Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


12. Chapter Twelve; First Lesson


"Did Derek really agree too teaching us how too fight?" I ask after taking a bite of an apple, Lydia looked up from the book she was reading and nodded her head. 

"Well, It took a little convincing for him too teach you but he agreed." She looked back down too her book, 

"What are you reading?" I say moving around too sit beside her, 

"Just some old book I found in the school library, Maps of Beacon Hills and stuff. It's pretty cool they have stuff like this here." 

"Ahh.. I try and avoid the library, Movies are so much better than books." 

"Are we really going too have this argument again. You can actually learn things from books unlike movies, I mean come on every single moral in a movie cannot help you with your every day life." 

"Well what have books got other than obsessively attractive characters that they give little description about and you still fall in love with them." 

"Exactly... I'd rather read about some dork with dark messy hair and deep brown eyes, that has dimples when he smiles and fall in love with him, than watch him be dorky on TV. It's more adorable and you learn more about a character through description than actions so... books are better." I finally give up after trying too put a face to the person she just described.. who could possibly have dark messy hair and deep brown eyes that when he smiles has dimples... hmm. 

"We should get going anyway, Derek expects us at one." I say packing up my stuff, 

"Stiles.. You do realize we are in the middle of a school day, They are going too notice we are missing from lessons."

"Oh come on Lydia.. I thought you were fun!" I say with a wink, She sighs and puts her bag over her shoulder. 

"I am so going too enjoy kicking your ass you know." She says punching my shoulder playfully. 

"Oh please, You couldn't hurt me even if you wanted too shortcake, I'm Batman." I stuck out my tongue as we walked too my jeep. 

"You may be Batman but I have claws... and fangs." 

"And super strength." I added with shame, I forgot she was a supernatural creature for a second because Lydia Martin is just so normal. "But you are in a dress." 

"You don't think I didn't bring spare clothes." She shakes her bag, "Besides, I'm starting too hate dresses, skirts.. they just seem to girly and neat for this kick ass supernatural life I am now living in." 

"Ok, Lydia just because your new too all this, doesn't mean it should change you." She shrugs, I open the passenger door for her and she nods her head to say thank you. I smile and then jump into the drivers seat, "So.. are you gonna be wearing that when we are fighting?" I say pointing too her necklace.

"No, I don't want it to get broken." She slips it off her neck and neatly puts it in a pocket of her bag, She wore the necklace everywhere she went. "So, Can we stop at Starbucks?" She says with a smile I couldn't decline. 

"Sure." I say, she claps her hands as I pull over. "Just be quick" She nods her head and jumps out of the car eagerly. I watch her through the window happily walk up too the till, she knew exactly what she wanted too order already. Wow girls and there Starbucks maybe she was normal.   


"Stiles." Derek greeted me with a nod, he then turned too Lydia with a smile. "Good too see you again Lydia." 

"You too." She said as he let us into his cold, empty home. It was very sad that Derek lived alone even though he did have some family left including his sister Cora and his Uncle Peter who he thought both died in the fire. 

"So... Whilst Lydia orders the food why don't you and me have a little spar." I say, trying not too be afraid of Derek but I couldn't help myself.. he was terrifying and would easily kick my ass. 

"Are you sure Stiles, I mean I don't wanna hurt that handsome face of yours." Derek words actually touched my heart for once. 

"Aww Derek that's so sweet." I say placing my hand on my chest too signify I was truly proud of him.

"I was joking." I took a few steps back from him and look at Lydia who had a bright grin on her face. 

"You shouldn't toy with a mans emotions like that." I say narrowing my eyes at Derek, "Oh and Lydia, I feel like we should get either Chinese or Mexican. Your call?" 

"Hmm.. I'm thinking Mexican." She said leaning over a wooden table that lie in the corner of the room.  

"My favorite." Derek agreed with a smile, not for me of course, he always seemed too smile at Lydia.

"Oh.. do you have anywhere I can get changed?" Lydia asked collecting her bag. "I can't really fight in a dress." 

"Yeah, just through there." Derek said pointing too a small corridor. 

"Thanks." Lydia disappeared leaving me alone with who I like too call, The Big Bad Wolf. 

"So, Is Lydia part of Scott's pack?" Derek asked, sitting beside me as we patiently wait for her too return.

"Yes.. well she hasn't really confirmed it yet but we class her as one of our own already." 

"Good, She's strong. I can sense it." A part of me wants too believe he was just being nice but when is Derek Hale ever nice, does he like Lydia? Maybe I'm overthinking he could possibly just be observant.

"So..." I say resting my chin in my hand, "You interested?" Derek gave me a confused look, "Oh don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about." 



I finally found an empty room too get changed in, I unzipped my bag and pulled out some black yoga pants and a black hoodie. I slipped off my dress and got changed quickly into my clothes, I then tied my hair up into a messy bun unaware of how it looks as there were no mirrors around so I could check my appearance.

"Don't believe I've seen you around here before..." I jump out of my skin as I turn too see a man standing in the doorway. 

"How long have you been stood there!" I say sternly, did this creep watch me get changed? 

"Just got here..." I didn't like the guy one bit, he made me feel seriously uncomfortable. 

"Well.. I'm Lydia and you are?" I snapped, I really was not in the mood for confrontation but knew I couldn't greet him with politeness.

"Peter." The name sounded familiar. "Peter Hale." So this was Derek's uncle. 

"Well Peter Hale, If you'll excuse me. I have food too order and I need to go back to Stiles and Derek." I started walking towards the door but he puts his arm out blocking my way. 

"What are you?" He said eyeing me closely but I understood what he meant. 

"Chimera, Part werewolf.. part banshee.. though it is non of your business." I pushed his arm down angrily and strut past him. When I walk back into the front room, I notice Stiles on the floor catching his breath whilst Derek stood by a window smoking a cigarette. "Sorry to interrupt whatever you guys were doing but.. Derek would you tell your uncle here that he is annoying and should learn too stay out of other peoples business." Stiles jumps up from the floor to admire Peter stood behind me. 

"Just ignore him Lydia.. he's no good." Stiles said leaning against a pillar to support his weight, I began walking over too Stiles until Peter grabbed my shoulder, my first reaction was grabbing his wrist and quickly turning too knee him in his stomach but he barley moved, he didn't even flinch instead he pushed me back onto the ground, "HEY!" Stiles shouted running over too help me stand up, "Back off!" 

"Don't worry Stilinski, She can defend herself." Peter pushed Stiles as I was back on my feet again, I wasn't sure what too do so I waited for him too make the first move but instead he circled me like a vulture. "See, Lydia is all about the attack but does she know how too protect herself or her friends.. say if your little friend Stiles here is totally helpless and he's cornered, you no longer have too defend yourself, you'll also have too defend him." That's when the first move was made as he swiftly got out his claws, cutting the back of my neck. I groan and feel the blood oozing down my back, I turn quickly and manage too dodge a punch he threw. 

"Don't worry about hurting him Lydia." Derek said walking over from the window, "Peter used too be an alpha." 

"Are you telling me people actually looked up too him." I wipe my neck with my sleeve too clear the blood. Peter threw punch after punch after punch, the last one I was unable too dodge and it hit me in my nose. 

"Your thinking too human Lydia! Where's that inner werewolf, trigger it!" Peter growled with orange eyes, his claws were much sharper than mine and his fangs were cloaked in dry blood. I clenched both my fists at the same time and released my claws, my teeth and my red eyes, Peter stopped for a second immediately intrigued, I took it as an advantage and whilst he was distracted I forcefully kick him in his stomach, his body flung into the wall behind him like a rag doll.

"Good Lydia, Use their weakness as a advantage." Derek took a moment too say whilst sparing with Stiles who seemed too be pretty good for such a wimp. 

"Her eyes glow red man!" Peter was sat down recovering from being thrown against a wall, "Is she an alpha?" 

"Like I said before.. I'm not a pureblood werewolf." I snapped, "I'm part werewolf.. part banshee." 

"Your absolutely insane for letting her join Scott's pack, if this girl gets angry.. she could kill everyone with just her scream, her claws, anything she can use!" Peter pushed himself up with his weak arms, I walked over too him and bent down beside him, I noticed him arm was broken but couldn't bring myself too care. 

"And what happened too your pack Peter.. What happened too your old alpha days huh? Are you jealous? You know I'm starting too get familiar with that smell.." I stood up again eyes glued onto Peter watching him growl at me, I backed up into what I thought was a wall but was actually Derek. 

"Ignore him, Peter doesn't know how to control his mouth but it looks like you don't know how to control yours either which I'm not saying is a bad thing, being fiery is actually quite good when it comes too fighting, You have a lot of courage and bravery but you also have this." He tapped on my head. "A brain. If something is worth a fight you can't just walk into you, you plan ahead." 

"And what if that fight walks into me, what if I have no time too plan ahead.." 

"That's what your packs for, a backup. It's good too have a small pack full of strong independent people than a large one full of useless idiots who have no self control at all. You joining Scott's pack could make them untouchable once you learn the true meaning of fighting together and once you understand the power you have, Your going too be a great advantage and people will come looking too hurt you especially if they crave that power."  

"I don't understand, I can't get my brain around something this crazy... As soon as I moved here my life has been nothing but insane and I feel like it's too idiotic too be true, I feel like everyone around me is playing a trick on me.. I feel like Beacon Hills is built on lies and I'm becoming one of them." 

"I know how you feel Lydia." Stiles said throwing an arm around my shoulder, "But I guess you just have too focus, This is real life and if I could just too make you happy, I would demolish everything supernatural in this whole world." I gave him a weak smile though I couldn't help but feel awkward at his touch, his arm remained draped over my shoulder until the food came, we all sat down on the table and joked about how unrealistic our lives really were.          


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