throws him off her onto her bed and begins choking him to death with Michael s red eyes glaring out of the contacts.  Abby was taken away by the guards with Chloe following after them crying and two more guards tried to pull Michael away but were no match for his strength.  There was a snapping sound as Michael screamed in anger and the figure s head and spine were torn out sending a large splash of blood flying out before throwing the head and spine down on the floor.  Michael rushes to the hospital and finds Dr. Crow with Chloe.  Crow said,  “The good news is Abby is still alive, but unfortunately the man that bite her was according to my findings was a vampire and has infected her.  In order to keep Abby from attacking anybody I created a blood serum that her body will accept till I find another solution.” Michael caresses Chloe as she cried while Michael looked on in anger.  


    In the days that followed, Michael went with Prince Vegeta, Napa and Raditz to cleanse a few planets to sell with Frieza.  Once they completed their mission they went to a planet controlled by Frieza. A toad looking soldier said,  “10 million units, that is it!”, They stood around a white table with the holographic projection of a planet, Napa said,  “Hey!  We were told 15 million and this planet is in perfect condition!” Toad said,  “Much like your looks saiyan.” He laughed and Napa tried to reach over the table but Raditz held him back, Napa yelled,  “Why you little creep! I can easily turn you to frog soup without breaking a sweat!” Vegeta said, “Napa!” He stopped and looked at Vegeta, Vegeta said,  “Its better to leave me do all the talking.” Napa grumbled and replied, “Yes boss.” Michael’s scouter beeped and pressed the button to see it was an urgent message from Crow, Michael said,  “Excuse me sir, I have to take this.” Vegeta nodded and said,  “Go.” Michael steeped out in the hallway, Michael said, “What?” Crow (voice), “I heard from communications they lost all contact with King Vegeta and his escort, including their life signs.  On top of that Frieza s ship is pulling back from the planet." Michael told Dr. Crow to take their families and board an enlarged pod ship and head towards the Zhargosia system on the other side of the quadrant and not to tell any one of their plans.  


    Michael heard Napa rejoicing as they came out, Napa yelled,  “Yeah!  No one can stand against you Vegeta when it comes to bargaining!” Vegeta said,  “Please, I can do this in my sleep." Michael (worried) asked Vegeta for his leave so Michael can go and find the Sphere and give Vegeta the ability to increase his power to become a Super Saiyan.  Vegeta grants this and Michael tells appoints Napa and Raditz to watch over him till he comes back.  Michael then leaves and heads to Zhargosia to help start a new life with his family and then find the Sphere.  Michael arrived to Zhargosia later than the rest of his family by one year according to Earth time.  When he arrived to the planet in a space pod he found the world was filled with vegetation a little more than Savannah like and was greeted to his surprise by the rest of his family that wore royalty type garb, Michael said, “Did I miss something?” As Chloe hugged him tightly she said, “We actually made it here one year earlier than you.” Michael was at a lost for words, Chloe said, “Don’t worry.  These people are really smart and they were able to find you and keep track of you as you were making your journey here.” Michael said, “What did you do for a whole year when I was gone?” Chloe explained to him as they were driven by hover limos to their palace (that looks like the Moon Kingdom in Sailor Moon) that when they arrived they were openly greeted as friends and from Dr. Crow, Arsenal and Krome’s contribution they helped develop this planet to a higher form of civilization and as a result they became VIP’s on this planet.  


    Michael looked with both curiosity and astonishment as they walked into a glass like place (that looked like the inside of the palaces in Krypton in Superman: The Movie), Michael said, “Just curious, what was Krome’s contribution?” Krome said, “Taught them how to fight.” Michael said, “For defense...” Krome replied, “And offense.” Michael has an itchy feeling something is wrong with him but discarded the notion.  Chloe asked him if he would like to see the rest of the house but Michael said no and wanted to have a private meeting with Crow, Krome and Arsenal and she showed him the meeting room (which looked like the one on Krypton in Superman: The Movie) and closed the door behind her.  Michael said, “I thank you for what you all have done in my absence.  At least now I don’t have to worry about building a home for us in scratch.  I need to tell you all though that I had made a promise to Vegeta that I will find the Sphere." Krome said, “You mean the son of the man that gave us no choice but to serve his needs or die?  I say screw him, he can find it on his own, and we are very far away." Michael said, “But what if he comes and we do not have it?  I need to find it so we have a chance if he shows up or if I am able to find him by chance so he will be the least of our worries." Krome said, “What else is there to worry besides Cervello?” Michael replied, “Frieza for one." Krome said, “Well we’re ready for him anyway.  All we need are ships to create a space force but Arsenal is already working on that.” Arsenal groans in agreement, Michael (whispers to Crow), “He still has a hard time speaking?” Arsenal growls and Michael steps back in surprise.  Crow said, “At least he has really good hearing.” Michael said, “Anyway since we are not bound by anyone that I am aware of I plan on launching a search party for my sister.  Arsenal do you have a ship or ships that are ready now that I can use?” Arsenal replied, “No.  Drawn plans though." Michael said, “Then if I was you I start building." Arsenal smiles.  


    Michael went to the capital Zhang and found out for himself that the people are really friendly and noticed from the stores and shops he passed by that there were no prices displayed or attached to anything, Michael (to his wife that is with him) said, “How are these people supposed to get anything if they don’t know the price?” Chloe said, “Honey they don’t have money.” Michael looked at her flabbergasted and said, “No money!  Then how do they get paid?” Chloe replied, “They stopped using money because in this planet’s past people were corrupt or relied on money so much that if they don’t get paid they won’t do anything even if its life or death.  Hence why we are able to become very important people on this planet in one year.”, Michael said, “Very intelligent I have to admit, but what happens to the people that refused and still rely on currency?” Chloe replied, “Majority of them gave in, but their have been a few that ended up in the streets or were arrested for crimes thinking they will get money which they didn’t.” Michael said, “What about...” The cellular device in Michael’s pocket went off and he answered, Arsenal (voice), “Ship ready.” Michael (confused) said, “Wait a minute!  It’s been only three months!” Arsenal groans in confusion and said, “Its ready now.” Michael sighed and said, “Fine I’ll be there.” They went back home to find Arsenal waiting for him next to an Air Tram and Michael boarded also to see Carrie with Arsenal, Michael said, “Why are you here?” Carrie replied, “I am speaking for him.” Michael sighs and said, “Arsenal one of these days you are going to have to speak for yourself and not have someone do the talking for you, no offense.” Carrie backs up shyly while Arsenal stood his ground and grunted with annoyance, Michael (as the door closed) said, “Okay let’s see the ship.” The vehicle flew away and headed towards space where there was a space dry dock and the shuttle flew around the dock till it came forward face first and Michael saw what looked like a Constitution Class Refit starship (ref. Advanced Dreadnought Remanufacture Project) and saw the name of the starship was USS Challenger NCC-1099 and the shuttle flew around till it landed in the shuttle bay, Michael said, “I have to say I am impressed.” Arsenal (as the door opened) said, “After you sir.” Michael replied, “You first.  My first time here.” As they showed Michael around the hanger bay and saw a mobile suit holding hanger that is empty.  Michael said, “What is that for?” Carrie replied, “A mobile suit.  You’ll see it once it’s brought aboard.” They toured the rest of the ship when Carrie said, “He says the ship will be ready by tomorrow but for the others it will be another two months.” Michael (held the top of the main chair and looked at them) replied, “This is fine.  All the armaments and defenses you’ve told me is good for the journey to find my sister. I have waited to find her long enough.” The next day he had a long and sad goodbye to his wife and Abby and he told Chloe that she is in charge now like she has always been since he was away till he comes back and he promised he will be back soon.  He left in a shuttle waving goodbye to the rest of his family and was flown into space and into the hanger of the Challenger.  Still wearing his saiyan uniform he reported to the bridge and saw the rest of his crew wore red uniforms, and was greeted aboard in a military fashion and assumed his chair and told the crew through the intercom that this is a rescue mission and left it at that as the Challenger left dry dock and into space.

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