College Parties

Brooke, Blair, Everly, Gabby, Kimberly, Liam, Zac, Cameron, Austin, Patrick: all seniors in college, 22 years old, and starting their lives. Parties every night, which means love, sex, and most importantly... drama. Who will end up together, and who will leave the parties crying? Read about these 10 young adults go through a crazy college experience like none other. (Told by Brooke's POV)


1. First Day

Brooke's POV

As I walked through the halls of South Florida's University, I saw one of my good friends Gabby and stopped at my locker to talk to her about tonight. Our lockers were next to each other so I walked to mine and waited for her to approach. I twisted the lock until the locker opened and put away my French books. As Gabby got closer, I noticed she was with her incredibly hot boyfriend, Austin. I would never do anything with Austin, they have been dating since seventh grade. I could never do that to her and plus, he was just a good friend. An incredibly hot, dreamy friend, but, he and Gabby were together. 


"Brooke!" Gabby started the conversation. 

"Gab, about tonight, who out of our friends is coming tonight?" This is what I wanted to talk to her about.

"Everyone but Kimberly," Gabby said with a sad face. 

"Why not? Kim is usually always at our parties!" I half pouted.

"I know, but she said something about a family thing that she couldn't get out of, I guess," Gabby said, sighing.

"I heard it was a funeral for her grandmother," Austin chimed in.

"Oh my gosh, why wouldn't she have told us?" I asked.

"I don't know, but I have to get going," Austin said, mostly to Gabby.

"Bye Austin," Gabby said kissing him real quick. I just waved and smiled. 

"Okay well I will see you around 8 to start getting ready? I can invite Everly, and Blair too," I said cheerfully, trying to change the sad subject.

"Perfect, see you at 8, Brooke!" Gabby said, as she found her textbooks, shut her locker, and walked down the hall to her next class.


I shut my locker shortly after Gabby and Austin left, and went to my dorm. I didn't have any more classes and it was only 12. As I walked into the dorm, I saw Kimberly, Everly, and Patrick walking. I waved once they saw me and we all stopped in the lounge area to chat.


"Kimberly, do you have a minute?" I started.

"Yeah, want to go to the bathroom?" She asked, kind of nervous about why I wanted to talk to her alone.


I nodded and we made our way to the bathroom. There were little couches in there and we sat down. 


"Whats up?" Kim asked.

"I heard a rumor, and I wanted to clear it with you, did your grandmother die?" I asked.

"No, I just told Austin that to shut him up from asking why I couldn't go to the party tonight," she said.

"What is the real reason?" I wondered.

"Uhhh, you cannot tell any of the others!" Kim made me promise.

"Cross my heart," I smiled.

"I signed up for math club, okay, here is the story... So my grades, as you know, are awful and my parents hate me for it and they said if I wanted them to keep paying for college, I had to join math club. Brookie, it sucks, because all I want to do is be with my friends and blow off school, not join some fucking math club," Kim sighed. She always had a mouth on her.

"Kim, you can't just get drunk every night, you have to do schoolwork too, like the rest of us," I sighed.

"I know, but school does't come easily to me like it does for you and the others."

"I have a hard time, and who knows how Blair got here," I laughed. Everyone knew how much of an airhead Blair was, but we all loved her. 

Kim laughed and said, "Thank you Brooke, I have to go now though, stupid math club."


I walked back over to Patrick and Everly who were still seated in the lounge area. Like usual, they were fighting. Everly and Patrick had a weird relationship. They would be making out and having sex one night, and the next day hating each other. No one really messed with either of them. They were technically a couple, even though they have broken up who knows how many times. I know why they liked each other. Patrick had that perfect 'tumblr boy' brown hair and Everly cannot resist that. He was muscular and looked like he came out of a magazine. Everly was the same, she had strawberry brown hair that went down to the beginning of her chest and big boobs, which Patrick loved. They were a match made in hell you could say. 


Me, my hair wasn't special, just blonde long hair that went to my belly button and green eyes. I wasn't tall, I wasn't short. I'm thin but I still have curves. Nothing out of the ordinary like Everly's huge boobs and Blair's big butt. Blair had hair my length just brown and a huge booty. All the guys were over her, if she wasn't such an airhead, she might notice how pretty she is. Gabby was your average Italian beauty, she had long black hair and curves. Kimberly had shoulder length blondish hair and can party like nobody is watching. 


As for the boys, Austin is blonde and has hair like Patrick, except Austin always wears a hat over it. Liam and Zac were identical twins and had short brown hair, average hotties that every girl wants. Tall and muscular, with abs of steel. Cameron, he was different. Cameron was like a version of all the boys put together. He is the perfect guy. His personality, style, looks, just fantastic. He and I have had a thing since high school, but never really made things official, just hang out and kiss every once in a while. 


Once I got to the lounge and saw them fighting, I decided not to get involved. I rolled my eyes to myself and went upstairs in my dorm. I pulled out my key but soon realized my door was already unlocked so I went inside and saw Liam and Zac (the twins) in my dorm using my television to watch a football game. I sat down next to Zac who instantly grabbed my waist and pulled my closer to him. I gave him a look but he still held me close to him. I didn't really mind because we are close friends. We stayed this way until the team they were rooting for got a touchdown. He jumped up and yelled. I inched away from where were seated and laughed and clapped along with them. 


"Since YOU GUYS are in MY room, you have to help me pick out my outfit for the night," I smiled.

"No no no," Liam said.

"Only if you try it on for us," Zac smirked.

"Deal," I laughed.


As I searched through my closet, I chose a light baby blue long sleeve crop top that fit tightly on me. I found some plain black leggings to match and threw on some converse. 


"This?" I wondered.

"Damn Brooke," Zac said.


I rolled my eyes, and changed back into the clothes I was wearing for the day. I threw my long hair into a ponytail that sat in the middle of my head and pulled out all my baby hairs to make it look distressed. The boys turned back around as the game came back from commercial and I decided to finish watching it with them. There was only 2 minutes left in the last quarter. 


As the last few seconds of the quarter finished, the game was over, with a solid win from the Miami Dolphins. Liam and Zac were really into football. Their dad's best friend is a player for that team, so they pretty much know everyone on the Dolphin's. One time, all of us got to go to a game and it was pretty fun!


I checked my phone and it said 7:45. I was meeting Gabby, Everly, and Blair at 8. I called up Gabby real quick to find out where all of us were going to meet up. I dialed the numbers and put the phone on speaker while I set it down and packed my makeup, straightener and clothes. As the phone started to ring, the boys left my room to get ready at theirs.


"Hello?" Gabby picked up after 3 rings.

"Hey Gab, who's place are we meeting at?" I asked.

"Mine!" She said.

"Perfect, I will leave in ten. See you then!" And with that, I clicked the phone off.


Once I finished packing my stuff, I left the room, and went down to Gabby's dorm room. We live in the same wing so it is extremely convenient. I knocked and let myself in, figuring she was probably in the shower. When I closed the door and turned around, I saw Everly and Blair, Gabby was in the shower, like I thought. 


"Hi ladies!" I exclaimed to Everly and Blair.

"Brooke! I am so excited for tonight!" Everly cheered.

"Me too!" Blair chimed in.

"Did you hear about Patrick?" Everly started.

"Oh gosh, what this time?" I wondered.

"He said he wanted a relationship with me, but then was with Kayla after one of his classes, she sent me a snapchat of her from HIS PHONE! She knows that will make me mad, and he is such a dick for letting her do that!" Everly was pissed.

"Ev, you deserve way better," I said, disappointed in Pat.

"That is what I have been telling her!" Blair said, with a sad face.

"He is just so hot, you don't understand!" Everly said.

"So is Liam! Go for him?" I said.

"And if Liam doesn't work out, go for Zac, they look the same!" Blair said laughing, which made all of us laugh.

"I don't know," Everly said.

"Try it tonight!" I said!

"Should I?" Everly asked.

"Duh!" Blair half yelled.

"Maybe I will," Everly gained some confidence. 

"Forget Pat!" I said.


Everly smiled. Gabby came out of the shower minutes later after the conversation was done. By this time we all moved on to putting on makeup and doing our hair. Gabby showed up her outfit and we approved. It was 8:30 and we had a half hour left. By 8:50, we did finishing touches to our outfits and left for Duke's parents house, which is 20 minutes away. We were ready to have some fun!




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