The Valkyrie Chronicles

Parents sold him to a race of machines that changed him from a man to something else. A strange message sets him free and find someone that he will love. They all are set on a path to find a new home encountering various races and civilizations and forge allies and enemies sometimes creating new ones. These are the adventures of Michael Valkyrie.


14. 14

Once they rematerialized Carrie returned to her nervous self even as Arsenal tried to hug her as Chloe removed her mask. Michael said, “Okay, I have to admit that was pretty bad ass but I don’t like being surprised like!” Chloe said, “You’re welcome for saving your life.”, Michael looked frustrated but couldn’t find the words to retort back and said, “Fine!  Just don’t do that again without warning me!” and she smiled as they walked off.  The Challenger goes into warp while back on the surface salvage and emergency crews were working about as the bottom of the Roxxon oil ship groaned and a robotic arm broke through the hull.  


    As the Challenger sped through space back to Zhargosia Michael was walking hurriedly down a hallway when Crow appeared from behind. Crow said, “Captain I need to do a medical checkup since your fight on the surface.” Michael said, “I’m fine doctor thanks for your concern but I am really tired.” Crow said, “Sir it is my duty as a doctor to perform checkups on anyone that has gone on an away mission and you are very behind.” Michael said, “Crow I’m the captain and I say...” Crow said, “Sir when it comes to the welfare of the crew I outrank you.” Michael gave him a “seriously” look. Crow said, “I’m serious sir.” Michael sighed and said, “Fine.”  Chloe came into his cabin all sweaty from workout. Chloe said, “Honey I need you to take a shower with me.” No response and she said, “Michael?” She heard a snoring sound and she looked on the bed to see him sleeping and she smiled and shook her head before going to the shower.  When she came out she dried her hair with a towel wrapped around her but when she reached the bed and saw Michael still sleeping but not snoring anymore she removed the towel and went under the sheets with him naked and held him from the side, Michael (still eyes closed) said, “Sorry.” Chloe said, “Don’t worry I have something that would make that up.” He opened his eyes as Chloe laid on top of him and they made love.  


    As they returned home and the Challenger pulled back into dry dock for repairs Michael and the rest of his family were beamed to the surface to help rebuild their devastated home.  Two months later on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Midway Island chain) on Earth a tremendous explosion occurred at the main entrance of the prison (in the shape of a Pentagon) and the alarms went off.  Security was alerted and ran to where the explosion occurred but were cut down as Firepower came in and shot up the entry way killing all the guards and fire and rescue personal with her machine guns.  Firepower then used her missiles and blew away the guard towers.  As she continued onward she was still being shot at but ignored them till they got in front of her and either smacked them away or fired back.  Firepower first blew the lock to the Mandarin’s room and grabbed his rings from the dead guard’s that was toying with them.  The Mandarin then blew up the front wall of the prison (on his side) and decided to blow the locks of all the prison doors as he spread his arms out wide and looked as if praying to the sky.  When the prisoners were freed the Mandarin was able to obtain a ferry and leave the island with as many prisoners as he could.  Firepower said, “What now Mandarin?” Mandarin replied, “Find those responsible for putting me in prison and dropping that ship on top of you and obtain this Sphere I have been hearing about.  I heard it has the ability to increase your powers ten fold once holding it and I intend on fulfilling my destiny.” And there were cheers on the ship as it headed out to sea yelling the Mandarin’s name.


    An alarm clock went off and Michael hit the off button as he awoke and noticed his wife already left guessing she went down for breakfast.  Michael put on his clothes and walked down the hallway till there was a violent explosion and the ground shook and he fell as the roof over the front entrance exploded and fell.  Michael stumbled up as his ears were ringing and he heard the sound of people fighting outside and when he ran downstairs he saw Firepower, the Mandarin, Crossbones and other criminals that escaped in grey prison outfits standing in the front with blunt objects.  He looked around and saw Arsenal, Ryoko and Chloe (dressed as The Green Comet) joined him on the side.  Mandarin said, “One chance, give me the Sphere or we will kill you and your family and take it anyway.” Michael yelled, “FUCK YOU OLD MAN!” And he pulled out his M9 and fired but the Mandarin pulled an inmate in front of him and was hit before he was thrown and Michael but he dodged the body and the others yelled as they charged and the Green Comet threw two stars and hit two of them in the midsection before the others charged at her and she kicked one in the stomach and as he kneeled and dropped his pole she kicked him in the face and he flew back.  A convict tried to hit her but she dodged him, grabbed his arm and snapped it back when she got behind and kicked him forward knocking down a few of his buddies as she flipped in the air and landed on another’s shoulders and snapped his neck before flipping forward and kicking his body back.  She then pulled her swords out and as the others came after her she fought against pipes and sliced through wooden poles and cut them down as they charged after her.  


    Then the floor shook and collapsed beneath them and they all fell to the ground below, as they stumbled up to continue fighting Ryoko saw a medieval clad woman that appeared in the center with a small depression beneath her as she caused the collapse as she smashed through and saw through her long hair that it was Methusa.  Ryoko stood up and blocked Methusa as the Sphere rolled on the ground. Methusa (smiled) said, “Honey, its mommy.” Ryok (smiled) said, “Hi mommy.” She drew a sword.  Ryoko yelled in anger, “Die mommy!” And she charged after Methusa screaming and Methusa quickly drew hers as Ryoko brought her sword down and blocked her just in time before they started sword fighting, swinging their razor sharp swords around really fast.  Firepower was about to fire a missile at Michael fired his 9M at convicts running after him as he stood and then fought hand to hand till Arsenal tackled her and treated her like a toy doll and slammed her to the wall and on the floor as he roared at the same time till Firepower grabbed and tore a piece of cable off and Arsenal fell on his knees groaning and Firepower immediately got up and fired the same missile at Arsenal hitting him in the chest and he flew back smashing through a column.  Firepower approached Arsenal and armed another missile that Arsenal analyzed that it was filled with acid and targeted directly at his face with a red sight.  Firepower said, “Any last words?” Arsenal said, “You lose.” And there was a red flash and beep sound as he activated the self destruct and his eyes went out and as Firepower tried to run Arsenal’s body exploded and set off the missile on Firepower’s shoulder and the combined flames and acid consumed Firepower as she screamed, fell to her knees and screamed till her body was consumed by fire and as her missiles and ammunition popped and exploded.  


    Michael kicked one convict in the groan and threw him knocking another to the ground, another charged but Michael immediately head butted her, took her knife and stabbed another on the shoulder and as he screamed Michael grabbed him and threw him knocking down a handful of convicts behind.  Michael yelled and jumped in joy before he was tackled by Crossbones and he grabbed Michael from the ground and threw him hitting a cement pillar with his back.  Michael tried to stand up as he groaned in pain.  Crossbones said, “There are no prisoners with the Mandarin.  Only slaves, and slavery equals pain.  Are you ready for yours?” Michael said, “Why don’t you ask her?” The Green Comet jumped from behind and shoved two three inch knives into his shoulders as she leapt onto his back and he screamed in pain.  He immediately grabbed one of her ankles and he yanked her off and threw her at Michael knocking him down as well.  He pulled one of the knives out and was about to throw it at the Green Comet till Michael rolled on the ground and fired five shots at Crossbones body knocking him back.  The Green Comet took advantage of this and charged Crossbones.  The Green Comet yelled, “Blitz!” And tackled Crossbones.  Crossbones stood and grabbed hold of the Green Comet but before he could throw her off as she was choking him Michael tackled him and repeatedly stabbed him on the left rib.  Crossbones cried out in pain as he eventually dropped to his knees and let the Green Comet go as he fell to the floor groaning in pain and holding his side.  


    Methusa and Ryoko continued sword fighting till the floor rocked from Arsenal’s explosion and the Sphere rolled to her side and as Ryoko charged up she kicked her away and grabbed the Sphere and as she started to hit it on the ground Michael yelled, “NO!” Before Methusa smashed it.  When it happened a big explosion with red smoke and flames erupted and in the middle of it first appeared Krome till he transformed into a red large being with horns (like in Legend) and he laughed with delight.  Krome said, “Finally, I am free!” The palace then started to crumble around them and Ryoko surprised Methusa and fought her again as Krome willingly transported the rest of the convicts and the Mandarin (as he was standing by and watching the fight this entire time) at this time and Michael helped gather Green Comet and the rest of his family out of the palace but then stayed back and watched as Ryoko knocked Methusa’s sword away and cut her hands as she gasped in pain and kneeled while Ryoko placed the edge of her sword along the left side of her neck.  Methusa looked up at her in surprise but then calm and smiled, Methusa, “You won’t kill me. I am your mother and you are my daughter.  No child will kill their mother.” Ryoko said, “This one can bitch.” And Methusa looked shocked as Ryoko sliced the sword across her neck making blood pour out as Methusa grabbed her neck and fell to the floor gurgling up blood.  She then reached out to Ryoko but Ryoko kicked her hand away and stomped on Methusa’s throat and squeezed.  Ryoko (as she teared up) said, “Because of you I had to live a life as a prostitute and a pirate in order to stay alive.” Methusa tried to speak while reaching out but Ryoko squeezed harder with her foot and Methusa had a painful face as she withered.  Ryoko said, “Just die bitch!” And after a couple more seconds she laid motionless as blood continued to spill out.  


    Krome looked down at them and smiled before he vanished and Michael looked pleased at what Ryoko had done but surprised as Krome smiled and disappeared and he ran up to his sister and said, “Ryoko we have to go now!” Ryoko said, “I’m with you brother.” He helped Ryoko guide through the falling debris till they found a broken path up and as they climbed up the path vanished behind them and they ran to where the others were as the front half of the palace collapsed onto itself.  Michael looked about and saw everyone was there except Arsenal and a mysterious large man stood next to him holding Carrie.  Michael (puzzled) said, “Arsenal?” Arsenal replied, “Yes?” Michael sighed with relief and said, “Okay, just making sure.” Crow said, “The contractors and the city is going to be pissed when they find out our house is destroyed again.” Michael said, “That is the least of my worries.” And he wrapped his arm around Chloe as she embraced him and they walked away. 

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